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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 05, 2017
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor  Captains log 5-12 August 2017

*Air Temp.  84-88 F
*Water Temp. 83-85 F
* Visibility 70-100ft
* Wetsuit req.  Rash gaurd, 3mm full, or shortie

Captain Eddie Anderson
Director Jonathan
Master Chef Dorian
Instructor Matt
Stewardess Jenna
Steward Franklin
Engineer John B
Deckhand German

Sunday –  Eel Garden, Half Moon Bay
Monday –  Cara A Cara, Mary’s Place, Mr. Bud’s Wreck
Tuesday – Cayos Cochins Sea Mounts, Toon Town
Wednesday – El Aguila, Taviana Reef
Thursday – Dolphins Den, Lighthouse Reef
Friday – Half Moon Bay

Saturday August 5th
   The great times keep on rolling here on the Roatan Aggressor!  After yet another legendary week of diving in the Bay Islands, we are extremely anxious and excited to continue our journey by reuniting with a new group of guests coming onboard!  We were able to explore all sides of  Roatan and Cayos Cochinos, and shared many unforgettable memories together.  After welcoming our new guests with a fantastic meal from Chef Dorian and some local beers and wine, we all settled in for a good nights rest in order to hit it hard early Sunday morning!  

Sunday August 6th
  We began our adventure with a short commute to the calm waters of West Bay.  Our first site was Eel Garden, which is a perfect place to get reunited with the 85 degree water.  As if to say hello, a massive school of creole wrasse cruised by everyone as we descended.  We knew then it was going to be a great week!  Throughout two dives here, we encountered Eagle Rays, Spotted Drums, Midnight Blue Parrotfish, and several small shrimps.  We traveled a short distance for the afternoon to West End, to a site called Half Moon Wall.  Here we spent our time with large groupers, spotted and green morays, as well as two extremely inquisitive turtles.  Our first full day did not disappoint, with the sun warm, the food hot, and the marine life abundant!

Monday August 7th
 With the weather becoming increasingly more unpredictable, we took a small window of opportunity to scramble South to a site called Cara A Cara, where we can always count on Caribbean Reef sharks accompanying us throughout our dive here.  Holding up to its standard, we were immediately surrounding by several large sharks the second our fins hit the water.  They zipped through our bubbles, curiously checking each of us out, before darting back to the wall, preparing to return over and over again.  After our exhilarating dive here, we made our way to the World famous Mary’s Place.  Here we explored the majestic swim throughs that create a labyrinth of paths throughout a massive coral head, filled with jacks, groupers, and large schools of blue tangs.  We then spent the rest of the day and night at a fantastic wreck, named Mr. Buds.  This provided both large and macro creatures for us to admire, as well as a great wreck that is home to an abundance of worms and crabs.  What a fantastic day!

Tuesday August 8th
We woke up early to a surprise of a break in the wind, so we jumped on this opportunity to shoot over to Cayos Cochinos.  We spent two beautiful morning dives on the sea mounts, surrounded by large schools of barracuda, jacks, and creole wrasse.  We then made our to a breath-taking site in a cove right up against a beautiful, jungle filled island, called Toon Town.  This site is known for its array of tunicates, as well as some large tarpon that were passing by.  The highlight of the afternoon, however, was a gargantuan Goliath Grouper cruising in for everyone to see!  He was as large as a small car, and was patiently still for everyone to snap a quick picture of this beast!  
Wednesday August 9th
  Chef Dorian, with the stars still sparkling, starts to prepare breakfast for us, waking us with the wafts of bacon and blueberry pancakes that he sends slowly floating by our bunks. We head to a very famous wreck on Roatan, El Aguila.  We traversed the inside of this massive freighter, spotting blennies, arrow crabs, neck crabs, and a multitude of red-banded coral shrimp long the way.  We then headed back towards West End, to a spectacular site called Taviana Reef.   A shallow reef that casually slopes into the blue, did not disappoint anyone, providing several large eagle rays, turtles, and eels.   

Thursday August 10th
  The morning commute was North to Dolphins Caves, an immaculate shallow site that is highlighted by a large cavern that goes deep into the corals, and is filled with millions of silversides escaping the mouths of the large barracuda and grouper that are swooping in for a quick meal.  A scorpion fish sits patiently waiting to surprise any unlucky silverside that comes too close, making a perfect opportunity for pictures.  After two beautiful dives here, we headed to a lovely wall, Lighthouse Reef.  Long sand chutes separate the colorful chunks of coral, making a home to a plethora of yellow-headed jawfish, mantis shrimp, and small rays.  We even had 4 dolphins cruise by to check us out, making everyone scream through their regulators with joy!  What a surprise!  

Friday August 11th
  With two dives left before heading back to Romeos dock, the guests all decided that they wanted another dive Half Moon Bay, indulging in the majestic beauty this site provides!  We popped in, and immediately were surrounded by 3 eagle rays!  Several turtles, green morays, and schooling jacks were spotted as well, along with a red nosed Bat Fish!!!  It was an unbelievable way to end the week!  We headed from there to the dock, where we spent the afternoon washing our gear and preparing for the cocktail party!

Saturday August 12th
  With a tear in the eye, we say good-bye to our new friends.  It was an amazing time together, with a lot of laughter and joyful experiences.  We had many things to celebrate, include the best find of the week, the bat fish!!!…….  We look forward to seeing each other again, either on this Aggressor, or another one within the fleet!  What are you waiting for?  C’mon down!!!

Until next time, your Crew on the Roatan Aggressor!