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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 12, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Aug 12th to 19th 2017

“A Family Affair”

We had a very special week on board the Cayman Aggressor IV this week. We had 3 generations of the Frey family on board with us, in part celebrating a 65th birthday and in whole just spending a very special week together as a family.

We had Charlie & Colleen, Mike & Katyln, Sareh & Charlie Jr, Jessica & Matt, Linda & Dennis, Danielle, Donna, Ryan, Shamus and last but by no means least Aidan.

Crew this week were……..

Capt Niall, Engineer Rodel, Master Chef Kingsley, Helmsman & Instructor Manny, Instructor Justin, Steward Latoya.

Water temp was 82f

Air temp 87f

Exposure protection…..most of us wore rash guards & shorts.

Saturday All the gang were on board for about 4pm and welcome & safety briefings were done and Kingsley served up a very yummy BBQ on the top deck.

Sunday Our first stop of the week was the Ship “Reef” Doc Poulson for a couple of dives. The Doc Poulson is always a great starting pointing for our week of diving, it is a coral adorned wreck sitting in only 50ft of water and so is perfect for a check out dive, it also sits very close to the drop off with a very cool swim thru. As Kingsley served up a delicious subway Sunday lunch we cruised around the north west point of Grand Cayman and into the north sound for a dive at Sting Ray City. On we moved to Babylon for a single dive at one of the sheerest drop offs in Grand Cayman and it certainly got everybody revved up for what lay in store at our next stop in Little Cayman.

Monday After a gentle crossing to Bloody Bay we woke up to a dynamic sunrise over Little Cayman. Randys Gazebo was the first dive of choice and it lived up to all the hype, we had super friendly Grouper, busy turtles and by cool drive by from a passing nurse shark. Blue Chromis litter the back ground blue like confetti come to life. A genuine Mexican lunch was served up by Kingsley as we made the short run to 3 fathom wall for our first afternoon dive and then on to Bus Stop for a late afternoon and night dive. More curious Grouper and several turtles along with nurse sharks and reef sharks were the order of the day.

Tuesday An early start saw us head for Cayman Brac and a morning of wreck diving at the MV Capt Keith Tibbetts, formerly a Russian destroyer. 100ft of visibility put the entire wreck in view and the old warship has been in the water so long it is now covered in sponges and fans and is as decorated as many a reef. It was Italian fare for lunch as we made our way back to Bloody bay and a dive at Donnas Delight and then on to Meadows for a late afternoon and then a night dive. More turtles and sharks and a very cool eagle ray encounter were a prelude to a night dive of a 1000 star fish. We had lobster and channel crab, stings rays and puffer fish but the star fish littering the ocean floor were the real stand out.

Wednesday A dawn dive started our day and it was certainly “shark time”, we were greeted by a sizeable reef shark as we descended over the wall and then had several passes from the same shark and another joined shortly after. We had at 3 turtles and schooling jacks along with large barracuda sheltering under the boat but find of the morning was a delightful yellow sea horse. We moved on to Leah Leahs Look out for a couple of dives and then a final stop at Randys Gazebo before we put the glass on 270 and headed back to Grand Cayman. We had more turtle encounters and a very cool pass by another but much bigger nurse shark.

Thursday We awoke to a bright sunrise over Grand Cayman after a smooth and uneventful crossing back from Little Cayman that was maeked by a cool whale sighting. The USS Kittiwake was our first stop for a couple of morning dives and a 7.30am splash ensured we had the wreck entirely to ourselves. The visibility was in the 90ft range at least and the wreck looked majestic. We explored inside and out and it seemed like we had a photo op just about everywhere we looked. Asian themed lunch was the fine fare served by Kingsley as we moved the short hop to Lost Treasure and the nearby Spanish Anchor. Lionfish and a delightful school of feeding blue tangs along with a couple of drive bys from a 4ft nurse shark. On we moved for a mid afternoon dive and then a twilight dive at the Oro Verde. Turtles, Grouper and cute juvenile spotted drum were the order of the dives before everyone settled down to enjoy a traditional Thursday Thanks Giving Dinner.

Friday After a gentle crossing back from Little Cayman we arrived at Round Rock/ Trinity Caves for the first dive of our final day. Cool swim thrus, turtles and a free swimming moray eel were the highlights of the dive. Kingsley served up chocolate brownies that were sinfully good as we cruised across the bay to Devils Grotto for the final dive of the week. The Grotto proved to be a popular dive as it always does and a fitting end to an excellent week of diving. The weather gods certainly showed favor on us and we enjoyed the very best the Cayman Islands has to offer. It was indeed a very special week for the Frey family, Charlie and Colleen are long time Aggressor divers and always wanted to have a family week together on one of our yachts and this week it all came true and a truly wonderful time was had by all and we look forward to the next Frey family outing as soon as possible.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew