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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 19, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Capts Log

Aug 19th to 26th 2017

Guests   Rick & Inessa, Janie & Vance, Kristen & Jason, Rod, Jeff, Ricardo, Claire & Darrell, Dave, Marc.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st Mate & Chef Alan, Engineer Rodel, Instructor Justin, Steward Oneil.

Water Temp 84f

Air Temp 87f

Exposure Protection………….rash guards, swim suits, board shorts.

Saturday We had all guests on board by 4pm so we made our way to the Doc Poulson ship”reef” for the night and in prep for our first dives of Sunday morning. All welcome and safety briefs were done and final set up of gear the guests got some well earned rest so all would be fresh for a great week of diving to come.

Sunday The weather gods would be sending us some strong winds in the days to come so we availed of the lighter wind to do just a single dive at the Doc Poulson and then made our way around northwest point and into the north sound for a dive at world famous Sting Ray City. We had great visibility at Doc Poulson and the coral life that adorns the wreck was shining bright. We were the only folks at Sting Ray City and had the rays all to ourselves. We moved to the wreck of the Oro Verde. Spotted Drum, schooling jacks & a nurse shark drive by were the highlight of the dive and a night that delivered lobster, channel crab and moray eels crowned a truly enjoyable day of diving.

Monday The weather gods sent us 30kt winds and dark rolling skies today but it did not deter our eager gang. We had the USS Kittiwake to ourselves for the first dive and the 2nd dive we explored the nearby reef and drop off. The Kittiwake was sunk in 2011 by and for divers and it was sunk intentionally near the drop off so divers could enjoy reef, wreck and drop, which is exactly what we did for the entire day. The wind still wanted to blow but with us made fast and double tied to the Kittiwake chain we had the security we needed as the outer bands of tropical storm Harvey brushed on by.

Tuesday The wind was still a blowing as we made our way toward the northwest point of Grand Cayman for a morning at Round Rock & Trinity Caves. A Sheer drop off and atmospheric swim thrus were the order of the morning and a free swimming large green moray eel greeted in the first minutes of the dive. Chef Alan served up a truly tasty Italian lunch as we made the short hop to Lost Treasure for our first afternoon dive and then on to the Guv’nors Reef for a late in the day and night dive. Turtles, spotted drum, lobster and lionfish were the high points of the afternoon along gin clear visibility. The night dive had everyone enthralled with sleeping turtles, more lobster, large squid and a glorious Octopus.

Wednesday An early start saw us cruise to the north wall of Grand Cayman for a couple of dive at Hammerhead Hill. This site is front center of the North Wall and is lush and sheer with cuts and over hangs all the along the drop off. A friendly turtle was a cool sighting with a slight current creating 100ft visibility as we cruised the wall top and cracks that led out over the blue. The current on the 2nd dive picked up a little and certainly brought everyone back with an appetite which was well matched by the cheese burgers that chef Alan had ready. We moved on to White Stroke Canyon for a couple of dives and then on to Babylon for a night dive. We had a sleeping nurse shark, a very friendly turtle and the biggest trumpet fish any of us had ever seen and the night dive produced several channel crab, a very busy conch feeding in the sand and two delightful Octopus out hunting.

Thursday We spent the entire day exploring the walls, reef and pinnacles of Babylon. Babylon is generally agreed to be one of the best drop offs in Grand Cayman and it certainly delivered today. Great visibility and lots of schooling fish made for a dynamic scene. We had free swimming morays, another friendly turtle along with yet another nurse shark. We ended the day with a twilight dive and it was a very atmospheric experience, the light faded and the deep blue seemed like another universe. Chef Alan had a truly delicious thanks giving dinner waiting for us and we had lots to be thankful for, a great week of diving and great company to enjoy it with.

Friday Before we knew it Friday was upon us and we only had 2 dives left. Devils Grotto was the chosen spot and it was as popular as ever. The water was again gin crystal clear as we explored the fantastic swim thrus and caverns that make Devils Grotto so famous. We had the resident schools of tarpon in attendance that are a hard fish to get a photo of but a cool fish to encounter.

Special mention this week goes to Claire & Darell whom completed their nitrox certification on board and also to Rick & Inessa for their 19th trip on board an Aggressor yacht and 6 on the Cayman Aggressor.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew