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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 02, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Guests:  Eileen & Kim, Dana & Becky, Heather & Dave, Karissa, Linda & Ezzie, Steve, Lisa & Dave, Milos, Daniel, Anand, Akshay.

Crew:  Capt Niall, 1st mate & Chef Alan, Helmsman & Instructor Manny, Instructors Justin & Aubri, Steward Latoya.

Water Temp: 83f
Air Temp: 88f
Exposure Protection:  Rash guards, boardshorts & swim suits.

Saturday All but one of our eager gang was on board by 5pm with one more guest enroute from a week aboard the Roatan Aggressor.

Sunday: Our first stop was our regular 1st day visit to the Ship “Reef” Doc Poulson for a couple of dives and the Doc Poulson again did her duty and served up a delight start to a great week of diving aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV. We had sting rays in the sand a couple of cool turtle encounters along with a very cute spotted drum that has now made home on the Poulson deck. It was then back on deck for a delicious subway Sunday lunch with yummy ice cream sundaes to follow. A two hour run saw us all the way out east at Babylon for some afternoon dives and a night dive. We had more turtles and a couple of very cool large green moray eel encounters.

Monday: A brilliant sunrise greeted us along with the sweet aroma smoked bacon, hash browns and eggs to order. 2 dives at Babylon was the an easy way to start our day and a very sizeable grey reef shark cruised back and forth along the wall edge. Mexican theme was the lunch time fare today as we made our across Old Man Bay to Sting Ray City for some fun with the southern stingrays that make for one of best 12ft dives in world. Next up was Hammerhead Hill on the North Wall for a couple of dives and we had yet another very cool shark encounter, a friendly turtle with an abundance of schooling fish.

Tuesday: Our day started on the USS Kittiwake in what was the clearest & bluest water any of us had ever dive this wreck in. We explored inside and out and also the near by reef and drop off. The hyperbaric chambers inside the wreck were of the most interest to some folks while the masts and rigging on the outside of the wreck seemed to offer endless photo ops to others. Our next stop was Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor for a 2 for 1 type dive site deal as both sites are accessible from one mooring. We then headed off to Governors Reef for a late afternoon and night dive. We had turtles, a nurse shark and a free swimming eel to entertain us and then crabs, lobsters and an octopus crowned off the day on an active night dive.

Wednesday:  Our day started with yet another 2 for 1 dive site as we moored to Round Rock that is super close to Trinity Caves so we could explore both dive sites with ease. Dynamic swim thrus and sheer walls were the order of the morning with lots of turtle action and yet another free swimming eel that met divers half way thru tunnel but the skittish critter turned tail and headed off the other way. Cheese burgers in paradise was the delicious lunch time fare as we made our way to the wreck of the Oro Verde for the afternoon and night dive. Turtles, nurse sharks and a truly curious large green moray eel and a large eagle ray were cool sightings along with at least 3 delightful spotted drum.

Thursday: A dawn dive was a truly great way to start the day, we had yet another eagle ray along with another drive by from a nurse shark and another friendly turtle. Hurricane Irma had by now wreaked havoc true our cousin islands in the eastern Caribbean and as Irma moved further west we were going to at least get some affect and with that we moved to safe cover and ended our week a little early. All our happy guests were truly understanding and it is our genuine hope that they will return to us in the not so distant further.

Friday:  Some folks from Florida took the chance to get home early and prepare for Irma while others headed for the many fancy shops and some spent the day at a spa getting massages and pedicures. Our cocktail party was great fun and special mention should go to Anand and Akshay for performing a fantastic Bangla dance for us. Karissa completed her wreck course while Anand & Akshay also did their Nitrox course. Ezzie & Linda both completed their 850th dive while on board with us and it was so good to see them again, Ezzie & Linda dived with Capt Niall in Truk Lagoon, North Sulawesi and now twice on the Cayman Aggressor IV. Last but not least in the special mentions must go to Steve, he completed his 450th while with us and arrived to us direct from the Roatan Aggressor, he was with us early this year and is current hatching a plan to get back to us as soon as possible.

Until Next Week
Your Cayman Aggressor Crew