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Roatan Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 09, 2017
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor Captains log Sept 9th-16th, 2017


*Air Temp. 82-89 F

*Water Temp. 81-83 F

* Visibility 70-100ft

* Wetsuit req. 3mm full, shortie or skin



Captain Eddy

Director Jonathan

Chef Dorian

Instructor Willie

Steward Franklin

Engineer Johnny



Sunday – Pirate’s Pointe, Mr. Buds

Monday – Eel Garden, Black Forrest

Tuesday – Cayos Cochinos Sea Mount, Toon Town

Wednesday – El Aguila, Dolphin Cave, Half Moon Bay

Thursday – Cara a Cara (Shark dive) Pedro’s Place, Tavianna’s Walls

Friday – Cara a Cara, Mr. Buds


Saturday September 9th

We are happy to welcome 10 guests from around the United States , Argentina & Taiwan. Hurricane Irma was reaking havoc on Florida which resulted in a few cancellations. Everybody’s thoughts and prayers were with the people dealing with a Cat 4 hurricane. Our guests sampled the Chef’s wonderful jerk chicken & BBQ ribs on the sun deck. Afterward, everyone retired for a well-needed rest.


Sunday September 10th

We stayed on the south side for our first dive at Pirate’s Pointe. Capt. Eddy found a beautiful black sea horse. The sea horse actually moved several times allowing the guests to get some great pictures. Several free swimming eels were seen, as well as, two juvenile spotted drums. Next up was the popular, Mr. Buds. The silver sides in the wheelhouse have tripled in size. They were spilling out into the bottom decks and engine room…beautiful. A bridled burr fish, yellow-headed jaw fish, lobster & a scorpion fish were seen.


Monday September 11th

Our first dive was Eel Garden. Just as the guests entered the water a spotted eagle ray cruised past. Turtles, schooling jacks & a sting ray were seen. Next was a drift dive on Black Forrest. Three large permits were seen right away. Lots of barrel sponges and soft corals make this an exquisite site. A hungry lobster was seen eating a small lion fish. Mary’s Place was our afternoon dive sight. This sight is world class. Known for its cuts, cracks and crevices. Visibility was pretty good and the guests got a great tour of the ins & outs of the cracks & crevices. Several nudibranchs were seen. A hungry turtle was seen chowing down on a sponge. Schooling jacks, large grouper & our new resident juvenile grouper, Champ, came around for some attention. The night dive had all the players: crabs, lobsters & several octopus. Wei found a swimming yellow sea horse…WOW!! Great night dive.


Tuesday September12th

We arrived at the Cayos seamounts @ 7:00 for a pre breakfast dive. These two seamounts come up from the depths to within 45ft from the surface and is a haven for pelagic critters and beautiful coral life. Large groupers, schooling snapper & jacks greeted the divers upon entering the water. After two dives we headed to the islands of Cayos Cochinos for our afternoon dive site, Toon Town. Named because of its vast varieties of Tunicates. This is where the Bay Islands became known to be the Macro Capital of the Caribbean. Turtles, horse eyed jacks, creole wrasse & yellow-headed jaw fish were a few of the sea life seen.


Wednesday September 13th

An early morning pre-breakfast cruise put us on the wreck of El Anguila. This freighter was sunk years ago as an alternate source for diving. The wreck is rather large, spanning over 250’. Lots of places for sea creatures to be hanging out. The mast is especially populated with crabs, shrimp and other macro life. Next up was Dolphin Cave. Upon entering the water a MANTA RAY was seen cruising by. Clear conditions in the cave gave the guests a great swim thru. The shimmering silver sides were there by the thousands. A scorpion fish was seen at the mouth of the cave.

We then traveled west to another wreck. The Odyessey. Blue parrots were seen and two of our guests, Wally & Kathy got wreck certified. The afternoon was the popular Half Moon Bay. Well, once again we saw our resident red lipped bat fish, Bruce. The night dive was a octofest. 6-8 octopuses were seen, as well as, crabs, lobster and squid.


Thursday September 14th

Back to the south side of Roatan for our early morning shark dive at Cara a Cara. Cara a Cara means face to face in Spanish and that’s exactly what it was. 10-12 Caribbean grey reef sharks swam with the group and put on a great show for 40 minutes. Next up was Pablo’s Place on a drift dive. This dive started @ Pablo’s mooring pin and wrapped around the west end. A beautiful wall gave way to a shallower point. Schools of barracuda, permits, spadefish and jacks were present. Jane found a lobster hiding in a sponge and took some great pics. The afternoon sight was Tavianna’s Wall. This is a great sight to see sail fin blennys. Many sail fins were seen. Turtles and a green moray were also seen. Chuck & Karen spotted a nurse shark. Night dive had all the usual suspects: crabs, lobster and yes, octopus. What a great way to end a great day of diving.


Friday September 15th

The Shark dive (Cara a Cara) was our first sight. Once again the girls put on a great show. Last dive of the trip was Mr. Buds. Then it was time to head in and clean up all the dive gear. A little R&R then it was time for the cocktail party followed by dinner at Romeo’s restaurant.


Saturday September 16th
Once again it’s time to say our goodbyes. Special congrats to our Iron divers: Wally, Kathy, Vlad, Toy & Alberto. Congrats to Wally & Kathy on completing 100 dives and Jane for completing 350 dives.


Until next time, Crew of the Roatan Aggressor……