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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 09, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew


                 9-19 September

Our Guests:

Philippe,Sarah,Wenbin,Shuqing,Jinshu,Thomas,Christoph,Irina,Konstantin,Zhiming,Dongxiao,Xin ,Yuling ,Guang ,Fei, Lin ,Qinyong ,Zhenhui ,Frank ,Ronald and Christina…


Chatham Bay

Check out dive was really awesome , as when the first diver jumped in the water , it seemed like the hammerhead sharks alarm, rang., Yes, indeed a school formation of 10+ sharks swimming peacefully on top of the coral reef at Chattam Bay was our first sight. As usual Manuelita never disappointed us with good visibility and schools of hammerheads coming to/ from everywhere.

Day 2 :

Dirty Rock

It was not necessary to go all the way to our spot to realize cleaning stations were really active with two or three sharks coming behind the big school of shark, like they were late. This was the best way to finish the dive during the safety stop, surrounded by hundreds of Jacksfish, that seemed like a huge fish cloud covering the sunrays.

Later this day we found a batfish on the relaxed dive at Pajara .It was very long time since we last spotted one and since they move so slowly, it was a great chance for all photographers to take hundreds of pictures.



Day 3 :

With rough sea we sailed to the world famous dive site of Alcyone using the line to go down because of safety reasons and due to strong currents on this time, we got to see every diver dream , a huge school of hammerheads swimming from and to all directions . You just didn’t know where to look at!!

Day 4

The south side of the island was also extremely hard to get but worth a million times during the Dive at Small Dos Amigos, where we enjoyed at least 15 or more galapago sharks around the cleaning station as we descended and found the best spot to watch the show . They never stopped coming and every time it was closer and closer …..just incredible!

Day 5

We had a overwhelming dive in the afternoon at Manuelita Channel where the frigates (birds) where stealing the baby boobies from their nest and also letting the fall to the water where three tiger sharks where patiently waiting for the free snack …its mother nature, but it was a bit schocking for all of us!! We have never ever like those frigates birds to be honest…they are pretty savage!

Day 6 :

Alcyone again was the best call of the day with big schools of sharks but this time, instead of next to the cleaning stations , more into the blue water.

After lunch we went to Visit Rangers Station on Wafer Bay and step a bit on land after all these days on the sea.

Day 7 :

Time to say ‘hasta pronto ‘and we chose to dive the highlights of the week, which were:

Alcyone , Manuelita and Dirty Rock.


Thank you all for a wonderful week,

Looking forward to having you onboard again.