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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 16, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 29C min – 36C max
Water Temp: 25C/77F - 29C – 84F
Visibility: 25 to 40m  - 75 to 120 f
Weather: Clear skies, cool breezes of wind
Itinerary: Brothers – Daedalus - Elphinstone
Captain: Sayed
Cruise-Director: Mahmoud
Instructors/Guides: Katerina & Shaker
Chef: Hussein & Sherif
Steward(s): Hegazy & Ali
Seamen: Emad & Ayoub & Hossam & Ali
GUESTS: Brandi, Chuck, Stacey and Dan, Mark, Mac, Robert and Tammy, Janet, Keith, Ian, Kathleen, Sylvia, Jody, Mike and Helen, Winnie and Dennis, Ken and Pam.
Sunday – Marsa Shouna, Marsa Mobarak
Monday – Big Brother
Tuesday – Little Brother
Wednesday – Daedalus
Thursday – Elphinstone,  Abu Dabab II, I
Friday –  Abu Dabab I
                            Welcome Aboard!

The crew of the Red Sea Aggressor welcomed 20 divers aboard the yacht. This week our divers hailed from U.S.A., Texas, Dallas.
Once everybody had unpacked and set up their dive equipment we delivered the welcome and safety briefing. Chef Hussein served up a sumptuous dinner, which was enjoyed by all. We stayed in the port for the night as we had to wait the permission from the coastguard. Many of our guests opted to grab an early night, as the day would begin bright and early in the morning.
Sunday 17th September
The sun was slipping slowly over the horizon far to the east. A beautiful glow was shimmering Port Ghalib Marina. The sunlight glistened off the surface of the water making for some superb picture opportunities. The engines rumbled into life when we were enjoying breakfast. We cruised South to our first dive site of choice, Marsa Shouna.
Marsa Shouna is a wonderful place to start the charter as it is shallow with an abundant marine life. Here our divers checked their buoyancy and tested out their equipment. We did there two dives. We saw Schools of banner fish, a Scorpion fish, a Hawksbill Turtle and Blu spotted stingrays. The divers also saw two Octopuses, a moray eel and electric ray.
We then hot footed it North to the next site of the charter – Marsa Mubarak.
This site offers us a lot more depth than the previous site. The sand bottoms out at around 7-80 feet. The divers saw a Crocodile fish, Pipe fish, Scorpion fish and Stingrays as well as a whole host of reef fish such as Snappers and Flute fish. We then decided to dive Marsa Mubarak the night dive. This dive site is a good day dive but its an even better night dive. We saw plenty of shrimps. We also saw lots of Parrotfish, Basket stars, Feather stars, Eel and Spanish Dancer!
After wonderful day of diving we moved to the Brother’s Islands where we dropped the anchor to rest for the night.
Monday 18th September
We met sunrise at the Big Brother. This dive site is a popular place to see Thresher shark, reef shark and Oceanic White Tip shark. The reef here is teeming with life, every reef fish imaginable was found on Brother Islands.
We started the day off with a drift dive from the north to the south, along the beautiful wall. The group was very lucky as we saw two Grey Reef sharks and a Thresher shark.
We then dived from the boat, exploring the southern plateau. And we saw the Thresher shark again, which was swimming toward us! Goal! We also spotted four giant Moray eels and Barracudas followed us all the way. And two torpedo rays were founded, hiding on the wall. On the way back to the boat Oceanic White Tip shark came to us. It circled our group again and again. It was a thrilling feeling.
For our 3rd and the 4th dives we visited the wrecks of Numidia, strategically over viewing the blue on the North Plateau, and the Aida situated in the west wall. We swam through the engine room of Numidia and when we came out we encountered a Manta Ray! It made a few circles over us and swam away. We then continued our dive along the wall and we enjoyed spotting jacks, tunas and schools of fusilier.
We scored 4 dives and all were very excited a wonderful day of diving.
Tuesday 19th September
First up for us was the wonderful dive – east part of Big Brother. The sheer health of the corals here will blow you away. This part of the reef is covered in huge gorgonians, Sea Fans and Broccoli soft corals.
These give home to a myriad of marine life such as flute fish, red sea groupers, porcupine fish and black snappers. We also saw more moray eels, Barracudas and a whole host of reef fish.
The The second dive we decided to dive from the boat,
We then moved south to our next dive site – Little Brother.
On our late afternoon dives we saw Grey reef Sharks, Turtles,  Barracudas, Fairy baslets, Pufferfish and Hogfish.
Wednesday 20th September
Started in Daedalus reef. We sailed southern all night to reach early in the morning the offshore reef of Daedalus. The early morning dive is a drift dive along the east wall where fan corals and black corals offer to our divers a beautiful drop off wall dive. We saw many Barracudas, Trevallies, a Napoleon wrasse and a moray eel. The second dive up in the north we saw a School of barracuda, Mackerel, a school  of sailfing tang, Potato Grouper and a shcool of bigeye emperor fish. Time for lunch and we went to the the Anemone garden. We descent along the reef and the nemo city, with their countless anemones start coloring the wall from a depth of 5mt/15ft until 20mt/66feet. Flashes and happy faces while we continue the dive along the wall. The reef is extremely healthy. A varicose Wart slug was spotted and a moray eel. Also we found a Blackmouth cucumber.
 The last dive we began at the huge Elephant ear coral and finished on the southern plateau, where we saw three Napoleon wrasses.
Thursday 21st September
We started our day off with a wonderful dive at Elphinstone Reef. We did very nice drift along the eastern wall. Here we saw Blackfin Tuna cruising close by our divers, a school of fusilier fish, a few Pipe Fish and Basket stars. After wonderful dive we decided to move to Abu Dabbab 2. There we did two dives. This reef has an abundant marine life. We saw schools Snapper, Goatfish, Hogfish and Red anemone.
After a tremendous dive we moved back to Abu Dabab I for the night dive. What a dive we had! A Spanish dancer, a panther cowrie, Hermit crab, two cuttle fishes and plenty of shrimps and sea urchins.
Friday 22nd September
We started the day at Abu Dabab 1, where we did two dives.  Here we saw Bluespotted  stingrays, Hawksbill Turtle and a whole host of reef fish schooling on top of the coral. This ended the trip wonderfully.
We then motored back into port. We enjoyed a cocktail party on the  sundeck, enjoying a sunset.
Congratulations to Brandie, Helen & Mike, Dan & Stacey, Jody who were our iron divers of the week.
A huge Happy Birthday to Sylvia, thank you for celebrating your big day with us.
Big congratulations to Mike and Helen! They completed 1000 dives with us this week.
Lastly congrats to Ian, Robert and Tammy for completing your NitroxDiver Course!