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Log Date: Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 20-30 Sept. 2016 (Special Nassau 10-Day Charter)


Air Temp. 81-89+ F

Water Temp. 83-86 F

Visibility 40-100+ft



Captain Dennis

2nd Captain Matt

Engineer David M.

Instructor Alex

Instructor Caitilin

Chef Marco



Tom, John, Charles, Carol, Lauren, Jane, Mona, Terry, Ruthie, Doutsen, Bart, Beth and Paul



Thursday – Periwinkle Reef, Blue Hole, Lobster No Lobster, Flat Rock Reef

Friday – Crab Mountain, Barracuda Shoals, Plane Wreck

Saturday – Blacktip Wall, Austin Smith, Madison Avenue

Sunday – Jewfish Wall, Whales Tail, Wall, Amberjack Reef, 3 Peaks Reef

Monday – Swimming Pigs, Jeep Reef, Parrotfish Reef

Tuesday – Cobia Cage, Cut & Run, Krackin, Cave Rock

Wednesday – Cut Thru City, Split Coral Head, Tunnel Rock

Thursday – Dog Rocks, Austin Smith, Aquarium

Friday – Barracuda Shoals


Wednesday September 21st

It was a bright sunny day as guest boarded the Bahamas Aggressor for a Special 10-day charter diving the Bahamas Islands. After guest boarded and settled in the Bahamas Aggressor departed her homeport of Elizabeth On Bay and made her way to a wonderful anchorage area just off Rose Island.


Thursday September 22nd

Our first dive of the special 10-day was Periwinkle Reef. Just off Rose Island, Periwinkle Reef is a shallow dive site and the perfect place for everyone to make sure the weight and camera equipment are set and working correctly.   Just some of what we saw while diving Periwinkle Reef besides hundreds of Small Tropical Fish was Porcupinefish, Caribbean Spiny Lobsters, Lemon and Southern Stingrays. Our next stop was the Blue Hole. Unlike other Blue Holes around the Caribbean there’s lots to see and enjoy here. We encountered and saw a Very Colorful Wall on the inside the hole, Schools of Jack, Snappers, Angelfish, Mackerel, about 20 Caribbean Reef and Silky Sharks and a couple of Loggerhead Turtles. After enjoying the Blue Hole during lunch we made our way to the Exuma Islands and the dive site Lobster No Lobster. Yes we did see Lobsters and Groupers, Nurse Shark, Hawksbill Turtle, Caribbean Reef Shark and Red-tipped Sea Goddess. We finished the afternoon and night on Flat Rock Reef swimming with Stingrays, Schools of Tropical Fish, Channel Clinging Crabs, Turtles and Squid.


Friday September 23rd  

Crab Mountain was number one today diving with Channel Clinging Crabs, Mackerel, Arrow Blennies and Caribbean Reef Sharks. Barracuda Shoals is always an amazing dive site and today was no differe3nt. We enjoyed lots of bright colorful corals, Small Tropical Fish, Big Trunkfish, Rays, Butterflyfish, Sharks and of course one Huge Barracuda hanging under the Bahamas Aggressor. Just off Ship Channel Cay in about 20 feet of water is a small Plane Wreck. This small plane wreck is one of the best afternoon and night dives in the Atlantic and Caribbean. We just never know what we will encounter while exploring the Plane Wreck and surrounding area. Today some of what we saw was a variety of small Crabs, Giant Anemone, Ocean Triggerfish, Queen Triggerfish, Rays and Squid.


Saturday September 24th

Today we started on a wall call Blacktip Wall where we saw Barracudas, Schools of Jacks, Snappers, Creole Wrasses, Sharks and Hawksbill Turtle. When we want to swim with Sharks one of the best places is the Wreck of the Austin Smith. While diving the Austin Smith we encountered Big Groupers, Angelfish, Cowfish but it was the 9 Caribbean Reef Sharks that was swimming only inches away from a few divers giving them a great chance for some close up pictures and video. Madison Avenue was our last dive site of the day. Some of what divers saw while underwater on Madison Avenue was Channel Clinging Crabs, Trumpetfish, Yellowhead Jawfish, and several types of Small Crabs, Lots of Silversides and a nice Green Turtle.


Sunday September 25th

Before heading to the Exuma Land and Sea Park we stopped at a couple site to enjoy some wall diving. Jewfish Wall and Whales Tail Wall offered us a variety of marine Life to enjoy while swimming along a colorful wall, through some swim thru’s and canyons seeing Green Turtles, Hawksbill Turtle, Caribbean and Blacktip Sharks, Stingrays and Spotted Eagleray. During lunch we made our way to the Exuma Land & Sea Park where our first stop was Amberjack Reef. Name after the several Amber Jacks that hangout in the area we also enjoyed Caribbean and Spotted Spiny Lobsters, Crabs, Jacks, Rays and several Caribbean Reef Sharks. We ended the day on 3 Peaks Reef swimming with Huge Midnight Parrotfish, Lobsters, Spotted Moray Eels, Reef Sharks and Turtles.


Monday September 26th

It was a Special Monday onboard the Bahamas Aggressor because while most people got all dressed up and went to work divers on the Bahamas Aggressor put on their swim suits and went Swim with the Pigs! That’s right Swimming Pigs on Big Major Spot, Bahamas the only place you can enjoy Swimming with the Pigs. It was fun and Interesting morning after getting onto the beach on Big Major Spot a small island near Staniel Cay. Once at the beach we had several Large and Small Pigs join us for some beach and swim time and lots of laughs had by the group. After some Fun Beach time it was time to make some and our next dive site for bubble time was Jeep Reef. One of the crew and past guest dive sites Jeep Reef is a Shallow Reef area that is Very Colorful and Full of a Variety of Marine Life. Some of the Marine Life we enjoyed diving Jeep Reef was Basslets, Drums, Gobies, Hamlets, Rays, Schools of Fish and Lobsters. Our next dive site was Danger Reef where we swam with Large Black Groupers, Schools of Snappers, Jacks, Snappers and Reef Sharks. We finished the day with a Sunset Dive on Parrotfish Reef enjoying as one guest said “A Zillion Fish”, Rays and of course a Huge Variety of Parrotfish.


Tuesday September 27th

After the Sunset Dive on Parrotfish Reef in the Exuma Park it was time to travel. Our next stop was the island of Eleuthera and our first dive site was the Cobia Cage. The Cobia Cage is a huge underwater structure built by the local school to farm Cobia. Not used for farming anymore it is still a haven for fish and creatures. While diving we saw Large Midnight Parrotfish, Amberjacks, Roughtail Stingrays, Blennies and Hundreds of Arrow Crabs. On our next dive we enjoyed swimming with Mackerel, Banded Coral Shrimps, Lobsters, Branching Anemone and Anchor Encrusted With Colorful Corals and part of a Plane Wreck. Diving Cut & Run was an excellent way to finish morning of the first day in Eleuthera. For the afternoon it was it was the Krackin and Cave Rock where we saw Colorful Christmas Worms, Lettuce Slugs, Rough Fileclams, Stiff Penshell, Arrow Blennies, Channel Clinging Crabs and Spotted Moray Eels.


Wednesday September 28th

Cut Thru City was our first dive site of the day enjoying lots of Swim Thru’s on a Very Colorful Wall, swimming with Eels, Crabs, Jacks, Wrasses and Mackerel. Everyone loves Sharks and the best place for Sharks while diving in Eleuthera is the dive site called Split Coral Head. This dive site has it all, A Colorful Wall, Huge Coral Head that you can swim thru and is covered with Marine Life. So we swam with Lobsters, Conch, Hundreds of Garden Eels, and Lots of Caribbean Reef Sharks some coming only a few inches for some of the divers. We ended the day on Tunnel Rock enjoying Snappers, Lobsters, Turtles, Octopus and Squid.


Thursday September 29th

Dog Rocks is one of my favorite dive sites in the Bahamas. Just some of what we enjoyed while diving Dog Rocks was Swim Thru’s, Canyons, Colorful Sea Whips, Huge Bright Elephant Ear Sponges, Schools of Atlantic Spadefish, as one guest said, “this is an Amazing site”! We wanted one more chance to see lots of Sharks and the Wreck of the Austin Smith is the place in the Northern Exuma. Just like in the early park of our trip the Sharks were there, lots of them and they came up close for everyone to enjoy. Our last dive site for the day was the Aquarium. There is so much here, we encountered schools of Snappers, Grunts, Angelfish, Lobsters, Roughtail Stingrays, Sharks and Turtles and Octopus.


Friday September 30th

Barracuda Shoals was our last dive site of this Special 10-Day Adventure Diving The Bahamas. We stopped here early in the adventure and like before this dive site is covered with Marine Life. This time we did a pre-breakfast dive and it was a wonderful experience watching the night time Creatures go hid and sleep and the day time marine Life come out to eat and play on Barracuda Shoals. Some of the Marine Life we enjoyed was Snappers, Grunts, Crabs, Lobsters, Thorny Oysters, Eels and Octopus. It was a excellent dive to finish a wonderful 10-day Adventure.



The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!



Until The Next Time Safe Travels…



Best Fishes,


Bahamas Aggressor Crew