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Roatan Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 30, 2017
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor Captains log Sept 30, 2017


*Air Temp. 82-89 F

*Water Temp. 81-83 F

* Visibility 70-100ft

* Wetsuit req. 3mm full, shortie or skin



Captain Nestor

Director Jonathan

Chef Jana

Instructor G

Instructor Willie

Steward Franklin

Engineer: Johnny



Sunday – Tavianna’s Wall &Eel Garden

Monday Wreck of the Aguila, Spooky Channel,

Tuesday – Utila: Pinnacle Pointe, Jack Neals

Wednesday – Cayos Sea Mounts, Cara a Cara, Mr. Bud

Thursday – Calvin’s Crack, Pirates Pointe

Friday – Mary’s Place



We are happy to welcome 18 guests from around the United States & Spain. Everyone arrived by the 3:30 boarding time. We had some cold beverages for all the guests while they checked out the yacht and set up their dive gear. We then had a delicious BBQ cook out prepared by Chef Jana, on the sun deck. A few hearty souls stayed up a few more hours but the majority of guests went to their cabins for some well deserved rest.



A short journey along the south side towards the calmer waters of the west side.

Tavianna’s Wall was our first site. Everyone jumped in and and checked out their gear. Several turtles, a spotted moray and a scorpion fish were seen. Several sail fin blennies & yellow headed jawfish were spotted, as well as, a queen trigger. The afternoon sight was eel garden. A free-swimming green moray was seen on the wall and a spotted eagle ray. The highlight of the dive was a black sea horse, which was attached to a sea fan near the mooring line. A wonderful night dive gave way to crabs, lobster and our black sea horse. Back on the yacht Franklin had some hot chocolate for the guests when they returned. Great day & night of diving.



First up for the morning was the wreck of the Aguila. This freighter was sunk as an alternative dive to the surrounding reef. Several Cabera snapper greeted the guests upon entering the water. Arrow head crabs, neck crabs and a green moray were seen. Next site was Spooky Channel. Wow, Michelle saw three eagle rays gliding in formation. Turtles, schooling jacks and a green moray were all seen. Moving on…our next site was Half moon Bay. A sharp tailed eel, mantis shrimp, yellow headed jawfish and sail fin blennies were seen. The night dive was Eel Garden. A scorpion fish & a huge crab that was nicknamed “crabzilla” were seen.



An early rise in the morning for the journey to Utila. Our first site was Pinnacle Pointe. Known for it’s beautiful pinnacle that starts at 30’ and goes down to 130’. Also lots of cracks and crevices and swim thrus. A green moray eel and a porcupine puffer were seen. After a delicious lunch and a siesta, we went to our afternoon site, Jack Neal’s. Wow….pistol shrimp, mantis shrimp, sail fin blenny, slender file fish, squat anemone shrimp, bristle heart urchin, flamingo tongue & a peacock flounder, were seen. Night dive was awesome and had the usual suspects: crabs, lobster.


Wednesday We arrived at the Cayos Cochinos seamounts @ 8:00.These two pinnacles come up from the depths to within 35ft from the surface and is a haven for pelagic critters and beautiful coral life. Large groupers, schooling snapper & jacks greeted the divers upon entering the water. After two dives we headed back to Roatan. Returning to the south side of Roatan, we stopped off shore for the shark dive @ Cara a Cara. The vis was great and the current slight. 6-8 grey reef sharks hung out for the entire dive and put on a great show. After everyone got their fill, we returned to the yacht and headed to Mr. Bud. This is a great small wreck. Silver sides were in abundance, and a free swimming moray. The night dive was filled with crabs, lobster and yes, octopus.



The morning sight was Calvin’s Crack. This sight is known for its cracks & crevices. Wow, 2 orange sea horses and a large mantis shrimp. Pirate’s Pointe was up next. Schooling jacks, barracuda & wrasse, free swimming green eels & filament blenny were seen.



Sadly Friday as come oh too soon 2 dives left this morning before we have to head back to our dock in French Harbor, Its time to wash down our gear, pack our bags and enjoy a drink or two at the captains farewell party and a 5 star dinner a Romeo’s restaurant on our dock.


Once again it’s time to say our goodbyes. Special congrats to our Iron divers: Scott, John, Rob, Ray, Ben & Doug. Congrats to Ray & Karen on their 500th dive.


Until next time, Crew of the Roatan Aggressor……