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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 30, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

Sept 30th to Oct 10th 2017


Guests Bill & Monica, Christine, Hans & Thomas, Melodie & Mike, Diane & Ken, Brandi & Steve, Norm, Kevin, Jon, Sandra, Gayle, Andrew and David

Crew Capt Alan, Helmsman & Instructor Manny, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Instructors Aubri and Justin.

Water temp 83f

Air temp 87f
Exposure Protection
Swim suits, Board Shorts, Rash Guards.

Saturday We are stocked, fueled and ready to go again here in Cayman, this time for a 10 day adventure. Several familiar faces onboard again, welcome back to Norm, Kevin, Melodie & Mike, Ken & Diane. We pushed off the dock and headed towards our first site of the charter, Chef Kingsley’s BBQ dinner was a huge hit, and once we completed our safety briefing and introductions it was time to call it a day. Our late arrivals boarded a little later and got happily settled in.

Sunday Our first dive site was the Doc Poulson, an old tug boat nestled in 50 feet, a perfect check out dive with a healthy wreck and reef option. Along the wall we found a beautiful cork screw anemone with cleaner snapping shrimp, along with a large green moray eel, and a hawksbill turtle. On the wreck we were amazed by the magnificent feather duster swaying back and forth and the amount of yellow tube sponges all along the wreck. Next up was a cruise to Devil’s Grotto, an old favorite and a site that is always on our itinery. The grotto is a series of swim thru’s all above 40 ft living inside these are tarpon, crabs, lobster and lionfish. At night this site comes alive, we had several octopus, squid, a sleeping turtle, spotted drum and two fingerback dondice nudibranch. A perfect end to a world class day of diving: Aggressor style.

Monday Yet another delightful day of diving has arrived and there is nothing but excitement from our 18 divers as we cruise over to the southwest side of the island for a dive site known as Eagle Ray Rock. Divers enjoyed exploring through the vast swim throughs of this beautiful site and checking out the variety of reef fish swimming about. After a delicious lunch we moved over to a shallow site called Governor’s Reef. The marine life was unbelievable for the afternoon dives with sightings of Mantis Shrimp, Yellow Rays, Snapping Shrimp, Turtles, Eels, Puffer Fish, and even a Scorpion Fish! After such a good show in the afternoon it was bound to be a good night dive and the Yellow Rays, Octopus, and Nudibranchs certainly didn’t disappoint. Another great day in the books as our weary divers crept off to their cabins for some well-deserved rest.

Tuesday Kingsley impressed us all again with homemade Cheddar Cheese Biscuits for breakfast. Our first dive site of the day saw us jumping in at Neptune’s Drop Off. This site offers a gently sloping wall with interesting topography of deep sand veins within the coral where lots of creatures can be spotted. Several large Mutton Snapper followed us throughout the dive and showed a bit of jealousy as we turned our attention to a Hawksbill Turtle having breakfast. The large schools of Creole Wrasse are hypnotizing as their rhythmic movements reflect off their colorful bodies. Our morning of diving was capped off by a Mexican inspired Fiesta for lunch that sent us off for a much deserved siesta. Our afternoon began on the USS Kittiwake, a former submarine tender vessel. It always proves to be an incredible wreck dive with lots of large, open Swim throughs offering lots of ambient light. The night dive began after relocating to the wreck of the Oro Verde, this site certainly didn’t disappoint. There were octopus, moray eels, ocean triggerfish, spotted drums and basket stars, just to name a few. What a way to wrap up an incredible day of diving!

Wednesday The Oro Verde in the morning is a divers delight. As our divers were exploring the wall, a turtle was seen feeding casually on the reef, on the wreck two spotted drums were seen as were a spotted ray and several banded butterfly fish. The bicycles that are here represent a Dive master’s mode of transport, and on his/her last day work would cycle off the back deck and descend onto the wreck, leaving the bike as a gift to the reef. A resident green moray eel and a midnight parrot fish were seen hiding in the mangled wreckage. At night the wreck comes alive, basket stars, sea fans and coral feeding on bloodworms are a big attraction, the Caribbean reef octopus were out feeding on any fish they could catch and a pair of squid also feeding on anything that moved. That finished off another world class day of eating, sleeping and diving.

Thursday We awoke to a glorious sunrise over seven mile beach as we cruised around to the north side. With Topical Storm Nat to the south of us posting strong winds and seas. We motored towards the Cayman Island Yacht Club for shelter. Our guests enjoyed our signature cheese burgers in paradise, before heading off to town to explore the shopping district known as Caymana Bay. Chef Kingsley was melting hearts again with a five start meal of Ravioli, Braised Mahi Mahi and to finish off a scrumptious Panna Cotta with roasted Pear. As our guests enjoyed the evening we settled in for a movie night with fresh popcorn.

Friday We awoke to blustery and windy day at the Yacht Club, while other vessels were scrambling to seek shelter we were already secure with addition lines out to offer extra security. Our guests enjoyed a day of relaxing and enjoying Chef Kingsley’s impressive array of culinary classics. After homemade Yorkshire pudding, Lamb and Potatoes it was time to call it a day.

Saturday With the wind and seas subsiding it was time to cast our lines once again and head out to the north side of Cayman. Babylon was our destination. Our eager divers were all promptly waiting for the dive briefing before we explore the hanging garden of Black Coral that live here, an arrow head was seen perched on top of the coral and a free swimming green moray eel was out swimming along the reef. For the dusk dive the reef comes alive, an octopus was spotted hiding on a coral head.

Sunday Happiest of Birthdays to our lovely guest Brandi on this fine Sunday! There was a very special surprise awaiting us all to celebrate the occasion- a pod of DOLPHINS! We hurried up to splash into Babylon after watching them swim and play all around the boat for 20 minutes but they didn’t want to come over and play with the divers. Instead we swam with turtles and free swimming morays all while listening to the Dolphins communicate with each other. We were happy to get to spend the whole day on such a fabulous dive site really getting to know it and finding some interesting critters including several Neck Crabs, a Pipefish, Spotted Eels, and a Spotted Cleaning Shrimp perched in the middle of an anemone. After completing our 5th dive it was time to sit down to a family style Thanksgiving Dinner and enjoy looking back on our week with the trip movie and photos.

Friday We awoke back around at the west side of Grand Cayman; our divers were all ready to splash at 6 o’clock in the morning. The site was Governor’s Reef which proved to be a huge hit. After breakfast we cruised to a site called Round Rock Trinity Caves, which is a premier site along the west side. The marine life here is stunning, wrasse, chubs, snappers and turtles. The swim thru’s are made for divers, with hanging whips, sponges and sea fans. Sadly after the second dive here it was time to start the process of packing up and washing out equipment as we motored towards George Town Dock. Congrats to Brandi 200 dives, Sandy 350 dives, Mike 650 dives ken 900 dives and Hans with 4000 dives logged this week.

Thank you to all our guests and crew for a safe and enjoyable charter.

Until Next time

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew.