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Log Date: Saturday, Oct 07, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 25c – 30c max / 77f – 84f  
Water Temp: 27c – 30c  / 79f – 84f
Visibility: 20 – 35 m / 70 – 149 feet
Weather: Comfortable temperatures, Clear and occasionally cloudy skies, moderate winds
Itinerary: Daedalus Reef , Fury Shoal
Exposure Protection: Shorty, 3mm suit
Highlights: White Tip oceanic Shark, Dolphins
Captain: Sayed
Cruise Director: Mahmoud
Instructors/Guides: Katya & Mohammed
Chef(s):  Sherif & Hussein
Mechanic: Hussein
Steward(s): Hegazy & Ali
Seamen: Emad & Ayoub & Hossam & Abdu
GUESTS: Aki, Ebi, Osamu, Masumi, Rie, Toshie, Hideo, Yasuhiro, Kayoko, Megumi, Yumi, Yasuko, Asako, Nagatoshie, Hinako, Masahiro, Manami, Takako, Junko, Tomomi
Sunday – Marsa Shoona, Abu Dabab III
Monday – Daedalus Reef
Tuesday – Shaab Maksour, Sataya reef, Dolphin House, Gota Sataya
Wednesday – Gota Sataya, Shaab Claudia, Seyal Island
Thursday – Shaab Sharm, Shaab Marsa Alam
Friday –Elphinstone
Saturday Another smooth turnaround and we are ready again to welcome
aboard 20 guests.
After our safety briefing and introductions we were dazzled by Chef Sherif’s famous
steak. The sunset was picture perfect.
Sunday After a good night of sleep we had breakfast next morning and we got the
permission from the coast guard we pulled off the dock up to the south.
After Initial dive briefing we were ready to get in the water for the check dive
 in Marsa Shouna .This trip our guests come from Japan with Akinobu and Izumi
guiding the group.
As we explored the reef from east to the west and we found a few Scorpion fish,
a Stone fish, plenty of Pipefis. The reef along here is equally impressive with turtles,
bluespotted stingrays and schools of Indian Mackerel, goat fish and Batfish.
Then we cruised around to the south to a site called Abu Dabab III for the night dive.
After the dinner we prepared the vessel for travel and pointed towards Daedalus.
Monday Our first dive of the day was at Daedalus West, the visibility was 100 feet
or more and the reef was alive with fish. Jack fish, Barracudas, a huge Potato
Grouper and White tip reef shark were spotted this dive.
After breakfast and break we jumped from the boat, expecting to encounter a White
tip Oceanic shark, which was spotted from the boat. First splashes and here they are!
Three sharks wanted breakfast, but after coming very close to check us out, we
were not in menu. All divers were able to take great shorts of these creatures.
Priseless. Then we visited the south plateau, where we met many Barracudas and
Plenty reef fish, like Red sea Angel fish, different kind of Butterfly fish and Anemonies.
The Napoleon Wrasses that live here are what make the plateau so special, one
Napoleon followed us around for the entire dive. We finished the dive with two
Oceanic White tip sharks under the boat.
The early afternoon dive was dedicated to the North side of the reef. The current
goes from the north to the south, so we descended at the splitting point and
we’ve got in the cloud of Unicorn fish, facing the current. As we continued our dive,
cruising along the wall, we encountered a School of giant Trevally. The top of the reef
is so healthy with Broccoli soft corals, sponges, coral heads and mountain corals.
Next up was south side of the reef. Friendly Napoleon followed us, under jetty
we encountered Huge Grouper, sitting quietly on the sand, Barracudas, a scorpion fish
and Royal angel fish.
After dinner we unmoored and started to the deep south.
Fury shoal here we go!
First dive on Shaab Maksour. We descended to the plateau, swam around beautiful
Pinnacles, visited colorful coral garden at the east side of the reef. We saw schools of
snappers, bluespotted trevallies, goat fish. We found a bluespotted stingray,
a Porcupine fish and a Moray eel.
We enjoyed waffles and eggs before we splashed at Sataya reef for the second dive.
As our divers ascended to the coral garden we were dazzled by the amount of fish life
that is here.
Then our captain moved the boat to the west part of the Sataya, where are Dolphins
live. We were lucky and we snorkeled with big family for an hour.
Gota Sataya was our next destination, just 20 minuets from Sataya reef. There we
spent remainder of the day.
The marine life here is in abundance. We swam around pinnacles, admiring hundreds
of antheas fish and goat fish. We found a few bluespotted stingrays near the main
At night we saw hermit crabs, a Rainbow swimming crab, lionfish and Triton horn snail.
The amount of basket stars and feather stars on this dive site just countless number.
Wednesday We began our day at Gota Sataya. We dived the eastern part of the reef.
We encountered big Napoleon Wrasse, a Barracuda was at the cleaning station,
schooling banner fish and butterfly fish.
Next up was Shaab Claudia, one of the most famous dive sites in the south.
The local swimthroughs are spectacular.
We penetrated into the first cavern, swam around magic round about and along to the
one of the exits. Then we swam slowly inside the second room, there a school
of fusilier fish was waiting for our cameras, shining in the rays of sun light, which
penetrate from the crack over our heads.
Next stop- Seyal Island. The third dive and we were able to visit the land and took
great photos with sunset as a background.
Night dive and our divers were happy finding a lot of shrims, sleeping filefish and
Thursday The smell of toast and coffee lured divers out of their cozy beds on
this fine Thursday morning. The ringing of the dive bell signaled that it was time
to splash at Shaab Sharm- a very cool site with drop off.
The marine life was abundant. We encountered a feeding bluespotted stingray,
Two Moray eels, snappers and fusilier fish were everywhere.
We did two dives here with stingrays, and large schools of reef fish before
heading up for lunch and movie/game time.
Our compass was set for a site called Shaab Marsa Alam in the afternoon.
4 hours later we moored at Gota Marsa Alam, where we dived the third and the
night dive. We swam around huge coral block, visited the wreck, took a lot of funny
photos at this wreck. We saw a moray eel, lion fish, a school of fusilier fish
surrounded us under the boat. At night we spotted plenty of sea urchins, shrimps,
Swimming coral crab, three different sea stars and crawling Cone shell.
After spending the rest of the afternoon relaxing we arrived at our traditional
Thanksgiving dinner followed by the movie and photo slideshow of the week
to wrap up the evening. And we celebrated Kayoko’s birthday.
orning of diving. Our first site, Meadows, was truly amazing with Nurse Sharks, Eagle Rays, Peacock Flounder, and Reef Sharks all coming in close and delighting photographers. After all the morning’s excitement it was time to sit back and eat some cinnamon rolls while we cruised back to Lea Lea’s Lookout (by special request) for two more dives. Everyone enjoyed getting to explore the cavernous swim throughs a bit more and playing with Lucy the friendly Grouper. Other highlights include a couple of hungry Turtles, a big green Moray Eel, and a Spotted Eel. It was a great day of diving but sadly it was time to pack up and say goodbye to Little Cayman. for more epic dives!
As soon as we descended we were welcomed by two Spotted Drums.
One was a juvenile circling and dancing while the second was a bit larger,
 intermediate showing off his newly acquired spots. Our attention was drawn away as Fin, the Nurse Shark swam directly though our group of divers.
Within minutes, three Hawksbill Turtles were spotted, as well as a pair of large, friendly Porcupine fish. Next up was the second part of a double play of wreck diving as we descended onto the wreck of the Doc Poulson.
The sponges and soft corals that adorn the wreck are stunning as the myriad of colors grab your attention. We moved to Governor’s Reef for an afternoon and night dive. inquisitive Hawksbill Turtle and a large Green Moray Eel. At night the reef becomes alive within minutes, an Octopus was spotted as it was hunting along through the reef, a pair of large Lobsters were spotted as well as several Channel Crab out foraging for their nightly meal.
True to the name we spotted several Angel Fish and Larry saw the first Queen Angel Fish he’d seen all week! The beauty of this site however is taking in all of the small critters there are to find on the reef like Snapping Shrimp, Crinoids, Peterson Cleaning Shrimp, and of course all of the juvenile reef fish! After spending the rest of the afternoon relaxing we arrived at our traditional Thanksgiving dinner followed by the movie and photo slideshow of the week to wrap up the evening.
Started at Abu Dabbab II with it’s mountain corals, outstanding lagoon and
a bunch of reef fish.
Then we motored to Elphinstone reef for the last dive of the trip. We saw a Scorpion
 fish, two Hawksbill Turtles , a moray eel, Royal Emperor fish and pajama chromodoris. We also encountered a Oceanic White Tip tip shark, which was hanging around the boat.
So between Oceanic White Tip  Sharks, dolphins, Napoleon Wrasses we were always
busy and happy, our guests are going back home with good memories,
 smiles and great pictures.
It was that time of the week to start washing down equipment and Congrats
to Masahiro and Manami for completing 300 dives, to Masumi for completing
500 dives, to Rie for completing 800 dives, to Toshie for completing 2100,
 to Hideo for completing 2000 dives, to Yasuhiro and Nagatoshie for completing
1500 dives and to Kayoko for completing 1200 dives!!
Also well done to all our Iron divers this week. This week we have 13 Iron Divers
 from Japan!
From all the crew here in Red Sea thank you for a safe and enjoyable week of diving.
Until Next Week
Your Red Sea Aggressor Crew.