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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 30, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor

Captains Log – 30th September- 7th October 2017


Water Temp. 85 F

Visibility 50- 120ft

Exposure: 3mm Wetsuit/ Shorty




Captain - Matt Rutledge

Engineer – Dave Millard

Chef – Marco Maroni

Instructor - Caitilin Tincher

Instructor- Alexandra Quint




Krystelle, Jane, Loralee, Cristina, Fernando, Jorge, Christina, Judy, Bruce, George, John


Saturday 30th September, 2017

All the guests boarded at 4pm. Welcome to all new guests. Welcome back to our guests returning back to the Aggressor Fleet. On-board refreshments and then the guests set up their dive equipment and were shown to their cabins. A safety briefing preceded the evening’s dinner. The Bahamas Aggressor departed Elizabeth on Bay Marina at sunset and left New Providence Island. South East travel towards the Exuma Islands.


Sunday 1st October, 2017

Divers awoke with the Bahamas Aggressor at Anchor, already close to the first dive site. A single morning dive was completed at ‘Airplane Wreck’ dive site, situated around 5 minutes travel time from the overnight anchorage. A single relaxed shallow check dive was completed here and all guests were happy with their own diving equipment. Divers found yellow and southern stingrays, Anemones, Squat anemone shrimps plus colourful Juvenile Angel Fish.

After this dive, the Bahamas Aggressor stayed within the Exuma banks and a second dive was completed at ‘Lobster no Lobster’ Dive Site. Divers found hundreds of yellow mouth jawfish plus southern sting rays and barracuda.


Lunch was lunch was served on-board while underway. Bahamas Aggressor headed further East towards Eleuthera Island.

An afternoon dive plus a night dive were completed at ‘Kraken’ dive site. Divers found both spiny and slipper lobsters, moray eels and schools of Horse Eyed Jacks.

After the night dive, the Aggressor moved to ‘Cut Thru City’ dive site mooring.


Monday 2nd October, 2017

Divers awoke with the Aggressor already at the dive site. A single morning dive was completed on this wall dive site, with divers enjoying the steep reef wall with its’ many swim thru’s and canyons. Divers found lobsters and ocean trigger fish.

After the first dive, the Aggressor headed north and towards the “Cobia Cage’ dive site. Divers enjoyed diving around this huge man made underwater cage designed for cobia fish aquaculture. Many reef sharks were spotted on this dive site.

After lunch was served aboard, the Aggressor headed back towards Eleuthera Island and ‘Tunnel Rock’ dive site. With strong winds, the Aggressor remained in the protection of the island and with calm sea conditions – Two afternoon dives plus a night dive were completed at this dive site. Many snapper fish, reef sharks, lobsters and hawksbill turtles were spotted.





Tuesday 3rd October, 2017

After breakfast, the Aggressor headed south to ‘split coral head’ dive site. A favourite of both the crew and guests. An open ocean site providing many reef shark interactions.

Two dives at this site and then the Aggressor headed back North.

Two further afternoon dives were completed on the West coast of Eleuthera Island at ‘Cut n Run’ dive site. Divers enjoyed exploring the steep reef wall with its associated airplane wreck. Divers enjoyed schools of spadefish and lobsters as well as schools of horse eyed jacks.

After the second afternoon dive, the Aggressor moved a very short distance into shallower water for a night dive at the ‘Barge’ dive site, This sunken transport barge provided excellent viewing of lobsters, conger eels and octopus for the night divers.

After the night dive and to shelter from strong winds, the Aggressor moved to ‘Hole in the Wall’ dive site for a calm peaceful nights rest.


Wednesday 4th October, 2017

A single morning dive completed at ‘Hole in the Wall’ dive site. A swim through dive site upon a steep wall. After a single dive here, the Aggressor moved back for another single dive at ‘Cobia Cage’ dive site. Divers again were met by several reef sharks and many remora fish.

Before lunch, the Aggressor returned to the peaceful sheltered waters of Eleuthera Island. Two afternoon dives were completed at ‘Cave Rock’ dive site. This shallow site has a large open cavern to swim through and the coral heads are awash with schools of snapper, chubb, wrasse and spade fish. The divers also found scorpion fish plus large crabs and lobsters.

After dinner, the Aggressor headed back Westward with a strong but comfortable following wind.

A late evenings’ arrival at a sheltered anchorage, within the Exuma island chain.


Thursday 5th October

With favourable tides, a single morning dive was completed at ‘Barracuda shoals’ dive site. Divers found large groupers, hundreds of yellow mouth jaw fish and a hawksbill turtle. The Aggressor moved further north within the Exuma islands and a second morning dive was completed at the ‘Aquarium’ dive site. Many species of coral provided homes for various coral reef fish, large pompano fish, hawksbill turtles and lobsters.

Lunch was taken whilst remaining at the dive site and then an afternoon dive was taken at ‘Barracuda Shoals II’ dive site. A few eels were found as well as lobsters, creole wrasse and many types of parrotfish.

After this dive, the Aggressor took advantage of a change in wind and more favourable open sea conditions. Aggressor meandered through the cuts between the Exuma islands and headed to the exposed ‘Austin Smith’ Shipwreck dive site situated in the Exuma sound.

Many large groupers and a couple of hawksbill turtles were found as well as many reef sharks.

After this shark dive, the aggressor headed back to ‘Aquarium’ dive site.

Dinner was served on board which preceded the presentation of the weeks movie compiled by Instructor/ Video Pro Caitilin.

A night dive was taken at this site and divers found octopus, squid and moray eels.


Friday 6th October

On special request from the guests, a very early, pre dawn, morning dive was scheduled. At 5.30am, the Aggressor headed back to the ‘Airplane’ wreck dive site. Divers enjoyed seeing the wreck appear underwater in the dawn light and found many southern sting rays feeding plus crabs and lobsters.

During breakfast, the Aggressor headed north from the Exuma Islands towards New Providence Island. On the way back, a second morning dive and the final dive of the trip was completed at the ‘Blue Hole’ dive site. Divers enjoyed diving into its natural circular form. Many reef sharks, southern rays and silky sharks were found. A great way to end the charter.

The Aggressor headed back to Nassau with lunch served on the way.

An early afternoon arrival back at Elizabeth on Bay Marina, Nassau.

Guests for the afternoon, enjoyed relaxing on the sun deck or visiting local stores.

All guests and crew enjoyed a late afternoon cocktail party.


Special awards were presented to the following divers


200 Dives Milestone Award – Christina Dolan

700 Dives Milestone award – George Edwards

1000 Dives Milestone Award- Fernando Neves Da Rocha


An extremely high number of Iron Diver awards were presented to the following divers for completing all dives available during the charter.


Cristina, Krystelle, Jane, John, Fernando, Jorge, Bruce, Judy, Christina, Loralee


Saturday 7th October, 2017

The crew bid farewell to all the guests who left at 8am.

Safe travels and we hope to dive with you all again very soon.


Captain Matt Rutledge












Monday 26th June

The Aggressor headed to ‘Shark Paradise’ dive site. Two morning dives were completed at this site. Divers interacted with many Caribbean reef sharks, 5 lemon sharks plus a large tiger shark, affectionately named Emma.

Lunch was taken on-board, while remaining at the site. Further afternoon dives were completed at the same site; Divers continued to see numerous lemon sharks plus an additional male tiger shark.

Dinner was served while still at the dive site and then Aggressor moved back to the ‘Sugar Wreck” dive site. A single night dive completed here and divers found 5 turtles plus a few spotted eels.

Aggressor moved to inshore calmer waters for an overnight stay at anchor.


Tuesday 27th June 2017

An early morning departure was made from the anchorage, heading northward to ‘Mini Wall’ dive site. Two morning dives were completed at this site. Divers found numerous reef and lemon sharks throughout the dive plus divers found spotted eels.

The Aggressor moved to ‘Hogfish” reef for two afternoon dives plus a night dive. Another Tiger Shark met divers as well as numerous other lemon and reef sharks. The night divers found nurse shark and basket stars. With calm seas, the Aggressor remained at the dive site overnight.









Wednesday 28th June

During breakfast, the Aggressor moved a short distance to ‘Shark Paradise’ dive site. Two morning dives with currents that provided over 10 lemon sharks and a tiger shark for the divers. After lunch, the Aggressor headed north to ‘El Capitaan’ dive site. Two afternoon dives were completed at this isolated reef. Divers found schools of Spadefish plus barracuda and a nurse shark. After the dives, the Aggressor headed to ‘Sugar Wreck” dive site and after dinner was served, a night dive was completed in calm conditions. Divers found loggerhead turtles, green turtles and hawksbill turtles. An octopus and squid were also favourite finds for the night divers. The Aggressor headed to calm inshore waters for an overnight stay at Anchor.


Thursday 29th June

Aggressor headed to one of its furthest and most isolated sites, North West from Grand Bahama Island. Two morning dives were completed at “El Dorado’ dive site. Steady currents for the Divers who found many schools of bream, snapper and perch as well as a very large number of barracuda, blue tangs, pompano fish and Horse Eyed Jacks.

After lunch, the Aggressor headed south and a final stop at ‘Shark Paradise’ for the afternoon dives. Over 6 lemon sharks immediately met divers; many reef sharks, large groupers and a large nurse shark.

Dinner was served on-board while underway. A journey back south to the reefs near Grand Bahama.

Before the night dive, there was the evening entertainment; a presentation of the weekly video filmed by Instructor Caitilin. A night dive was completed at ‘Sherwood Forest’ dive site. Divers found sharp tailed eels, moray eels, an octopus plus many spiny lobsters. Aggressor remained at the dive site overnight.


Friday 30th June

Divers completed the final dive at ‘Sherwood Forest’ dive site. Divers found blue tangs, groupers, snappers plus many lettuce sea slugs, flamingo tongue cowries and moray eels. After the dive, the Aggressor headed back to the West End of Grand Bahama Island and arrived at Old Bahama Bay Marina for Midday. Lunch was served on-board and guests relaxed in the afternoon or visited the Marina.

Guests and crew met together in the late afternoon, on the sundeck, for drinks and refreshments, to discuss the weeks diving.


Congratulations to the following divers for completing diver further education courses whilst on-board.


Kristi Kehayias- Advanced Open Water & Enriched Air

Tim Radney – Night & Boat diver Speciality

Teresa Calson – Enriched Air

Jasmine DeFehr - Advanced Open Water & Enriched Air

Mike DeFehr – Enriched Air


Awards were presented to the following divers


100 Dives Milestone Award- Jonathan Kehayias


Plus IRON DIVER awards were presented to the following divers for completing all available dives, throughout the week.


Katelyn Randal, Kimberly Randal, Paul Randal

Jonathan Kehayias, Tim Radney, Mike Lawell,

Jasmine DeFehr



Saturday 24th June


At 8am, the crew said farewell to all the guests.


The crew thank everyone for joining us on the Bahamas Aggressor.


Captain Matt