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Roatan Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 14, 2017
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


Roatan Aggressor Captains log 14-21st October 2017


Air Temp


Water Temp:   80-82 F

Vis 20-80ft

Wetsuit 3mm shortie or full suit


Stardate 14th October 2017. Romeo’s Restaurant French Harbor Roatan.


Once again we were delighted to be joined by 18 very experienced and enthusiastic divers from the USA and Brazil. Once onboard everyone settles in enjoyed a cold refreshing drink, checked out the layout of thier home for a week, endured the captains welcome aboard & safety briefing before feasting on chef Dorions Island style BBQ. A beautiful sunset finished a exciting day for all before heading below for a much deserve good nights sleep.


A early 5AM start put us on the South West corner of the island of Roatan for our 1st dive. Taviana is perfect for a checkout dive with a nice shallow reed, shallow decending Wall, curious turtle, Eagle ray and just a awesome site to get wet. A short cruise during lunch put us on Half Moon Wall for the afternoon dives and a great site for our night dive.


  1. Captain Eddie got the crew up at 3.00AM for our early AM cruise down to the seamount Black Hills of the SW corner of the Island of Utila. A shear pinnicle (Bommie for you Aussies out there) for our first try at a drift dive. These can be exciting as the mother ship drops our divers at one side and pick them back up at the other making diving in any currents a Little easier however today was pretty calm to say the least. Our second AM dive was at Little Bight the Wow it was seahorse town today DM Willie was on the seahorse hunt and managed to find 2 Lined seahorses,a beautiful Harliquin pipefish, upside down jellyfish and 1000s of squid eggs.for our delighted divers……

A midday cruise put us on Jack Niells for the PM dives, once again our DMs managed to find plentyof critters including yellow head jawfish, mantis shrimps, giant cannel crab, nurse shark and another Eagle ray great dive however the vis was down so we decided to move down the reef to for another easy shallow drift/kick dive at Laguna Beach, another Golden seahorse, Gaudi clow crab, spotted eel and amazing black coral. The night dive produced criptic teardrop crabs, octopus and swimming cronoids! Great day of diving




That Capt Eddie got us up early again and departed Utila at 3.30AM for another early morning cruise to dive the famous pinncle at Coyos Cochinos seamount. The current was running today and a good kick was required to move along the Wall! A beautiful wide mouthed Toadfish was spotted as well as 2 giant yellowfin tuna, schooling horse eyed jacks, travelle jacks and feeding Qcean triggerfishes. The cruise back to the boat was a lot easier so we decided to dive the site again as a drift dive removing the need for a turbo kick to get up current Phew!

A calm crossing back to Roatan to dive Blue Channel for better vis. A giant Hawksbill turtle, spotted Eagle ray and mating blue tangs all came by tos ay hello. The night dive was another hit more octopus, sea slugs, teardrop crabs and rainbow squid.

Wednesday was our wreck dive at the Oydysee a fun dive to explore the hallways and engine room. Spooky Channel was next another awesome site with a shallow spliting the Wall in two, Mantis shrimp, two big sponge crabs, moray eels, midnight blue parrot fish, balloon puffers lobsters everywhere. Lighthouse was our PM and night dive site, harliquin pipefish, neck crab, a giant male hogfish, Green moray, turtle. Only one night diver tonight but what a night dive it was! Two very rage sea slugs were spotted, the Ornate Elysia and the Sacoglossan sea slug. Wow


Thursday we headed south for a pre-breakfast dive at Cara Cara. Here our resisdent family of grey reef sharks always come in for a early morning snack and top ut on a show of who’s ocean it realy is ¡ Today we had about 8-10 hungry buggers come by and see what all the fuss was about . Next up Marys Place one of the best dives in the Caribbean. It has it all a healthy shallow reef, sheer Wall, cracks and canyons and plenty of critters to boot! We enjoyed a dive before and after lunch and what great dives they were. Schooling jacks, 2 more mantis shrimp, fire worms. Giant black groupers, Nausau grouper, lobster, hamlets and the swim thru’s made for a great afternoon. Mr Buds was our late PM and night dive site. A small trawler wreck in 50ft off the edge of the Wall makes for a couple of fun dives. Our last night dive was very productive with neck crabs


Where did our week go? All we have left is 2 AM dives at before we head back into French Harbor to start our journey back into the real world. Today we were treated to a school of dolphins that came by to bid us farewell. The cleaning of the gear was done by the crew ¡ Dorians farewell Island style meal was our final meal onboard which was very sad. Time to pack our bags and take a walk through old French Harbor grab a cold drink or 2 at Captain Eddies farewell party and our farewell group dinner at Romeo’s restauarant on our dock. Happy birthday to Gary, congrats to Jessica on passing her Nitrox class and a BIG thank you to all our guests for making this a wonderful safe week of Roatan style diving.

Until next time……

Your crew