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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 28, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 25C/ 77  F min – 29C/84F max

Water Temp: 25C/77F – 27C/80F

Visibility: 25 to 40m  - 75 to 130 feet

Weather: Clear skies, windy period or cool breezes of wind

Itinerary:  Brothers - Daedalus –Elphinstone





Captain: Sayed

Cruise Director: Mahmoud

Instructors/Guides: Rashad & Katia

Chef:  Sherif & Hussein

Steward(s):  Ali & Ahmed

Mechanic: Hussein

Seamen: Emad, Abdou, Hossam and Ali


GUESTS: David, Olaf and Frederik, Olaf and Eric, Johann, Stian, Thomas, Jasmin and Stefan, Tania and Kim, Beatrice and Gianluca


Saturday October 28th

Hi from warm and sunny Port Ghalib, Egypt! Today at 6:00 PM the Captain and Crew welcomed 14 guests from USA, Norway, Germany, Italy and Hungary excited to see Red Sea’s underwater world. After everyone had the opportunity to choose a location on the dive deck and make sure all their equipment wasworking and ready for the week of diving, Chef Sherif prepared a delicious dinner of grilled beefsteak with mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. Then everybody had time to visit Port Ghalib.


Sunday October 29th

To begin the week of diving, we began by heading to Marsa Shouna. This site is a shallow coral garden and reef wall that allows guests to become comfortable in their gear and buoyancy. Underwater, guests were able to see a pipefish, scorpion fish, bat fish, Giant Moray eels, grey eel and Banded snake eel. Late afternoon, we made our way to Marsa Mobarak, for the last dive of the day. We said bye to the sun and jumped in the water where divers saw a sleeping Turtle, Basket stars, and a day octopus eating a cowrie.

 For dinner, Chef Sherif served up grilled fish with lemon sauce, basmati rice, and sautéed mixed vegetables. After a relaxing evening everyone retreated to his or her cabin for a good night of sleep.

 We drove to Brother’s islands whole night before getting started bright and early the next morning


Monday October 30th

Our captain took place at Big Brother. First dive was on the south plateau of the island, where guests were able to see a Thresher shark and a Napoleon Wrasse and three Oceanic White tip sharks. The next one was at Aida Wreck, which is lying in the north of the reef since 1957. The third dive we dived Numidia Wreck. A current was slightly and we were able to explore the wreck very well. We penetrated to the engine room, took photos outside of this beautiful ship, which became a house for many different species of fish since 1901. The last day dive we jumped off the platform expecting to encounter the Oceanic White tip shark and we were not disappointed. We also found a scorpion fish, two moray eels and many Unicorn fish at the cleaning station. After the long day, divers were ready to get a good night of well-deserved sleep.


Tuesday October 31st

The first two dives were from boat to boat and our divers saw Thresher sharks and Oceanic White Tip sharks again.

For the next two we moved one mile to the second Island. Here guests had the opportunity to see Thresher sharks, one Hammerhead and Oceanic shark. We enjoyed the reef wall as well, looking for the reef creatures. After an exciting day, everyone was ready to get a good night sleep.


Wednesday November 1st 

We began the day of diving at the north of Daedalus reef where guests had the opportunity to see a large school oh Barracudas, Oceanic White Tip Shark, a Moray eel and a Napoleon Wrasse.  The second dive was from the boat, along the eastern wall. We encountered three White tip Oceanic sharks and Hammerhead shark over the south plateau. After lunch, we visited Anemone city and wereable to see plenty of damselfish, clownfish, huge and lonely Barracuda and many different reef fish. The last dive from the boat where three Oceanic sharkswere waiting. We spent time taking pictures of these amazing animals and continued the dive over the south plateau. We met a Napoleon Wrasse, two giant Moray eel and Barracudas. Sherif served up a delicious grilled beefsteak with pepper sauce, roasted potatoes with saffron, roasted mixed vegetables, and Florentine tart for dessert. After the dinner and glass of vine, everyone returned to their cabins happy to climb into bed.


Thursday November 2nd

The last full day of diving began at Elphinstone reef, where divers  dived three dives. The first on the north plateau, the second from boat on the south plateau and the third one along the western wall. We saw two Oceanic White tip sharks, two Hawksbill turtles, a Scorpion fish, a Giant Moray eel, a school of fusiliers and giant trevallies, and we enjoyed the walls and plateaus, which are covered by colorful soft corals and surrounded by clouds of Antheas fish. Then our capitan moved the boat to Abu Dabab 3. The night dive did not disappoint, two Spanish Dancers, two Octopuses, two Scorpion fish and a Moray eel. As the divers surfaced, they excitedly shared their photos and videos with one another, reliving the fantastic experience together. Chef Sherif prepared delicious turkey with red wine sauce, baked potatoes, and big cake for dessert.


Friday November 3d

As the week came to a close, guests prepared for their final dives at Abu Dabab 2 and 3. Divers were able to see a Giant Moray eel, Red Anemone, Huge Napoleon Wrasse and several Picasso fish. During the drive back to the pier, guest enjoyed a lunch before having the opportunity to explore Port Ghalib by land. At 5:00 everyone returned to the boat for the final cocktail party to celebrate the amazing week both on the boat and underwater. At theevent, Olaf G. and Eric were all awarded their Iron Diver metals, having completed every dive offered during the week! Thanks to all our wonderful guests for another amazing week onboard the Red Sea Aggressor!


Until next time!