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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 04, 2017
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log

4 November – 11 November 2017


Air temperature: 85° - 89° F

Water temperature: 83° - 84° F

Visibility: 50 – 80 feet



Captain: Amanda Smith

2nd Captain: Christy Weaver

Engineer: Rob Smith

Chef: Jess Polk

Video Pro: JJ DiMatteo

Instructor: Aaron Rouse



Jeff, Kim, Bonnie, Jeri, Brent, Jeanne, Phil, Shawn, Patti, Linda, Jane, Barbara, Jake, Jim, Steve, John, Mitch & Mike.



Sunday             – Pinnacles – Grace Bay, Amphitheatre – NWPT

Monday             – Eel Garden – NWPT, Boat Cove – West Caicos            

Tuesday            – Driveway, Brandywine - West Caicos

Wednesday            – Spanish Anchor - West Caicos, G-Spot – French Ca

Thursday             – Elephant Ear, Boat Cove – West Caicos

Friday             – Rock Garden – West Caicos


As we gather upon the sun deck ready for a new adventure, the sun glistens off of the gin clear waters of the Turks and Caicos, our guests raise a glass to the upcoming excitement, for some a first time experience others veterans of Aggressor diving. After a few drinks admiring the sunset, our Chef Jess provides the first of a series of culinary delights, tonight’s offering; Pork Loin filled with sage and couscous served with baby Peruvian purple potatoes and broccoli. After dinner, drinks are served and we advise our guests we will be leaving the marina at first light tomorrow morning.


With dawn the engines rumble and we move off the dock. The appetizing smell of bacon and fresh coffee greet us for a spectacular day of diving. Energized and ready to go the dive bell calls out across the deck gathering all for the 1st dive of the charter, we set to checking our gear making sure everything is in place, then after the briefing we gear up and enter the water, at a spectacular dive site off of Grace Bay, called Pinnacles. An awesome 1st dive, everyone is now happy with their setup, sharks were seen off the wall and the divers hunted for the famous fingerprint cyphomas that lay in the shallows of this particular dive site. Dive two went off without a hitch as the boat swayed to and fro along the reef the divers enjoyed the incredible canyon like swim throughs that Pinnacles has to offer. As all the divers make their way back to the boat the engines come to life again and we are off! The boat glides gracefully toward the North Western Point of Providenciales as we enjoy an awesome meal prepared by chef Jess.


The boat slides into the mooring easily at Amphitheatre and the divers after a fulfilling meal get ready to experience North West Point for the first time. Amphitheatre is a crew favorite dive site both during the day and at night. The site boasts a beautiful cut out on the wall which resembles a grand amphitheater with seating and all. Along the cut out of the wall hundreds of different wire and whip corals stick crazily and interspersed between black coral which is a great place to find wire coral shrimp, neck crabs and black coral shrimp. On the cruise back to the boat on top of the wall divers run into a plethora of life including yellow headed jawfish, sported morays and flamingo toungues.   The night dive brings lots of great critters and afterwards all the divers enjoy a hot chocolate topped off with some local rum cream. As the divers head to bed everyone is excited about what tomorrow will bring.


We once again awake to the smell of Jess cooking up a storm in the galley. Once everyone is fed delicious mango waffles, eggs, and sausage we gear up to make our first dive of the day at Eel Garden. This dive site never disappoints and it certainly did not today. The divers boasted seeing sharks, turtles and not to mention those garden eels nodding their heads in approval as divers kick by. We come up and have a quick snack and then we are back in the water we enjoy a second dive at eel garden filled with all the usual suspects. Once we get all the divers we begin to make the journey to West Caicos all while Jess serves up an incredible Mexican Monday feast! Everyone is excited to see West Caicos for the first time and it shows with the speed in which the divers get ready to jump in for their first dive at Boat Cove. Boat Cove is an awesome dive site where we usually experience “Purple Rain,” a beautiful act where creole wrasse pour over the wall making it difficult to see anything else beyond on them. It is for sure a sight to be seen. Along dive we encountered so much life: barracuda, groupers, sharks, creole wrasse, file fish, and so much more. Divers came back loving both dives and with huge smiles on their faces. In between dives we enjoyed hanging out in the hot tub, laughing on the sundeck, enjoying each other’s company in the salon. The night dive enticed 11 divers to participate, neck crabs, anemones and shrimps were some of the favorites seen on this dive and everyone came back satisfied. Afterwards the divers enjoyed some adult beverages and tuck themselves into bed to prepare for another early start diving tomorrow. The perfect end to a perfect day!


Tuesday brought another beautiful day. We started our diving on dive site called Driveway, it gets its name from a large sand shoot in the reef leading to the wall resembling a driveway. Along the sandy shoot a plethora of wildlife can be found. Within seconds of jumping off the wall we run into a massive hawksbill turtle who posed for photographers and divers as he munched away on a delicious sponge. A pair of mating purple crowned sea goddess’ a type of nudibranch were found vigorously crawling along the wall. The dive was concluded by a nice shark encounter. The divers chowed down on a feast of burgers and coleslaw and got pumped up and geared up for the afternoon dives at Brandywine. The dive did not disappoint as the divers interacted with Brandywines’ famous anemone that looks to be a dull blue to the average eye but when lighted is actually a hot pink! The night dive also pulled out all the stops with huge channel clinging crabs and two octopus. The divers saw so much stuff on the night dive that it lasted an epic 74 minutes! Everyone enjoyed some warm hot chocolate and settled in for a peaceful nights rest.


On Wednesday we decided to change it up a bit and see how many early risers we had. We started diving at 6:30am this morning and we found out that we have some pretty hard core divers because all 18 guests decided to do this early morning dive at Spanish Anchor. The divers loved watching the sun come up while underwater and watching the reef come to life. The divers reported loads of crabs and even a slender file fish. After our second dive at Spanish Anchor we pulled the ladders and through loose of the mooring and made the grand journey out to French Cay in search of the famous nurse sharks. The day dives were great with lots of sharpnose puffers and we even found an ever elusive sea horse. The night dive was out of this world with 10 plus nurse sharks hunting in our lights as well as Caribbean reef sharks and our resident humongous cubera snapper all vigorously swarming our divers and their lights. Sixteen happy divers returned from this epic night dive adventure with smiles and their faces and ready for hot chocolate. The divers enjoyed their drinks on the sun deck with the lights out mesmerized by the starry night.


We travelled back to West Caicos and started our morning on a dive site called Gullies. Gullies is a beautiful dive site with a large swim through and also a large population of sharks and our famous local shark Sully. Sully can be quite overzealous and on a regular basis will enjoy the swim through with along with a diver. This dive was incredible with sharks, barracudas, crabs, and groupers. There were even French Grunts having a territorial standoff. At lunch we made our way back to North West Point to dive the famous Dome. The conditions were magical and turtles, sharks and rays hung out with us off the wall. We meandered closer to the Dome and the marco life came to life. We gawked at the secretary blennies, cleaner shrimps and anemone crabs. The night dive brought an incredible spotted moray that made a snack out of a blue tang in front of all of our divers. After the dive we reminisced the week over a couple of drinks and turned in, in preparation for tomorrows dawn dive.


Friday was another early morning for the divers aboard the Turks and Caicos Aggressor II. We started with a 6:30 dawn dive. The reef came to life with the divers down there. Two sleeping turtles let our divers surround them without a care in the world. It was as if the turtles were putting on a show for just us. As the sun came up more and more of the usual suspects emerged including a beautiful Caribbean Reef coming up from the depths. The two morning dives were a perfect way to conclude our diving for the week. We pulled up the ladders and headed for Turtle Cove marina. We enjoyed one last delicious meal cooked by Jess and then most divers headed into Grace Bay to get their shopping fix. Most returned with precious new trinkets to take home as souvenirs. We ended the day at our wine and cheese party. Where everyone laughed and told stories about the week that just went by. It was a perfect ending to a perfect week.