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Log Date: Saturday, Nov 04, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


November 4th to 11th 2017


Guests David, Robert & Marilyn, Kenan & Yesim, Alan & Carol, Cesar, Ayca, Nasri & Hande, Keith & Lena, Bonnie & Jo.


Crew Capt Sayed, Chef Sherif, Sous chef Hussein, Engineer Hussein, Cruise Director Mahmoud, Instructors Katia & Mostafa, Steward Hegazy & Ali, Seamen Ali, Emad, Abdou and Sultan

Water Temp 77-79f / 25-27C

Air Temp 77-82 F / 25-30C

Exposure protection 5mm wetsuit


Saturday We had all guests on board by 3pm so they had time setup diving equipment before we got intros and safety brief done. Then our chef prepared a delicious steak dinner. The only thing left to do which was get on with a great week of Red Sea diving.


Sunday morning all woke up rested and relaxed. We got the permission and  pushed off the dock immediately, making way for the Marsa Shouna dive site. Deck and dive brief done we splashed in for the first of many great dives this week. Schooling batfish and turtles were the order of the morning. After the second dive and lunch we made the short hop to Abu Dabab I for night dive and had an abundance of critter sightings, a sole fish, huge Porcupine fish, sleeping parrotfishes and hermit crabs.


Monday We awoke to bright sunrise over the west side of Daedalus Reef Our day started at one of the best wall sites in Red Sea. Schooling jacks and the usual delights from this site and all to a background of 100ft visibility. We went up to the north of the reef for the second dive and we saw barracudas, more schooling jacks, trevallies and an Oceanic White tip in the end of dive.

The third dive was dedicated to the Anemone city and the west wall of Daedalus. Moray eels, Barracudas, Trevallies and full package of reef fish were met there.

The last dive was from the boat over the south plateau with a Napoleon Wrasse, more Barracudas and a Scorpion fish.

Sherif served up a yummy dinner and we started our way to the south.


Tuesday Our first stop was the Sataya reef for morning dive. We admired a beautiful coral garden, had a look on the drop off. And we found a turtle, having it’s breakfast at the shallow. After our breakfast on the boat we went searching for Dolphins and we were lucky. Small family of Dolphins allowed us to swim with them. Happy and with smiles on our faces we came back to the boat for lunch. Then we moved very short distance to Gota Sataya, where we spent the remainder of the day.

The extended coral fingers run all the way to the deep and are abundant with life and color. We saw blue spotted stingrays, a hawk fish, a moray eel and eggs of Spanish Dancer, which was also founded at night.


Wednesday A dawn dive at Shaab Maksour got our day underway and it certainly was a glorious way to start any day. A steep drop and a gorgeous mountain corals is a great way to start any diving day.

Then we moved to Shaab Claudia with a labyrinth of swim through. The visibility was great with no current to speak of. What a great dive we had.

Next stop was Siyal Island. We explored a coral steps, which are descending to 100 feet and we saw a Moray, a Hawksbill turtle, an Arabian Angelfish. A keen eye could find several anemones that were being marshaled by busy cleaner shrimp. In the night we saw plenty of Basket stars and Feather stars and hermit crab was founded. A few pencil sea urchins were spotted in shelters and a sea star.

After dinner we sailed for 4 hours to Shaab Sharm, our next destination of the week.



We made two dives at Shaab Sharm. The first one was a drift from the east part of the reef. We encountered three giant Moray eels, many blue spotted stingrays, a Giant trevally and we enjoyed Sea Fans, which grow on the south plateau.  On the edge of plateau we spotted another hungry turtle and we spent several minutes only a foot away for this little turtle as it devoured a sizeable meal.  The second dive was from the boat along the western wall. Gorgeous corals, schooling Fusiliers and black snappers, a Porcupine fish and a Scorpion fish were our Highlights of this dive.

Then our Captain moved the boat to Gota Marsa Alam for the last dive and the night dive. We visited a wreck, we found a Crocodile fish, which was lying incognito on the sand. At night we spotted so many interesting critters such as a Spanish Dancer, a Cuttle fish, a Sponge carrier crab and a hunting giant Moray eel surrounded by Lionfishes.



The early morning dive we did on the south plateau of Elphinsone reef, which is located not far from the previous dive site. We had a great dive, swimming over the plateau there we encountered a Turtle, continuing along the colorful wall and on the way back to the boat we met two Oceanic White Tip Sharks!

We moved to Abu Dabab 3 and enjoyed the mountain corals, overhangs for the last time for this week.


It has been a fantastic week here on board the Red Sea Aggressor.  We’ve dived, laughed, slept and relaxed. We also must take a moment to congratulate...




100th DIVE:  Cesar


400th DIVE:  Keith









IRON DIVERS:  David, Keith and Jo




Thank you to all of our wonderful guests, and thank you Red Sea for another magical week of diving.



Your Red Sea Aggressor Crew