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Log Date: Saturday, Nov 04, 2017
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor Captains log November 4-11, 2017


*Air Temp. 82-89 F

*Water Temp. 81-83 F

* Visibility 40-75 Ft.

* Wetsuit req. 3-5 mm full or shortie



Captain Eddy

Director Jonathan

Chef Dorian

Instructor Willie

Instructor G

Stewardess Jana

Engineer John B 



Sunday –, Mr. Bud, Pirate’s Point

Monday – Calvin’s Crack, Mary’s Place

Tuesday – Cayos Cochinos seamounts, Toon Town

Wednesday –Wreck of the Haliburton, The Aquarium, Jack Neal

Thursday Cara a Cara, 40’ Wall

Friday –Cara a Cara, Mary’s Place



Saturday November 4

We are happy to welcome 17 guests from the United States & Russia. It’s great to see so many new faces, as well as, some familiar ones, here on the Roatan Aggressor. After everyone set up their gear and got acquainted, we had a delicious BBQ meal on the sun deck and some guests went to their cabins for some well-needed rest. Others decided to do some star gazing on the sun deck.



Sunday November 5

The wreck of Mr. Bud was our first dive of the charter. This wreck is a medium sized lobster/shrimp boat that was sunk as an artificial reef. The site is teeming with sea life. George sighted corallimorphs, lobster, large channel crab, red flower coral, green moray feeding on a lion fish, corkscrew anemone, cleaner shrimp, white anemone, banded coral shrimp, a huge cabera snapper and hundreds of silversides. Pirate’s Point is a beautiful sight with a sloping sand chute that is its trademark. Two flower coral several spotted drum and schooling reef fish were seen. What a great way to end a great day of diving.



Monday November 6

We started the day at Calvin’s Crack. This sight is known for its large crevice that starts at 30’ and descends to about 80’. All the guests joined dive master Willie into the crack and followed him to the large opening on the wall. We found the two resident sea horses that were being very amorous with each other. It also appeared that the male was carrying babies. What a great sight. After taking lots of great pics & video the group explored the remaining shallows of the dive site. A large mantis shrimp was also seen. The afternoon sight was Mary’s Place. This sight is known for its incredible cracks and crevices. A large mantis shrimp was seen near the mooring cement block. The night dive gave way to crabs, lobster and yes an octopus.


Tuesday November 7

1st up was Cayos Cochinos seamounts These two pinnacles come up from the depths to within 45ft from the surface and is a haven for pelagic critters and beautiful coral life. The current was moving at a pretty good pace so we did two drift dives on the sea mounts With current comes great sea life activity. Turtles, schools of jacks, barracudas, spiny flower coral and crabs were seen. We then cruised into Cayos Cochinos to Toon Town. This site got its name from its abundance of tunicates. Some of the most colorful sea life in the Bay Islands is found here. Lots of anemones, blue bell tunicates & sea life were seen. The night dive was wonderful, with crabs, lobster, toadfish, and octopus.


Wednesday November 8

We left Cayos Cochinos for our cruise over to the island of Utila. First site of the day was the wreck of the Haliburton. Lots of silversides were in the wheelhouse.4 large arrow crabs were seen feeding in the bridge. Our second dive of the day was a drift dive at the Aquarium. Lots of different species of sea life: Turtles, a spotted eel, sail fin blenny, toadfish, yellow ray and schools of creole wrasse were seen. After lunch we dove last site of the day was Jack Neals. A great site with coral heads & sand chutes. A few of the sea creatures found on the site were: Striped elysia, mantis shrimp, green moray & spotted eels and flamingo tongues.


Thursday November 9

We left Utila after the night dive, on Wednesday for our trip back to Roatan. Our 1st

site of the day was Cara a Cara. In Spanish this translates to face to face, and that’s exactly what it was. 10-12 grey reef sharks encompassed the group for the whole dive, putting on a great show. The 2nd dive was a drift dive on Windmill Wall. Turtles a green moray, and a adult spotted drum were seen. The 3rd site was 40’ wall. A free-swimming green moray, spotted drum, yellow-headed jaw fish and a turtle were all seen on the top of the wall. We finished the day at Mr. Bud.


Friday November 10

The guests liked the shark dive so much that we returned to do it one more time. Cara a Cara is always a great dive. Once again the sharks put on a great show. One more dive at Mary’s Place and it was time to head back to port and start cleaning up dive gear.




Saturday came way too fast and it was time to say good-bye. Congratulations to our iron diver: Joel & also the newest member to the green gas club. Egor


Until next time, Crew of the Roatan Aggressor……