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Oman Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 18, 2017
Entry By: Oman Aggressor crew


Captain’s Log: Oman Aggressor

Sultanate of Oman

Cruise Date: November 18th – 25th

Air Temp: 83°F

Water Temp: 81°F

Exposure: 3-5mm Wetsuit


Crew: Captain Amro, Cruise Director Timo, Engineer Haram, Chef Hussein, Pastry Chef Salah, Dive Instructor Shaker & Sam, Tender Driver Mahamed & Sameh, Steward Nubi, Housekeeper Nabil, Deckhand Mohamed & Halim


Guests: Alexander, Alexey, Alina, Tatiana, Natalia, Elena, Andrey, Nikita, Natalia, Elena, Konstantin, Aleksandr, Sergei, Alena, Yuri, Olga, Andrei, Alena


Saturday, November 18th

The Oman Aggressor Crew is getting the last bits done to greet the first charter group on the newly built vessel. Finally at 10:15pm the guests arrive in the harbor and are welcomed with a late night club sandwich. After checking out the whole vessel and getting comfortable in the staterooms, everyone gets a good night’s rest after a long day of travel.


Sunday, November 19th

The Engines starting at 5:15am to get the boat out of the harbor and on the way to the first dives close to the mainland, next to Mirbat City. After chef Salah prepared a tasty breakfast, everybody is excited to see the Oman waters. The Safety & Diving briefing is done and we are on the way to our check out dive with our two powerful dive Tenders. We are back from the dive and after lunch we decided to keep it slow as wind picked up and we give our guest the rest they need before the next dive of the day. Ra’s Mirbat offers us a beautiful 2nd dive site where we encounter a reef covered with soft coral, different species of Nudibranchs and Moray Eels. After these great first impressions of the Arabian Sea our guests enjoyed a glass of wine with the dinner while the crew is getting the boat shipshape to be ready for our crossing to the Hallaniyt Islands.


Monday, November20th

After a long windy night, we arrived a bit delayed at 8:30am at Al Hasikiyah. The most eastern Island where we had a full day of diving. Captain Amro fixed the boat in a sheltered bay and we are ready to see the plentiful marine life around the Hallaniyat Islands. The first choice for the morning dives is Hasikiyah Plateau were we were greeted by 2 Eagle Rays, hundreds of Fussiliers, Snappers, Sweetlips and a huge Grouper. All guests enjoyed and the dive guides, Shaker & Elsayed, were happy to take some nice shots on this beautiful dive site. Back from the dive we got some fresh catch of the day direct from the fishermen to serve to our group during dinner. For the afternoon and night dive we are able to jump from the platform and have wonderful dives in the Aquarium behind the Oman Aggressor. The sun gives us light on this easy relaxing site during the afternoon and there is no current and a stunning reef awaiting us. We let the day fade out and will have a quiet night before leaving to the next Island.


Tuesday, November 21st

During the early morning we crossed to Al Qibliyah, the most eastern Island. We arrived at 6:15am and the Cruise Director Timo fixed the mooring so the boat is in place for some exciting diving around Al Qibliyah Rock. Everybody is back with a smile and the Steward “Nubi” his ready to serve strawberry crepes and watermelon. After the second morning dive and lunch there is some time to rest before we explore the new divesite: Gotta Qibliyah. Three Rock Lobster were showing their beauty and a huge shy potato grouper passed by quickly to see who was visiting. Now we are heading for Qazawit known as “Schmies” by the fisherman. A small Rock which will give us some shelter for the night. Our guest enjoyed dinner and relaxed with a drink in the hot tub.


Wednesday, November 22nd

6:15 am, a Continental breakfast and eggs of your choice with hash browns are served. Just a quick 5 minutes and the Tender Drivers Mohamed & Sameh drop us at the dive spot “Gotta Schmies”. It offers a nice Wall with rocky formations and a plateau covered with colorful soft coral. The second dive today will be a shallow dive from the mothership where big coral formations offer a home for plenty of marine life. For Lunch we have Grilled Jackfish and Chicken Curry as choice and Pastry Chef Salah prepared delicious crème caramel. Going to the 3rd dive site took us only 20 minutes and some of our guest were lucky to find a leopard shark at “Fish Highway” and during the night dive under the boat we saw mating cuttlefish and a hunting octopus.


Thursday, November 23rd

We started the day with two dive sites in the middle between Qarzawit and Hallaniyat Island. “Angry Grouper” was one of the choices and a huge Grouper showed up as expected. Fish & Chips was a delicious lunch and we cross over to Al Sawda that we can enjoy the white soft sand beaches. Then went to the last dive around the Hallaniyat Islands before heading back to Mirbat. During the Night Dive we saw several shrimps, sleeping parrotfish and a tiny baby cuttlefish in his shelter from the sea urchin. We had a tasty Turkey feast for Dinner and started after at 10pm to drive back through the night.


Friday, November 24th

Early in the morning we had our last two dives back around the coast of Mirbat at the Marriott Wreck. This wreck is a mystery and no one can tell any details about it as it was discovered by fisherman several years ago when no diving was conducted yet around this area. But it is well known for its massive amount of fish. We are glad to have enjoyable easy dives over there. During the last night we were forced to stay in Mirbat as weather conditions did not allow us to go back to port. In the evening the cocktail Party was awesome with lots of gifts from our lovely Russian group to the crew. For the Dinner we arranged a table in the close by Marriott Hotel and everyone enjoyed the last night with good food and drinks from the bar.


Thanks to our guests who completed with us this first charter on the Oman Aggressor. We hope to welcome you again in the future.



Log Date: 26th November 2017

Entry by: Oman Aggressor Crew