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Roatan Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 18, 2017
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor Captains log November 18-25, 2017


*Air Temp. 79-81 F

*Water Temp. 81-83 F

* Visibility 30-90ft

* Wetsuit req. 3-5mm full, shortie or skin



Captain Eddy

Director Jonathan

Chef Dorian

Instructor G

Stewardess Jana

Engineer Johnny

Crewman German

Crewman Josh



Sunday –Mr. Buds, Pirate’s Pointe

Monday – Tavianna’s Wall, Half Moon Bay , Mr. Bud

Tuesday Cayos Cochinos Sea Mounts, Toon Town, Tavianna’s Wall

Wednesday – Cara a Cara (Shark dive), Spooky Channel, Dolphin Cave

Thursday – Mary’s Place, French Cay Wall, Calvin’s Crack

Friday-Mary’s Place,


Saturday November 18

We are happy to welcome 17 guests from around the United States & Australia. There were several new faces, as well as, some familiar ones. Our guests sampled the Chef’s wonderful jerk chicken & BBQ ribs on the sun deck. Afterward, everyone retired for a well-needed rest.


Sunday November 19

We cruised on the south side for our first dive at Mr. Bud. This wreck is an old lobster boat sunk as an artificial reef. Several large mutton snapper were seen, as well as, juvenile spotted drums. A spiral anemone, pistol shrimp, Pederson cleaning shrimp, lobster and a giant channel crab were all in attendance. Next up was the popular Pirate’s Pointe. It is known for its sloping sand chute and is vibrant with sea life. A curious free-swimming green moray seemed to enjoy hanging out with the different groups of divers. A male yellow headed jaw fish with eggs! He was very shy but eventually came out of his den to aerate the eggs. The night dive was spectacular. 15 of the 17 divers on the yacht splashed the first night. There was lots of action. Crabs, lobster, lionfish and LOTS of octopuses. One octopus and a spotted moray seemed to meet unexpectedly, both hunting. They startled each other and bolted in different directions. When we returned to the boat there was 4 juvenile squid swimming on the surface of the water. Obviously attracted to the lights of the yacht. Our wonderful stewardess Jana had hot chocolate waiting for us upon our return. What a great first day of diving.


Monday November 20

The wind calmed down a bit so we took a journey to the north side of Roatan. Our first site of the day was Tavianna’s Wall. This site is known for its diversity of reef & wall. The site is a mixture of shallow sandy areas with a beautiful wall and coral heads. The visibility had improved to 100’ +. Paul & Bianca found a nurse shark napping under a coral head. The group saw a banded turtle chowing down on a sponge. Large mutton snapper patrolled the wall looking for their next meal. Several yellow-headed jaw fish, barracuda, horse eyed jacks and a queen trigger were seen. The afternoon sight was Half Moon Bay. Once again a very diverse dive site. Half Moon Bay gives the divers many different options for topography. There are lots of canyons and cut thrus, as well as, a beautiful wall. Several free-swimming green eels, large crabs, lobster, sail fin blennies and turtles were seen. The night dive brought us back to Mr. Bud. Crabs, squid, lobster, scorpion fish and yes, octopuses were seen. Juvenile & adults.


Tuesday November 21

We made the journey from the south side of Roatan to the seamounts at Cayos Cochinos for our pre breakfast morning dives. These under water wonders rise from the sea floor to within 45’ of the surface. Our dives consisted of 2 mother ship dives exploring the eastern seamount. There were lots of schooling jacks & barracuda. A flamingo tongue, large groupers, lobster, ocean triggers, king mackerel, creole wrasse and a giant green moray were all seen. Oh yea, and a turtle. Next up was in Cayos Cochinos proper. We went to the tunicate capital site of Honduras. Toon Town. Visibility was down a little bit but the divers still saw plenty of beautiful tunicates. Also, scorpion fish, toad fish and a yellow ray were seen. We left Cayos Cochinos and returned to Roatan for the night dive at Tavianna’s Wall. We saw everything; octopuses, crabs, lobsters, squid. Another awesome night dive.


Wednesday November 22

We went off shore on the south side for our early morning shark dive at Cara a Cara.

The seas were calm and the current was likewise. This dive is a live drop that puts the divers in a semi circle to watch grey reef sharks. Cara a Cara means face to face in Spanish. This translates fairly close to what’s happening. Upon descending the divers were met by the curious resident groupers. Shortly after that the reef sharks came in. 10 or 11 Caribbean reef sharks in total swam with the guests for about 35 minutes. After we boarded the yacht we went to the north side and dove Spooky Channel. Known for its cut thrus, cracks and big channel, Spooky lived up to its name. A large green moray was the highlight of the channel. Next we continued up the reef to Dolphins Caves. This is no doubt one of the best dives in the Bay Islands. A shallow reef with several cuts, caves and chutes leading into the deeper water. Silversides were darting to & fro. Several anemones & a scorpion fish were seen. Michael found several lettuce leaf slugs, making for some great macro shots. We then returned to Tavianna’s Wall, by request for the night dive. Once again, lobsters, crabs, shrimps & octopuses were seen.


Thursday November 23

Happy Thanksgiving! The Aggressor Fleet turns 34. Weather & wind moved us back to the south side of Roatan. Our first site of the day was Mary’s Place. There were lots of schooling jacks & creole wrasse. Several nudis were seen, as well as, the resident Nassau grouper, Champ. We left Mary’s Place and went to French Cay Wall. We then went east to Calvin’s Crack. The visibility was 70’ so we took a trip through Calvin’s Crack. A wonderful swim thru that starts at 25’ and descends to 80’, opening up on the wall. The McKeever family reported lots of eels, lobsters, crabs, feather dusters, and a sharp tailed eel. The dusk dive finally brought out our resident seahorse, who put on a great show. After the dusk dive the guests feasted on a Thanksgiving feast prepared by our French Chef Dorian. Yum! A wonderfully prepared, roasted turkey meal with all the trimmings. Time to watch the video of the week and get some rest.


Friday November 24

We went back to Mary’s Place, by popular demand, for the first dive. Last dive was 40’ wall. Then it was time to head in and start cleaning up the gear and enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by Chef Dorian.


Once again it’s time to say our goodbyes. Special congrats to all our IRON DIVERS; Grant, Danielle, David, Carol, Aspen, Amy, Roger, James & Carrie. Also congrats to Janna on completing her nitrox course. Welcome to the green gas club!!


Until next time, Crew of the Roatan Aggressor…