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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 11, 2017
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

Nov 11-18, 2017



Sea State: Choppy to rough

Air Temp: 82F

Water Temp: 79F

Visibility: 80- 100Ft



Capt. Chris

Chef Anna

Steward – Randy

Instructor – Daniel

Divemaster – Monique

Deck Asst. - Jadiel


This week we welcomed back several old friends who had visited the Belize Aggressor III many times and are Aggressor Fleet veterans having been on numerous aggressors throughout the world. We also made some new friends, who I am sure will be Aggressor Addicts in the near future.

Welcome Aboard Deb, Irv, Molli, Martha, Laurice, Chuck, Dia, Jahnes, Steve, Ryan, Cook, Maurie, Eloise, Cathy, and Dominique (who’s last time visiting the Blue Hole was aboard the Calypso with Jacques Cousteau).


Sunday Nov 12, 2017

Dive Sites: Elbow & Amberhead South

We started out the week diving on the Southern point of Turneffe Atoll at the world-famous Elbow dive site. For the afternoon dives we motored over to the West side of Turneffe to avoid the shifting winds and hopped in at Amberhead South. We had a great first day of diving. Everyone got themselves sorted out, did their buoyancy checks and them scurried off to explore. We had sightings of green morays, spotted Eagle rays, Southern stingrays, spotted morays, Nassau groupers, hawksbill turtles, a white spotted toadfish, a nurse shark, and lots of reef fish all around.


Monday Nov 13, 2017

Dive sites: Black Beauty & Johnny’s Wrench

For our second day of diving, we stayed on Turneffe Atoll and headed back South to dive Black Beauty, then moved northward to Johnny’s Wrench for the afternoon dives. We found several lettuce sea slugs, a lazy green moray, several spotted morays, 4 white spotted toadfish, a few lobsters, lots of groupers, jacks, channel clinging crabs, spotted Eagle rays, octopus, squid, and barracuda. Down the wall we watched a hawksbill turtle cruising along and then swim off into the distance. As we came back to the mooring, we were swarmed by a school of bar jacks that surrounded the divers and swam around us in circles.


Tuesday Nov 14, 2017

Dive Sites: Grand Bogue & Half Moon Caye Wall

We did one more dive on Turneffe Atoll at Grand Bogue, then did our crossing during lunch to Lighthouse Reef, where we hopped in at Half Moon Caye Wall for the afternoon and night dives. Today we had our first sightings of Caribbean Reef sharks. We had a pair of sharks come up to check us out and cruised along the wall for a few minutes. We also found peacock flounder, Southern stingrays, lots of tarpon and jacks, a huge barracuda, loads of garden eels, and a huge amberjack swam buzzed by the divers.


Wednesday Nov 15, 2017

Dive Sites: Inspiration & Lighthouse Wall

Some of the coolest things today were the schooling fish…we saw schools of midnight parrotfish, princess parrotfish, blue parrotfish, horse-eye jacks, bar jacks, goatfish, mullet, tarpon, Creole wrasse, and hogfish. We also saw a gigantic nurse shark, about 10ft long. There were also sightings of spotted morays, Southern stingrays, peacock flounder, friendly groupers, huge barracuda, spotted drums, lobsters, neck crabs, slender filefish, and a variety of other reef fish.


Thursday Nov 16, 2017

Dives Sites: Blue Hole, Julie’s Jungle, Chain Wall, & Half Moon Wall

Today we visited 4 different dive sites, starting with the Great Blue Hole as the first dive of the day. This was a deep dive to go down and explore massive stalactite hanging on down in the depths. Next stop was Julie’s Jungle on the West side of Long Caye, then to Chain Wall and Half Moon Caye Wall on the Southern part of Half Moon Caye. We saw several eels, rays, tarpon, schooling jacks, garden eels, and friendly groupers. There were also schools of parrotfish and Creole wrasse running along the wall.


Friday Nov 17, 2017

Dive Site: Long Caye Wall

Our final day of diving gave us great viz and lots of fish. There were hundreds of colourful reef fish hustling and bustling about the reef, while a Caribbean Reef shark cruised the wall. A huge green moray slept under a ledge, while another zipped around the reef looking for a meal. A tiny hawksbill fed on sponges, and tarpon and jacks just hung around under the boat. We cruised back to port in great weather and fair seas.


Happy Birthday to Deb, thanks for coming to the Belize Aggressor III to celebrate your birthday.

Congrats to Deb on getting her 200th dive.

Congrats to Ryan on being the only IRON DIVER this week on the Belize Aggressor III.


Thank you all for a GREAT week!