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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 18, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 18 - 25 Nov 2017


Air Temp.  77-84+ F

Water Temp. 78-82F

Visibility 70-100+ft



Captain David Patterson

Engineer David Millard

Instructor Gabi Ruben

Instructor Josh Foster

Instructor Caitilin Tincher

Chef Caleb Dudley



Dominic, Mariana, Ralf, Gerd, Julie, Jim, Genevieve, Geoffroy, Gabriel & Chaka



Sunday – Periwinkle (1), Blue Hole (1), Pillar Wall (2)

Monday –Blacktip Wall (2), Austin Smith (1), Plane Wreck (2)

Tuesday – Crab Reef (1), Lobster No Lobster (2), Closemon (2)

Wednesday – Up Jump the Devil (1), Dog Rocks (2), Madison Ave (2)

Thursday – Pillar Wall (1), Whales Tail Wall (1), Barracuda Shoals (2), Jewfish Wall (1)

Friday – Jewfish Wall (1)


Saturday July 18th Nov 2017

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 10 divers aboard the boat for a fun filled week of diving the Exuma islands. 

One guests had set up their dive gear they set about unpacking their belongings into their respective cabins. Once that was taken care of we delivered the welcome and safety briefing. Chef Caleb served up a sumptuous dinner which everyone enjoyed. We opted to stay on the home dock for the night so crew and guests could get a good nights sleep.


Sunday 19th Nov 2017

The engines rumbled into life a little after 6.00AM, the crew slipped the lines, Engineer Dave Millard slid the Bahamas Aggressor off the dock and out of the marina toward our first dive site of choice - Periwinkle Reef. 

This is a fantastic place to start. Periwinkle is a wonderful shallow reef that is always teeming with marine life. Here we saw Yellow Rays, huge schools of Sergeant Majors, Parrotfish and Huge barracuda. We then moved over to the Blue Hole for our 2nd dive. This site is extremely popular with our guests due to the volume of fish life we see here. We saw huge Stingrays, Reef Sharks, a giant loggerhead turtle, Hogfish and schooling French Grunts. We then moved through the yellow banks toward the next dive site of choice - Pillar Wall, here we completed the afternoon and the night dive. 

over the course of our two dives we saw Sharks, Eels, Lobster, Shrimp and  whole variety of schooling fish. 


Monday 20th Nov 2017

We started the day off with a couple of dives on Blacktip Wall. This beautiful wall dive offers us a myriad of swim throughs which lead out to the wall. Here we saw Reef Sharks, Snapper, Lobster, Grunts, Moray Eels and Shrimp.

We then moved the yacht over to the Austin Smith for a wonderful dive with the friendly Reef sharks. We lowered our ‘fish attraction triangle’ into the water and watched as we had around 10 curious reef sharks cruising close by our divers. This made video and picture opportunities easy for our group of divers. 

Guests boarded the boat with smiles on their faces after a wonderful experience. 

We then cut though Highborn Cay channel to head toward the next dive site - The Airplane Wreck. 

This shallow wreck has an extremely dense population of fish life. Guests explored the Fuselage and under the wings where they saw Grunts, snappers, hogfish, parrotfish and angelfish. After our night dive we stayed at anchor next to the wreckage where we enjoyed a restful nights sleep. 


Tuesday 21st Nov 2017

we departed the anchorage and headed north to find our next dive site - Crab Reef. The seas had built up overnight so we opted to do one dive here. We saw crabs, lobsters, Yellow headed jawfish, Grouper, Cowfish and much more. We decided to head back into the Exuma Bank to the next dive site Lobster no Lobster.We completed two dives here. Over the course of our two dives we saw Parrotfish, Jawfish, Grey Angelfish, Trumpetfish, Blue tangs and Barracuda. We ended the day by completing two dives on the ever popular Close Mon. Here we saw Sea Cucumbers, Saddleback Blennies, Horse Eye Jacks, Queen Angels, Pufferfish and Jawfish. 

We then left Closemon to find safe anchorage for the evening. 



Wednesday 22nd Nov 2017

We started the day off with a wonderful dive on Up Jump the Devil. This dive site features some awesome swim throughs that are full of life. There are beautiful pinnaces that the divers explored to the max too. Here we saw Jacks, Barracuda, Sharks, Fairy Baslets, Shrimp, Lobster and much more. We then moved over to Dog Rocks for two phenomenal dives. This dive site never dissapoints. It has some of the most amazing swim throughs that give shelter to a w wide variety of marine life. Here we see Sharks cruising by in the blue, Parrotfish, Hamlets, Grunts and Snappers. 

After two dives here we ended the day on the beautiful site - Madison Avenue 



Thursday 23rd Nov 2017

First up for us was Pillar wall. Guests check out the swim throughs and the canyon ways as well as enjoying the beautiful wall. We then moved south to dive Whale Tail Wall. Here we saw Turtles, Reef Sharks, Stingrays and many more reef fish.

We then moved inside to the Bank to dive Barracuda Shoals. This site can only be done on an outgoing tide so we decided to dive it twice after lunch. The visibility was extremely good. We saw Snapper, Hermit Crabs, Pufferfish, 3 Turtles, Sharks and the beautiful schooling reef fish. 

We ended our day on the wonderful Jewfish wall where guests explored the shallow reaches atop the wall. We stayed there overnight as we intended to dive it again in the morning. 


Friday Nov 25th 2017

We ended a fantastic week of diving with a fabulous early morning dive on Jewfish Wall. The divers got to see the reef come alive throughout the course of the dive. We saw more Reef sharks cruising by the blue as well as spotted drums, Eels, Turtles and Barracuda. 


We then travelled back to Nassau, back to civilization after a wonderful week of diving. 


Congratulations to our 8 Iron Divers this week - Chaka, Gabriel, Jim, Julie, Geoffroy, Genevieve, Dominic & Mariana


Congratulations also go to Dominic, Gabriel & Chaka for completing their 100th dive here onboard. Huge Congratulations to Gerd who completed his 200th dive on this trip. Way to go!



The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!



Until The Next Time Safe Travels…



Best Fishes, 


Bahamas Aggressor Crew