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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 25, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

Nov 25th to Dec 02th 017

Guests Jim & Andreanne, Jim & Peggy, Jay, Craig, Adam, Chris, Rob, Mark, Robert, Michel, Jim, Tuhin, Amanda and Purvi.  

Crew Capt Alan, Master Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Instructors Justin, Aubri , Steward Oneil

Water Temp 82

Air Temp 90

Exposure Protection 3mm Full Length/ Shorty

Saturday Welcome back to the Goose divers group, always nice to see this friendly group of 9 divers, our other guests flew in from Canada, California and New York, with west winds and sea we were located in the south of Grand Cayman, after a 5 star dinner of jerk chicken and ribs prepared by our Chef Kingsley and once our intro’s were complete and safety briefing conducted, it was time to call it a day.

Sunday We began our diving adventure at Spott’s Reef- a lush mini wall rarely visited by divers. It was a thrilling start to the week with Nurse Sharks, free swimming Moray Eels, Scorpion Fish, Stingrays, and an abundance of Lobster dwelling in the reef. We continued on, after a delicious deli lunch, to another site on the south side of Grand Cayman- Bullwinkle. This stunning site, with canyons and swim throughs galore, got its name from the beautiful Elkhorn Coral that lives on top of the reef and resembles a cartoon Moose. In addition to the corals we were also surprised to find another Nurse Shark and free swimming Moray. Divers also enjoyed looking at the small critters found here like the Sailfin Blennies, Yellow-headed Jaw Fish, Peacock Flounder, Spotted Drum, and Banded Coral Shrimp. We ended our first day after another gourmet meal by Chef Kingsley followed by card games and movies in the salon.

Monday We moved around to the west side of Cayman to a site called Neptune’s Wall; a slopping wall which has an impressive amount of life, this dive proved to be a particularly busy dive, 3 turtles, several lionfish and a free swimming moray eel. Next up was the ship reef of the Doc Poulson. This old tug was sunk in the early 90ies, located next to the west wall along seven mile beach. The life on here is spectacular. Schools of wrasse, chubs and snappers patrol the area; the wreck itself has an abundance of coral, sea fans, whips, and sponges. At the reef comes alive, with tales of squid, rays, squid and octopus. After that it was time to call it a day, another great day aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV.

Tuesday We started our engine before 6 am and motored towards our first morning dive site: Big Tunnels. This is an incredible wall site on the northwest point that offers up an endless choice of coral canyons and swim thrus that wind in and out of the coral adorned ironshore. While the highlight of this site is the interesting geologlogical formations, the wildlife didn’t disappoint either, turtles, moray eels, groupers and the elusive neck crab hiding in plain sight in the large sea fan. Next up, we moved to Governor’s Reef for the afternoon. This site always offers up a great assortment of aquatic flora and fauna, on this particular afternoon, the macro life was abundant as our entire groups of divers were discovering anemone shrimp, banded clinging crab and snapping shrimp. The night dive produced several varities of nudibranchs, sleeping turtles, eels and an octopus!

Wednesday Engines roared to life early as we made our way to Round Rock/ Trinity Caves. The morning dives couldn’t have been better with crystal clear visibility and critters galore. A massive Moray Eel was spotted swimming around and then settling down to a cave, Turtles out having their breakfasts, and finally a Spotted Drum for Jay! For lunch we chowed down on some Cheeseburgers in Paradise up on the sundeck as we cruised over to Bonnie’s Arch for one spectacular dive with a free-swimming Moray and Nurse Shark. Next up was the wreck of Oro Verde where Morays, Spotted Drum, Lobster, Turtles, Spawning Sponges, and more kept our heads spinning! Even a couple of Octopuses dazzled divers on the night dive. With the diving done it was time to eat some of Chef Kingsley’s amazing food and get some rest before doing it all again tomorrow.  

Thursday We awoke to a beautiful sunrise and the smell of bacon in the air. Eager divers gathered early on the dive deck for 2 dives at the wreck of the Kittiwake. Our 6 wreck specialty students went off to complete their certification with Instructor Justin and the rest enjoyed exploring the wreck and swimming with a curious Turtle. After lunch we moved over to Lost Treasure for 1 dive to find the old anchor that lies there, on the way we even spotted 2 Hawksbill Turtles. Next up was Angelfish Reef for an afternoon and dusk dive. A spectacular Eagle Ray cruised right by one group of divers and several divers saw some very small Octopuses. When everyone was back and had their hot towels and hot chocolates it was time for a Thanksgiving Feast after which we gathered around to watch the movie of the week and photo slideshow before heading off to bed.

Friday The day began with a pre-breakfast splash at Angelfish Reef. It’s always nice to wake up with all the Reef Fish and Turtles. Afterwards, a well-deserved breakfast was served up as we moved over to Devil’s Grotto for the final 2 dives of the week. This classic Cayman site is almost always a group favorite with its winding swim-throughs and schooling Tarpon. When everyone was back on board it was time to start cleaning out gear for the next dive trip and heading to the dock. Afternoons were spent packing, relaxing, and exploring Georgetown until the Captain’s Cocktail Party. Spirits were high as we reminisced on the week’s adventure and celebrated our accomplishments. Big congratulations to our 6 new Wreck Divers Jim, Andreanna, Michel, Chris, Adam, and Craig, 2 new Nitrox Divers Tuhin and Purvi, and our Advanced Diver Rob!

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor IV Crew