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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 02, 2017
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

Dec 2-9, 2017




Sea State: calm to slight chop

Avg. Air Temp: 87F

Avg. Water Temp: 82F

Visibility: 100ft +

Avg Wind Speed: 5-10knots



Capt. Chris

Chef Yanis

Steward – Randy

Engineer – Fermin

Instructor – Daniel

Divemaster – Monique

Deck Asst/Night Watch - Jadiel


Sunday Dec 3, 2017

Dive Sites: Amberhead North & Sandy Slope

We started the first day of a great week of diving at Amberhead North and then moved to Sandy Slope, both on the West side of Turneffe Atoll. The visibility was great today and it continued throughout the week. On our dives today, we found lobsters, some very active morays, a mantis shrimp peeking out of its hole in the sand, a baby flounder, spotted morays, beautiful Sargassum triggerfish, and we saw schools of bar jacks, mahogany snappers, creole wrasse, mullet, and silversides. A spotted Eagle ray came cruising along, and we also saw both a green sea turtle and a hawksbill turtle today.


Monday Dec 4, 2017

Dive sites: Amberhead South & Triple Anchor

On Monday we continued our dives on the West side of Turneffe Atoll at Amberhead South and Triple Anchor. Today’s sightings included Eagle rays, Southern stingrays, green morays, groupers, lobsters, lots of different species of shrimp, and tons of reef fish. Some unique things we came across were decorator crab dispersing eggs, a sea spider, a tiny neck crabs, translucent flounder, and a juvenile trunkfish.


Tuesday Dec 5, 2017

Dive Sites: Blue Hole & Half Moon Caye Wall

On Tuesday morning we woke up at Lighthouse Reef Atoll after transiting after yesterday’s night dive. The first dive was at the world famous Blue Hole, to look at the massive stalactite formations down below. Next, we headed to Half Moon Caye for an island excursion, where we checked out the nesting grounds for the Red Footed Booby Birds and the Magnificent Frigate Birds…also locally called the Mano O’ War birds.

On Tuesday we had our first shark sightings, when a pair of Caribbean Reef sharks showed up along the wall at Half Moon Caye wall. We also saw a hawksbill turtle, several Southern stingrays (some had bar jacks tagging along on their backs), garden eels, razorfish, barracudas, friendly groupers, slender filefish, and a spotted Eagle ray.


Wednesday Dec 6, 2017

Dive Sites: Lighthouse Wall & Long Caye Wall

On Wednesday, we saw more Caribbean Reef sharks…this time 3 of them, and they were not shy. We descended into what looked like a river of creole wrasse flowing along the edge of the wall. Friendly Nassau groupers came up to greet us and tagged along for most of the dive. We also saw a nurse shark slither up the wall then disappeared off in the shallows. A Southern stingray and a green sea turtle seemed to be racing each other over the grass beds. In the sand and grass, we found a tiny headshield slug, neck crabs, flounder, and some shrimp. On the dives we also found schools of barracuda, tarpon, and octopus, a spotted drum and a very lazy green moray that looked like it was in a food coma.


Thursday Dec 7, 2017

Dives Sites: Quebrada & Johnny’s Wrench

The shark sightings continued on Thursday with a pair of Caribbean Reef sharks that circled below. Then another showed up swimming along the top of the reef. We got up close and personal with a hawksbill turtle that just swam right passed us without even acknowledging our presence. A huge green moray peered at us, while 2 giant channel clinging crabs hung out under a ledge near the eel. Barracudas were in abundance, and black groupers, and Nassau groupers were interacting a lot with each other. A gigantic whiptail stingray lay in the sand right below the boat…this thing had to be about 6ft across. There were also some macro sightings of lettuce sea slugs, tiny blennies and a microscopic neck crab. Later that day, we watched an octopus out feeding along the reef.


Friday Dec 8, 2017

Dive Site: Black Beauty

We finished our week on the Southern tip of Turneffe Atoll with 2 dives at Black Beauty, where we were looking for a white spotted toadfish. Lucky for us, John’s eagle eyes found one under a coral ledge. We also saw some free swimming green morays, Atlantic spadefish, spotted moray, and a tiny yellow slug. We did a ceremony on the back deck with an improvised a cake to celebrate some milestone dives, birthdays, and a certification.


Happy Birthday to Karyll and Adriana, thank you for coming to the Belize Aggressor III to celebrate your birthdays.

Congrats to Leah on completing her Advanced Open Water course.

Congrats to our Milestone Divers – Ricardo (300dives), Carolina (100dives) and Sam (50 England dives, which he says is equivalent to 100 Caribbean dives). Big congrats also goes out to Darlene, who made 99 dives and didn’t reach her 100th only because we had to cancel a night dive due to strong currents. Darlene did all available dives this week.

Congrats to the IRON DIVERS this week on the Belize Aggressor III – Karyll, Sam, Marcella, Charles, Darlene, Jim, and Leah


Thank you all for a GREAT week!