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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 02, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggresor IV

Dec 2nd to 9th 2017

Guests Misty & Ken, Jason, Joe, Jay, Ed, Debbie & Lynd, Jeff & Jan, Wendy & Chris, Lionel, David, Rachael.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st mate & Chef Alan, Engineer Rodel, Instructor Justin, Steward Latoya.

Air Temp 84f

Water Temp 81f

Exposure protection 3mm wet suit.

Saturday We had all guests on board in time for Chef Alans delicious BBQ ribs & chicken and with all safety briefs and intros done all that was left to do was get some rest in anticipation for a great week of diving to come.

Sunday An early start saw us depart Georgetown harbor and head out to the Doc Poulson for the first 2 dives of the day and week. The visibility was easily in the 90ft range as we explored this coral adorned wreck and nearby drop off, a sting ray in the sand with a box fish hitching a ride on its back along a camera friendly turtle were some of the cool critters sightings. Sunday Subway Sandwich lunch was the mid-day fare served up by Alan and Latoya followed by obligatory ice cream Sundaes. For the afternoon and night dives we headed south to Pedros Castle and a popular spot it proved to be. Lobsters and another turtle among the very cool swim thrus and gullies that offer a very different topography than most other sites on Grand Cayman.

Monday We were under way by 5.45am and heading for Eagle Ray Rock on the southwest corner of Grand Cayman and today the site lived up to its name as both Wendy & Chris along with Lynd and Debbie spent some time with am Eagle Ray. A curious turtle and a delightful spotted drum were also some cool sightings before we got under way and headed for Neptunes Drop Off for a single dive after lunch and then on to Governors Reef for a late in the day and night dive. More turtles and large green moray eel helped keep our eager gang happy. The best night dive ever was Joe’s description of his time spent underwater at night, Octopus, sleeping turtles, channel crab and spiny lobster brought a great day of diving to a close.

Tuesday The USS Kittiwake was our chosen spot on this fine but windy day and it was a great way to start any day. The visibility was in the 90ft range with little or no current. We cruised thru the reef and over the drop off and then back thru a swim thru that brought us out to the Kittiwake towering over us. A large school of horse jacks were patrolling the wreck, sometimes near and sometimes far but they added a certain ambiance to the proceedings. A small but friendly turtle was busy feeding on some sponge around the wheel house area along with some French angelfish at the stern deck. A yummy Italian lunch was the fare served up by Alan & Latoya in the galley and it put everyone into a dive /food coma until the bell rand at 2pm for more underwater delights. The wreck of the Oro Verde was our next stop and as it always is, it proved to be a very popular spot. We had jawfish and spotted drum along with a large green moray eel and 2 very friendly turtles.

Wednesday Big Tunnels was our first port of call this morning for 2 dives on a very sheer wall with some very cool swim thrus. The visibility was again in the 90ft range and again with little or no current to speak of. It was a turtle morning as we sighted at least 5 turtles of at least 3 different persuasion, we had a large loggerhead, a cute green and leatherback turtle. Cheese Burgers in paradise was the delicious lunch time fare as we made the short run to a 2 for 1 dive site. Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor was a popular site and is home to an 17th century ships anchor that is buried half in half out of the reef. We ended the day with a night dive at paradise reef for a night dive that produced lobster and a sleeping turtle.

Thursday Round Rock and Trinity Caves was our two for one dive site deal to start the day and yet again it was a turtle start to the day as we cruised in and out of the labyrinth of swim thrus. Next up was world famous Sting Ray City for a single dive with at least 10 large female rays and a lone male ray. Everyone had a very cool close encounter with majestic creatures. Our next stop was a very cool wall dive at Hammerhead Hill on a lush and sheer wall with a very large coral adorned mount right under the boat. Our final dive of the day was a twilight/night dive angelfish reef.

Friday Bonnies Arch was our chosen spot for the dive of the day and it proved to be a very popular site. The site is well named for the large arch that sits right under the mooring and the reef is alive with sponge life and large sea fans with an abundance of orange elephant ear sponge. Chocolate chip brownies were served up as a mid morning sugar rush as we made our way across the bay for our final dive at Devils Grotto. The swim thrus and the schooling tarpon are always a popular way to finish a great week of Cayman diving.

Special mention goes to Lynd for making his 150th dive on board with and for Joe spending his 7th cruise with the Cayman Aggressor IV and to Lionel for his 14th trip with Aggressor Fleet.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew