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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 09, 2017
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

Captain’s Log

9 -16 December 2017


Air Temperature:

Water Temperature: 80° - 81°F

Visibility: 80 feet



Captain Christy Weaver

2nd Captain James Wilford

Engineer JJ Di Matteo

Video Pro Aaron Brouse

Chef Brynne Rardin

2nd Chef Sarah Pearson


GUESTS: Bill, Peggy, Doreen, Greg, Steve, Michael, Robbie, Steve, Mike, David, Jen.



Sunday – Eel Garden & Amphitheatre – North West Point

Monday – Boat Cove – West Caicos, G-Spot – French Cay

Tuesday – ¼ Mile, Rock N Roll – French Cay

Wednesday – Double D – French Cay, Magic Mushroom – West Caicos

Thursday – Gullies – West Caicos, The Dome – North West Point

Friday – Sharks Hotel – North West Point



This week we had a cheerful start with all the guests on early and the introductions complete. We start to unpack and unwind and look forwards a week of diving adventures. The tide chases us out of Turtle Cove Marina so we stay on anchor until the following morning for the rising tide.


As soon as the sun breaks the horizon we are off on our adventure. Windy through the channel heading to the sea, the yacht cuts the shallow waters true. Our first stop is just off the North Western Point of Providenciales, to the dive site Eel Garden. The dive at Eel Garden is a wonderful flowing run reef with an immediate drop off to the abyss. This is a perfect place to check our weights and make sure that we are perfectly trimmed and ready to go for the rest of the week. While we are down below there is no shortage of life. We head to the crack a beautiful vertical swim thru that is guarded by a giant condalaxtic anemone. The anemone itself is flanked with two beautiful orange sponges and its own guards the Pederson cleaner shrimp and a yellow lined arrow crab. As we cruise back along the reef we spot a huge Nassau grouper lying in the sand patiently getting preened by a coral banded shrimp and tiny cleaner gobies. The afternoon takes us to Amphitheatre. Our guests are in awe of the sheer beauty of the cut out along the wall we swim thru the overhang with a playful school of horse eyed jacks and get a chance to see a couple of yellow headed jawfish on the way back home. We gear up for the night dive and then enjoy some hot chocolate topped off with some delicious Caicos Irish Cream.


The day starts early as the engines come to life to transport us to West Caicos. When we get there the visibility is like a dream and all the creatures are waiting for us as we sink beneath the surface at Boat Cove. We cut head immediately to the wall and as soon as we get there the men in gray suits are on us! The sharks make their figure eight pattern thoroughly engulfing the divers with their beauty. As we meander along the wall we run into a stunning hawksbill who seems like his whole purpose in life was to pose for pictures and be gawked at by the divers aboard the Turks and Caicos II. It is incredible how long the turtle stays with us just cruising in between all of our divers. As we head back to the boat we find the macro mecca! A broad banded moray and in its whole we find a juvenile spotted and smooth trunkfish. This small little fish flitter around showing themselves to the divers. At lunch we make the journey to French Cay and the crossing is smooth as silk, as we pull up to G-Spot.   We get there we gear up and get ready for an awesome afternoon. The queen triggerfish are out in abundance flitting there long majestic fins like banners in the current as our divers look on, and then off in the distance a giant eagle ray is spotted and everyone is mesmerized as they look out into the blue. During our surface interval a pod of dolphins decides to join us and we all look over side at their stunning beauty and listen as they break the surface with a quite blow. The night dive at G-Spot never disappoints and it certainly did not tonight with an epic amount of sharks desperately hunting in our lights as scared parrotfish race for their hidey hole. All of our divers go to bed satisfied and eagerly dream of what the dives tomorrow will bring.


Eagle Ray is the word of the day today. We start our dives on ¼ Mile at French Cay and the we spot multiple eagle rays cruising around in the blue. At lunch we move to Rock N Roll a dive site named after the late Elvis Presley because this was his favorite dive site when he visited French Cay. As we jump in and start cruising the wall the eagle rays are again here following us from dive site to dive site. We swim further down the wall and run into a friendly hawksbill who is quite content eating his sponge as we ooh and ahh at his beautiful and calm nature. As we head back on top of the reef we search in all the nooks and crannies looking and it is a good thing we do because we find two purple crowned sea goddesses brightly colored and ready for pictures. We spend the night at Rock N Roll and let me tell you the night dive was rocking! The sharks are out again and hunting in our lights are divers come back with sore eyes because they could not keep the water out of their masks do to smile so much. We enjoy some hot chocolate and share pictures, videos and diving stories and then head off to bed to enjoy a restful night sleep.


We start our morning at French Cay on Double D, a dive site named for its two large rock mounds in between the mooring. As we jump in there are reports of dolphins right under the boat. The dolphin hangs around for a minute and then disappears off into the blue. The reef is teaming with life including a large hawksbill and multiple reef sharks. At lunch we move back to West Caicos and tie up to Gullies. The sharks are ever present and circling our divers without a care in the world. Another hawksbill comes to play with us as he munches on a sponge just over the wall. We are mesmerized by the large gorgonian on this site with so many tiny visitors inside including a slender file fish, hamners tritonia, decorator crabs, and flamingo tongues. As we make our way back to the boat we find a giant rough back ray in almost completely covered in sand just its eyes contrasting with the brilliant white sand. The sharks are still cruising the wall at night as our lights hit their eyes and they illuminate a brilliant green there is an eerie feeling as they majestically move past us.   The macro life is out and about! We find a jewelled urchin and three bright green roughback shrimps hiding in a small gorgonian. The night divers are in awe of everything they have seen and are excited to share pictures of the night.


We start our Thursday morning on Magic Mushroom everyone is frantically looking for dolphins as they can hear them calling abundantly through out the water column. No dolphins appear but we sure do see a lot of lobsters in lobster tower. At lunch we move to North West Point and The Dome. Before we explore the dome the divers spin like ballerinas in the vertical swim thru of the chimney we then cruise back along the wall to find the dome. So much macro life is present we see sectrectary blennies, sting rays and peacock flounder and even a slipper lobster on the night dive come to hang out at this awesome spot.


Friday is bittersweet because it is the last day but we still have diving to do! Sharks Hotel is where we are at and the divers enjoy the deep swim throughs the site has to offer. It is a crustacean kingdom down there with lots of lobsters and crabs. Large Nassau Grouper get their teeth cleaned by small cleaner gobies. All in all a great end to a great week.


We end Friday with our wine and cheese fiesta on the sundeck. We talk about the trip and about future trips and laugh over good times!