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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 09, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 22C/73F min – 28C/80F max

Water Temp: 23C/72F – 24C/75F

Visibility: 25 to 40m  - 75 to 130 feet

Weather: Clear skies, calm sea and windy period with clouds

Itinerary: Brothers’ Islands - Daedalus –Elphinstone





Captain: Sayed

Cruise Director: Katia

Instructors/Guides: Rashad, Gamal

Chef:  Sherif & Hussein

Steward(s):  Hegazy & Ali

Mechanic: Mohammed

Seamen: Emad, Soltan, Hossam and Ali



GUESTS: Andreas, Jorg, Michael, Rainer, Doug and Noah, Melissa and Dave, Linda and Mark, Jimmy, Bob, Randy, Tom, Ron and Greg, Cissy and Larry, Jennifer and Ricardo.



Saturday 9th December 2017



The crew of the Red Sea Aggressor welcomed 20 divers aboard                             the boat for a fun filled week of diving the Brothers islands. 

Our guests had set up their dive gear they set about unpacking their belongings into their respective cabins. Once that was taken care of we delivered the welcome and safety briefing. Chef Sherif served up a sumptuous dinner, which everyone enjoyed. We opted to stay on the home dock for the night so crew and guests could get a good nights sleep.



Sunday 10th December 2017


The engines rumbled into life a little after 9.00AM, the crew slipped the lines, Captain slid the Red Sea Aggressor off the dock and out of the marina toward our first dive site of choice – Marsa Shouna. 

This is a fantastic place to start. Shouna is a wonderful shallow reef that is always teeming with marine life. Here we saw Blue spotted stingrays, schools of bat fish and flute fish, Scorpion fish and Huge green Turtle. After the second dive we moved over to the Marsa Mobarak for our night dive.  Sleeping turtle, scorpion fish, filefish and lots of basket and feather stars. After dinner we unmoored and pull off to the Brothers Islands


Monday 11th December 2017


We started the day off on Little Brother. This beautiful island is surrounded by coral walls and offers us a myriad of reef creatures and pelagic. We dived four dives there. Saw Reef Sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Oceanic White tip sharks, schools of Yellow fin Tunas and Barracudas, a Hawksbill Turtle, Napoleon Wrasse and Gorgonian Garden. Guests boarded the boat with smiles on their faces after a wonderful experience after each dive.

We then moved the yacht over to the Big Brother where we planned to spend next day of diving.


Tuesday 12th December 2017

The first dive on the southern plateau. We encountered Grey reef shark and Oceanic White tip shark.

The second and the third dives were dedicated to the wrecks, Aida and Numidia. Corals cover old wrecks and they have an extremely dense population of fish life. We penetrated inside the Numidia wreck, explored the steam engine. Continuing dives along the wall we encountered huge Napoleon Wrasse, Moray eels, schooling fusiliers, a Turtle and Oceanic White tip sharks.

We ended the day by completing dive on the south plateau. And again we encountered two Oceanic White tip Shark, White tip reef shark, Napoleon Wrasse and hundreds of Unicorn fish.

After dinner we departed the anchorage and headed south toward Daedalus reef




Wednesday 13th December 2017

We started the day off with a wonderful dive on the northeast of the Daedalus. White tip reef shark, Napoleon, Barracudas were met underwater. The second dive on the east of the reef. Beautiful wall is covered by different kind of corals. We encountered Grey reef shark, Napoleon Wrasse, Arabian Angel fish, Anemones and Oceanic White tip shark was waiting us in the end of the dive, swimming around the tender.

Early afternoon dive we visited our lovely Anemone city, then we continued our dive cruising with a current along the western wall. We  saw Napoleon Wrasse, which was drifting with us.  Huge Barracuda hided from the current behind enormous Elephant ear coral and a school of surgeonfish.

Last dive off the boat where Oceanic white tip shark waited us, so everybody was able to take photos of this wild creature.

We unmoored and started our journey to the coastline; there are many interesting dive sites for exploring.



Thursday 14th December 2017


First up for us was Abu Dabab III

Guests check out the coral garden and the plateau as well as enjoying the beautiful wall. After the second dive our capitan moved south to dive Abu Dabab I. Here we saw Turtle, Triggerfish, Stingrays and many more reef fish.

We decided to head back to the Abu Dabab III for the night dive. Sea urchins, Basket stars, shrimps, sleeping parrot fish and a scorpion fish.

We stayed there overnight as we intended to dive Elphinstone in the morning. 


Friday December 15th 2017


Early morning we started engine and moved the yacht to Elphinstone reef. This dive site never disappoints. Here we saw Jacks, Napoleon wrasse, Triggerfish, Picasso fish, two turtles and much more. We then moved over to Abu Dabab II. It has some of the most amazing lagoon, swim throughs that give shelter to a wide variety of marine life.

We saw baby White tip reef shark Reef, Bat fish and Devile scorpion fish. 


We then travelled back to Port Ghalib, back to civilization after a wonderful week of diving. 


Congratulations to our 15 Iron Divers this week – Cissy& Larry, Linda & Mark, Jennifer & Ricardo, Dave & Melissa, Randy, Michael, Rainer, Andreas, Jorg, Doug & Noah

Congratulations also go to Larry for completing their 400th dive here onboard. Huge Congratulations to Ron, Jennifer & Ricardo who completed their Nitrox course aboard.



The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Red Sea Aggressor!!!



Until The Next Time Safe Travels…



Best Fishes, 


Red Sea Aggressor Crew