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Maldives Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Dec 10, 2017
Entry By: Maldives Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log: GRANDEZZA Maldives Aggressor, December 10th to December


*Air Temp. 85 F

*Water Temp. 80 F

* Visibility 35ft



Cruise Director: Marc

Captain: Hathee

2nd Captain: Sharaf

Chef: Mr. Anil Ranjit

Instructors: Megan, Marilen , Iboo and Ripon

Steward: Megs



Chak Lai Ha, George Chak Ching Ha, Mark Turski, Carlos Henrique Moyna, David Yu Hang Lam, King Lin Yuen, Sin Yuen Kwan, Lai Yee Leslie Chow, Colin Kai Ming Chow, Veronica Lam, Belinda Chuk, James John Moser, Kay Francis Collins, Benoit Charest, Markus Davids, Chuen Sang Tsui, Mark Liang Luo




Monday – Sunlight Thila, Lankan Finolhu, Fish Factory

Tuesday – Madivaru Ocean, Rasdhoo Madivaru, Maaya Thila [afternoon and night dive]

Wednesday – Rafsa Thila, Bathala Thila, Fish head

Thursday – Moofushi, Moofushi, Maamigili, Ariyadhoo

Friday – Sun Island, Maamigili, Alimatha Jetty

Saturday – Miyaru Kandu, Kuda Giri Wreck


Sunday December 10th

After coffee and a light breakfast, we said our farewells to the Americans and welcomed aboard new guests from Canada and the States.

After arrival, we did boat and dive safety briefings and allowed guests to set up equipment and settle in to their accommodative rooms. With full stomachs from dinner, we explained the morning schedule and all guests turned in early in preparation for diving the next day!


Monday December 11th

Following coffee and tea, we headed to Male north for three dives, each better than the last. At Sunlight Thila we marveled at a pod of dolphins cruising by the boat, soaking in the sun and breaching to spin in the air!

After lunch we visited Lankan Finolhu, where we had to lay low to watch 7 Manta Rays circle the cleaning station! Some guest´s couldn´t take their eyes off an octopus putting on a great color show! An early afternoon dive at Fish Factory provided so much action it was hard to concentrate on just one thing! An unbelievable amount of sting rays cruised underneath snorkelers and overhead divers, followed by schools of banner fish and remoras! Tens of species of eels crept out of crevasses and swam through divers legs. And what a way to end the day: with guests doing Yoga on the top deck under the stars!



Tuesday December 12th

The Aggressor guests woke up with the sun for an early morning dive in the Blue at Madivaru Ocean. So relaxing and peaceful! Next, we travelled to Rasdhoo Madivaru to marvel at the eagle rays, white tip sharks and thousands of beautiful, colorful reef fish!   Here we celebrated one of ours guests 200th dive!

We returned to the boat for an incredible lunch and siestas in the brilliant sun! For our third and fourth dive, we relocated to Maaya Thila with smooth sailing through amazingly clear water! We had an afternoon dive and night dive on the pinnacle, seeing octopus, sharks, sleeping turtles and hunting trevally.



Wednesday December 13th

After a quick stretch, the group continued their vacation in beautiful, sunny weather. A morning dive at Rafsa Thila was perfect for relaxing and watching sharks pass by. We ended our dive with a beautiful, massive sting ray and eagle ray cruising along the reef edge.

We had a great dive at Bathala Thila, with sharks and eagle rays. At Fish Head, we saw turtles munching on coral, octopus, moral eels wrestling. We ended our day on the beach of Meerufenfushi, with a candlelit dinner under the stars and brilliant bioluminescence in the ocean as we cruised in the dingy back to the boat.



Thursday December 14th

Today, we started with two dives at Moofushi with 1 Manta Ray on the first dive, and 6 Manta Rays, eagle rays and lots of reef fish on the second. Here we saw leaf fish and many schools of blue lined snapper.

We had an afternoon dive at Maamigili, where guests marveled at the colourful coral! For our night dive, again it was unbelievably colourful! Midnight corals came to life, mimicking an underwater forest and sea fans sheltered shrimp, crabs and many small and large reef fish. It was a magical dive, with many caves covered with long strings of black coral. Because of the late night, guests had a quick dinner and were off to bed!


Friday December 15th

With the sun shining, we got up to cruise along Sun Island. With great spirits, we descended on the wall dive to find turtles, octopus and beautiful schools of fairy basslets. We returned for a very quick breakfast and returned to dive sites in search of whale sharks. After a long cruise and some lovely dolphin sightings, we dove at Maamigili, seeing several sharks, baby sea cucumbers, swimming flatworms and amazingly bright coral life.

The boat relocated for several hours to land us in Vaauu Atoll, where we did an incredible night dive at Alimatha Jetty, marveling at the massive nurse sharks circling everyone and acting like dogs rolling in the sand. Several guests stayed behind to fish for Tuna on their last night, excited for Sashimi! Then it was an early night in preparation for the last day of diving!


Saturday December 16th

For our last morning, the group headed to Miyaru Kandu, a channel dive. Just after dropping below the surface, eagle rays cruised by guests to say good morning! The site was full of sleeping midnight coral and tons of lovely reef fish. We surfaced to a full rainbow after a quick rain shower. The group returned for an amazing breakfast prepared by the chefs. The last dive of the week was hilarious for the Aggressor Crew: all guests brought Santa Claus hats to take ¨Merry Christmas¨ pictures on the Kuda Giri Wreck! After a large group shot, we discovered ghost pipefish, longnose pipefish and scorpionfish surroumdimg the boat. Everyone surfaced happy and smiling!

We congratulated the guests with a great video of the week and champagne on the boat. Iron Divers were applauded, as well as our reef ambassadors of the week, fashionable divers and Aggressor Fleet addicts! Guests shared pictures from the amazing dive trip and ate a fantastic lamb meal prepared by the chefs!



Sunday December 17th

Breakfast , luggage and transfer to Airport

End of trip




Maldives Aggressor Crew