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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Thursday, Dec 07, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew




Departure date: 7th /   17th  DIC   2017

Entry by Captain Carlos Sanchez T           

And Fiona Westheim

                                                                        Okeanos II


Okeanos   II Aggressors Captains Log

Water Temp 75-80F Visibility 50-60Ft Wetsuits 5mm, thermo clines often

Crew: Captain Carlos Sanchez, Chef Jairol and Esteban, Engineer Miguel, Steward Eduardo, Panga drivers Jheyler and Jorge , Divemaster , : Photos and Video: Anibal and Carlos Sanchez.

Guest : FIONA, Dimitri,Elena,Walter,Katheen,David G, David W,Brandi, Philippe, Julio, Hanna, John, Jaqqueline, Jan, Bill and Rodney....

Dive Site : Chatam Bay, Lone Stone , Dirty Rock, Punta Maria, Vikinga , Pajara, Alcyone , Dos Amigos Pequeño, Roca Sumergida, M Garden,,,,


Our crossing to the island was beautiful, with a nice sunset and some dolphins really close to the boat. We got to the island with enough time to rest before heading out on our first dive. The trip gave divers plenty of time to prepare their gear and be 100% ready for the dive trip.

One of the main reasons the divers decided to come to Cocos Island was the possibility of seeing big animals and strong action. Expecting great things, the dive week started out with a relaxing orientation dive in Chatam Bay. After this first dive, the rest of the week was filled with the action and big animals we were all hoping to see. As of day one we spotted multiple Hammerheads, marbled rays and White Tip Reef Sharks on almost every dive. Cocos Island, also known as Shark Island, really lives up to its name and never disappoints.

Every day consists out of three dives, alternated with amazing meals. Nothing compares to coming back from a great dive, knowing that an amazing lunch, a delicious cake or fresh fruit is waiting for you. Reading a book or working on a puzzle are great ways to rest between dives

During the week we visited Dirty Rock and Alcyone multiple times. You´d think you´d get tired of going to the same place multiple times, wouldn’t you? Considering the action and amounts of sharks at these sites never seem to disappoint, we went back with pleasure every time. During a dive at Dirty Rock, it´s possible to see schools of Hammerheads, sleeping White Tip Reefs sharks, Marbled Rays and so much more. On two of the dives here, we saw a Marbled Ray mating ritual. Dozens of rays gather in one place to mate. Out of the dozens, only one of them is female and all the rest are males trying to impress her. It’s an amazing sight, hard to focus on what you see, as there´s rays everywhere you turn your head to. With dozens of rays close to the bottom and dozens swimming around your ears, your eyes have trouble choosing one to focus on. Seeing this ritual, after having already seen dozens of Hammerheads and White Tip Reef Sharks, has you coming back from the dive with a huge smile on your face.

Our dive to Lone Stone, a dive site that´s a little further out, but worth the visit, was the highlight of the week. As soon as we dropped in the water, Dolphins could be heard around us. After a couple of minutes, a pod of 6 dolphins could be seen at the surface. While still in awe of what we were seeing, Carlos calls us over to look at a school of 10 Hammerheads playing around in the blue. Next thing we know, we´re being surrounded by a school of huge Big-eyed Travalis. What a breathtaking experience.

On our last day in Cocos, we set out for our last two dives, filled with loads of sharks, rays, fish and Dolphins. After washing up the gear, we started our journey back to Costa Rica mainland. The journey back was very calm, with a nice view of jumping Manta Rays and travelling Hammerheads.

A big thanks to the entire crew for making this journey possible and for taking care of us through this amazing trip.

Fiona Westheim and Captain Carlos Sanchez