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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 09, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Dec 9th to 16th 2017

Guests   Judy & Byron, Traci, Christi, Chris, Norm, David, Vladimir, Doretta & Lyman, Elizabeth & Stuart, George, Alex.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st Mate & Chef Alan, Engineer Rodel, Instructor Justin, Steward Latoya.

Water Temp   78f   Air Temp 75f

Exposure protection   A cold north wind had us all in 3mm wetsuits at the least.

Saturday It was our great pleasure to welcome some new folks to Aggressor Fleet for the first time also some folks that had been on other Aggressor Yachts but first timers to Cayman and also several folks that have been with us many times before.

Sunday We had all guests briefed and ready to go for a dive at Spotts Bay and although the weather gods were sending winds in the 30kt range and dark rolling clouds that we could almost reach up and touch, it really did not dampen the enthusiastic and all is good attitude of our happy gang of divers. A nice easy dive on a gentle slopping reef with schooling fish and lots of macro life was how we started our week and then we headed for Pedros Castle for the afternoon and night dives. A large eagle ray feeding in the sand that paid us no mind whatsoever was the highlight of the afternoon and lobster, channel crab and a hunting octopus were the night time delights.

Monday The wind still wanted to howl but all were still keen to enjoy the experience and accept what mother nature had to dealt to us. Lighthouse Wall was our first stop for a cool dive on a sheer wall with amazing swim thrus and lots of marine life. The background was speckled with blue chromis and we found a large channel crab out on the wall edge and along came a large green moray eel that scared the crab into running for cover. A Mexican lunch was the mid-day fare served up by Chef Alan as we made our way along the coast to Kellys Gardens for the afternoon and night. A large Barracuda hung under the boat and a friendly turtle was also sighted as we cruise the reef and nearby labyrinth of gullies and swim thrus. More Channel crab and at least 20 lobster were sighted on the night dive along with a slipper lobster and dozens of banded coral shrimp.

Tuesday Tunnel of Love was our first stop for the Tuesday but not before Alan served up yummy eggs benedict or Florentine. As advertised Tunnel of Love has a very cool long winding swim thru that drops out into the deep rich blue and is a fantastic way to start a Tuesday. The wall edge here is always teeming with life, blue chromis speckle the blue like natural Christmas lights while grouper and snapper prowl the drop off looking for breakfast. A large channel crab was out on the wall edge but seemed shy and wary of our presence but then ran for its life when a large green moray eel came along to check what we were looking at and then posed nicely for photo & video. Italian lunch was our mid-day culinary delight as we cruised about 12 miles to Japanese Gardens for the afternoon and night dive. Japanese Gardens is a labyrinth of coral adorned fingers of reef and atmospheric swim thrus, we spotted several lion fish and a busy nurse shark and the night dive was rewarded with yet another octopus.

Wednesday   We started the day with French toast, sausage and eggs to order and 2 very cool dives at Bullwinkle among more swim thrus and gullies but this time accompanied by dozens of Tarpon. Cheese Burgers in Paradise was the lunch time fare and it is always a popular lunch, fresh burgers off the grill are hard to beat. The weather gods were still sending northerly winds and whipping white caps so we headed for the calm shelter of Pedros Castle and a couple of very cool dives and we even found the same eagle ray we had sighted a few days back in pretty much the same place and digging deep in the sand for something tasty. We then did a very active night dive at Spotts Bay and were rewarded with lobster, crabs and another photogenic octopus.

Thursday Finally the wind lay down a bit and we headed for the USS Kittiwake for a morning of Wreck diving. The visibility was in the 90ft range with no current to speak of as we descended on this once proud US Navy submarine rescue vessel. It seems like there are photo ops just about everywhere and there is a great mix of reef and wreck to enjoy. Asian themed lunch was the noon time feast today as we made for another wreck, an old Cayman favorite, the Oro Verde. These days the OV is more wreckage than wreck but all that twisted metal offers hiding places to lots of critters. We had grouper and jawfish, lobster and spotted drum to entertain us with a busy school of jacks hovering overhead. For our night dive we headed to Governors Reef and by now it was becoming customary for us to see an octopus.

Friday Our day started with waffles and eggs and with that started we were ready for anything. Round Rock and Trinity Caves was our chosen spot and it certainly delivered, we had turtles and a free swimming moray eel among cool swim thrus and deep rich blue drop off. Chocolate chip brownies were served up for a sugar rush mid morning as we headed south to eagle ray rock for our final dive of the week. More cool swim thrus and a steep drop off were how we finished up a great week of diving and although the weather gods sent us some hard winds and whipping seas, our easy going, fun loving and dive crazy group had a wonderful and above all safe week of diving.

Special mention this week goes to Traci, Alex and Elizabeth all completed 50 logged dives while Christi logged 100 dives and also celebrated her birthday and Judy made the grand milestone of 200 logged dives. Our cocktail party was a buzz of dive chatter as folks picked each others brains about which Aggressor yacht would be next and while it is our hope that all our happy gang travel to all the yachts in our expanding fleet, we mostly hope they will come back to see us here in Cayman.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew