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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 16, 2017
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

Captain’s Log

16 -23 December 2017


Air Temperature: 80 – 85 F

Water Temperature: 80° - 81°F

Visibility: 80 feet



Captain Christy Weaver

2nd Captain James Wilford

Engineer JJ Di Matteo

Video Pro Aaron Brouse

Chef Brynne Rardin

2nd Chef Sarah Pearson


GUESTS: Audrey, Frank, Dana, Stan, John, Bonnie, Carl, Allison, Stu, Fred, Jim, Kevin, Juwon, Lewis, and Eric.



Sunday – Cathedral – Gracebay, Eel Garden – North West Point

Monday – The Dome, Boat Cove – West Caicos

Tuesday – Spanish Anchor, Magic Mushroom – West Caicos

Wednesday – Driveway, Gullies – West Caicos

Thursday – Elephant Ear – West Caicos, Amphitheatre, The Dome – North West Point

Friday – Pinnacles – Grace Bay


Guest excitedly board the TCI Aggressor II promptly at 3pm. Everyone picks a dive locker and starts to unpack their gear while getting to know one another. As we wait for one guest to arrive, Captain Christy and the crew give an informational briefing to the guests followed by a satisfying and delicious meal served by Chef Brynne. We spend the night at Turtle Cove Marina where guests enjoy each other’s company and a night cap.


As soon as the sun makes its first appearance the group is off out of the Marina and into Grace Bay for our first dive of the trip. Located on the North East shore of Providenciales right outside the Club Met Cut. This is a great place to start our week of diving because it is filled with an endless assortment of tropical fish. After a thrilling dive where guests encounter a Fingerprint Cyphoma, an Indigo Hamlet, and Blue Parrot fish, they are greeted by warm towels and hot out of the oven, Lemon Poppy seed Muffins. Before long, the dive bell rings again and back into the water we go. As morning turns to afternoon, we find ourselves back on the Yacht, and headed around the Northwest point of Providenciales to our second dive site of the day, Eel Garden. This site consists of an exciting run reef which when followed west drops off into the abyss. Here the group is greeted by curious Reef Sharks, as well many species of Fish and reef life. As we follow the wall we come to the Crack, a crevice that cuts the reef buttress. Here we are greeted by the beauty of the Giant Condalaxtic anemone that lives just above a beautiful barrel sponge. Those who haven’t been tempted by a glass of wine, or their comfy bed, gear up for the night dive and soon end the evening with a steaming mug of Hot Chocolate and a splash of Caicos Irish Cream.


Guests are awakened by the aroma of sizzling bacon wafting through the halls. During a scrumptious breakfast we move to The Dome for our next two dives. The dome, which use to be home to a French television show, is a large steel mesh structure that sits 40 feet under water that a lot of friendly fish enjoy swimming in and around. Also at this site, the divers enjoy the Chimney, another vertical swim through. Before we know it we are heading to West Caicos. After a brief History of the Island, and a briefing on the Site, Captain Christy sends our divers down for an encounter with a broad banded moray eel and two juvenile trunk fish at Boat Cove. This site is packed with reef sharks, as well as a hiding nurse shark. The night dive brought back many enthusiastic divers excitedly sharing with the crew what they had witnessed.


The well-rested guests enjoy the sunrise as we move again to our next dive site, Spanish Anchor. The visibility is 100 feet here and as we make our way through the Gully, divers are excited by the Spanish Anchor and the beautiful coral that grows on it. As we swim back towards the boat on top of the wall we encounter a Porcupine puffer that eyes us cautiously as they slowly swim away. After a hot bowl of homemade Creamy Tomato Soup we find ourselves at Magic Mushroom. Along the wall we encounter the most amazing surprise! An eagle ray gliding swiftly past us gracing us all with its beauty. We make our way along the wall and after a pleasant time e head for Lobster Tower, where we are greeted with the surprise of a green moray eel in the Lobster tower! Definitely a Lobster Tower encounter to remember! We end the day with a large scoop of fresh mint chip ice cream and an even more satisfying night dive for many of the guests.


On Wednesday we work our way over to the dive site Driveway. This site is named after its wide sandy chutes that cut through the reef and quickly fall away as you find yourself at the wall. Everyone is practicing patience on this dive as they wait to witness Jawfish spit their eggs out of their mouths to air agate them before bringing them back into their mouths. Most times it happens so quick that we miss it but today guests witnessed it as well as getting some amazing photos of the experience. We work our way along the wall and back along the top where we find ourselves face to face with a Lizard fish buried in the sand. From here we move to Gullies where we enjoy the excellent swim through that Gullies has to offer as well as an almost missed roughback shrimp.


Thursday’s word of the day is Dolphins! A morning dive at Elephant Ear leaves all the divers excited as the encounter a pod of dolphins swim past. All the guests are high on the interaction and some mention it is the best dive they have ever done! Along with the Dolphins, we come face to face with a huge barracuda, and a few stingrays roaming around. At Amphitheatre we encounter turtles, jacks, rays, barracudas and more! Lots of action to complete another wonderful dive. We end the night back at the Dome where guests enjoy all the little creatures and critters that live on the Dome as well as all the Lobsters and Crabs out for a bite to eat.


Friday is a bit melancholy but two dives are still enjoyed by everyone! We made the journey last night back into Grace bay and we find ourselves now at Pinnacles. Here we saw sharks, Fingerprint Cyphomas. All in all a great end to a great week.


We end Friday with our wine and cheese fiesta on the sundeck. We talk about the trip and about future trips and laugh over good times!