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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 16, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 16-23 Dec 2017


Air Temp. 77-84+ F

Water Temp. 77-79 F

Visibility 40-100+ft



Captain David Luxford

2nd Captain, Engineer David Millard

Instructor Josh Foster

Instructor Caitilin Tincher

Instructor Josh Ellis

Chef Calib Dudley



Dawn, Lauren, Ann, Renee, David, Lucie, Angie, Scott, Jonathan, Paulina, Curtis, Simon, Roland, Michael.



Sunday – Plane Wreck, Barracuda, Kraken

Monday – Monolith, Cut through City, Cave Rock

Tuesday – Hole in the Wall, Cobia Cage, Tunnel Rock, Split Coral

Wednesday – Pigs, Wall City, Jeep Reef

Thursday – Black Tip, Pillar Wall, Austin Smith, Flat Top.

Friday –


Saturday December 9

A Our intrepid divers arrived and settled in for a lovely dinner and we set off for the Exumas in fine evening weather.


Sunday December 10

Awaking to the Plane Wreck for the introduction dive, a fine start and refresher for some new divers. We then moved on to Barracuda reef snooping around the colourful Coral Heads for Eels, Stingrays and plenty reef fish. We then crossed the Exuma Sound to Eluthera and the gentle Kraken dive site for the night dive.


Monday December 11

The awesome drop off of Monolith Wall started of this full day of diving. Moving on to Cut through City with so much to explore we did a double dip here. Cave Rock hosts many a critter and fish and Sponges and Corals! So this spot made for a reading night dive and overnight spot.


Tuesday December 12

Another fabulous Wall, this one with two Holes dropping down the reef and exiting out on the Wall - Hole in the Wall! Moving up Island, we checked out the intriguing Cobia Cage. Back down Island we set up over Tunnel Rock then on to Split Coral for our Shark dive. There is a massive Coral head there that made for a terrific Night Dive. A night Cruise took us back across the Sound to the beautiful Exuma Park.


Wednesday December 13

The adorable swimming Pigs greeted us in the morning. A unique experience and a great visit ashore. Some of the guest’s made the champion swim back tot eh boat in this picturesque anchorage. Moving up the Island chain we dipped in to Wall City. Then around the corner to the pretty reefs surrounding the odd little Jeep dropped here many years ago. A pleasant Sunset cruise took us back up to Highbourne Cay.


Thursday December 14

We awoke to picture perfect weather and headed out to Black Tip Wall. This is an amazingly healthy reef with lots of swim throughs leading out to the magnificent drop off. Up to Pillar Wall and the Gorgonian Garden on the top section. Over to the Austin Smith for more Shark action! We followed on to Flat Rock and savoured dinner with a fabulous Sun Set. Following the night dive we headed towards Nassau dropping Anchor near the lost Blue Hole.


Friday December 15

The flat calm morning sunrise was inspirational. We moved over to the Lost Blue hole for that amazing feeling of dropping into the depths. Two loggerhead Turtles greeted us there. Then on to the lovely Periwinkle Reef for that pleasant wind up dive. Back to Nassau and a Wonderfull Cocktail party to remains and plan on future adventures.


Best Fishes,


Bahamas Aggressor Crew