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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 23, 2017
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

Captain’s Log

23-30 December 2017


Air Temperature: 80 – 85 F

Water Temperature: 80° - 81°F

Visibility: 80 feet



Captain Amanda Smith

2nd Captain Cadri

Engineer Rob Smith

Video Pro Aaron Brouse

Chef Brynne Rardin

2nd Chef Sarah Pearson


GUESTS: Mike, Sean, Lori, Pete, Rob, Allie, Jamie, Nate, Holly, Michaele, Hilary, Felix, Robin, Alan, Kimberely, Oleh, Olena, and Alona



Sunday – Eel Garden & Amphitheatre, NWPT

Monday – Shark’s Hotel & The Dome, NWPT & Magic Mushroom, West Caicos

Tuesday – Spanish Anchor, West Caicos & G-Spot, French Cay

Wednesday – Gullies, Brandywine, West Caicos

Thursday – Boat Cove, West Caicos, Stairway & Dome, North West Point

Friday – Second Step – North West Point


As the tide rose, six of our guests accompanied the crew out to Gracebay where we moored to beat the tide and excitedly await our twelve other guests. We all gave a cheer as each arrived on the chase boat from afar. After all the guests pick their lockers and unload their gear, Captain Amanda briefs our new guests followed by a piping hot, delicious dinner and a beautiful sunset. Everyone excitedly awaits the next morning when we will begin diving!


After a two hour journey to Northwest point from Gracebay we find ourselves at our first dive site Eel Garden. Here we take make our way along the wall and work our way back admiring the garden of eels. The guests are very amazed by this compilation of small animals that live in the sand. An even more unexpected surprise is a scorpion fish spotted later in the dive by one of the guests. After a yummy lunch of Greek Gyros and Roasted Vegetables, we move on to Amphitheatre where divers enjoy the beautiful horizontal swim through. The night dive brings many exciting encounters, including Octopuses, Spotted Eagle Ray, Slipper Crab, and Yellow Jawfish with eggs in its mouth. This last dive brings back many happy divers, who have very exciting dreams about all the wonderful things they have seen.


Our guests wake up to the smell of fresh, hot, chocolate croissants, to celebrate Christmas Day! Guests are greeted by decorations, and many crew members wearing festive Santa hats. After a filling breakfast, we head for the water at Sharks hotel, which miraculously had one shark who had not yet checked out. Here divers also saw a hawksbill turtle and a grouper having his mouth cleaned! Guests are greeted after their dive with a plethora or Christmas cookies including Gingerbread, Thumbprint, and Peanut Butter Blossom. We make a quick move to the dome for our third dive of the day, where we find ourselves face to face with a juvenile peacock flounder. Other encounters ono this dive include a channel clingin crab, and Carribean reef sharks.


Again we are moving, and are excited for these next two dives at Magic Mushroom. A great place to see sharks, and lobsters at lobster tower, we are surprised when we find no lobsters in the tower! The night dive brings more sharks and Octopuses and guests enjoy their last dive with a hot cup of hot chocolate and some Rum Cream. We then all sit down for a Christmas feast served by Chef Brynne and Chef Sarah consisting of Glazed Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, and Roasted Asparagus. The night ends with a delicious slice a Buche de Noel Cake and a Night Cap.


S[anish Anbchor is our next stop for our morning dives this morning. Along with the amazement the giests have towards the Spanish Anchor all the giests are really excited by their spotting of another Eagle Ray. Today we take the long trek out to French Cay for some exciting encounters with N urse sharks, a hawksbill turtle, and anouther Eagle ray. The night dive brings a cacophony of nurse sharks, and reef sharks everywhere having their late dinner. Steve the local Cubara Snapper says a quick hello as well. After the ladders are up and all the guests have showered, the engines come to life and we work our way back to West Caicos.


The guests are up and about early this morning for their 7am dive at Gullies. This dive brings lots of exciting encounters including a Wahoo, a Creole Wrasse, a Single toothed simnia, and neck crabs. We spend the afternoon on the sundeck where we enjoy a satisfying lunch in the warm breeze. This afternoon we dive at Brandywine where we encounter a huge school of feeding Blue Tang that swim through the group. The night dive brings even more exciting sightings of Octopuses.


Thursday we find ourselves at Boat Cove where guests enjoy the high visibility, and plethora of ocean life. We travel north along the wall before winding back along the top of the reef. Here we see a Juvenile Trunk fish, a broad banded moray, another eagle ray, and a gaudy clown crab. An exciting two more dives leave all of the guests really enjoying their time at boat cove. Next we move to Stairway, where the afternoon sun casts beautiful rays down through the water brightening everything. Here we cruise along the wall. Some guests enjoy the vertical swim through here and some unexpected lobsters. For our night dive we take a quick trip over to the Dome which is a great place for night life including turtles, decorator crabs, and spotted eels.



We are greeted on our last day of diving by a beautiful sunrise over Northwest Point. We enjoy to last dives at two step. We encountered a free swimming green moray eel, a hawksbill turtle, and many species of parrotfish.


We end Friday with our wine and cheese party on the sundeck. We talk about the trip and the amazing animal life we have seen this week, along with future trips we are excited for!