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Okeanos Aggressor :


Log Date: Thursday, Nov 16, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Crew


Okeanos Aggressor I

Nov 16-26, 2017


Thursday at 2:30 pm we were ready to meet our new guest. Most of people are from Check Republic and also from France,England,Singapur and Spain.

We started sailing at 3pm towards the most beatifull island of the world, Cocos.The crossing was smooth and full of wild life like the Frigate birds,Boobie birds,turtles,dolfins and also a Sailfish jumping out of the water.Travelling that far from main land makes you feel as a part of the ocean and find this diving paradise 300 miles off the Costa Rica’s coast , it’s even better.

Saturday morning we were here ready for the check dive and so excited to see the underwater world full of action.Just to begin with, we went to Chatham Bay wich is the site were we normally do the check dive because visibility is always good, 50 feet maximun depht and tons of fish,rays ans white tips sharks.


Manuelita Island was our second and third dive. Hammerheads,Galapagos and Tiger sharks,eagle rays,marble rays,tunas and big groups of jack fish were around for the whole dive. Next day , we woke up early in the morning and the sun was already shinning so the plan was to have breakfast at 7am and then diving at 8 o’clock in Punta Maria and Dirty Rock.This two places got so many things to see but you have to go deep in order to see the sharks 100 feet/33 mts. Dirty Rock was amazing with big groups of Hammerheads,Jack fish and we were also face to face with a big Galápagos shark, marble rays were around swiming so peacefully that they even let us to get close to them.Punta Maria got the only cleaning station for Galápagos sharks in Cocos and I’m talking about 9 feet /3mts long so the the feeling of being surrounded by this big sharks it’s great.The third day we went to Alcyone on the east side of the island wich is about 1 mile away from Coco’s,in this place anything can happen beacuse it’s open water so normally is visited by pelagic animals like dolfins,whale sharks,wahoos and big schools of Jack fish and mullet snappers so we couldnt wait to dive there,just on the way down, sharks were already there,a couple of Black tip sharks also and a dolphin came to say hello so Alcyone didn’t dissapoint.


Next day we dove Small and Big Dos Amigos so we anchor Okeanos l in Wafer Bay.The boat ride to get there was about 10 minutes and it was a bit choppy but when we got to the bottom, no current, good visibility and tons of fish were there just waiting for us .

This week we did 3 night dives starting in Chatham bay and then Ulloa bay and the last one in Manuelita shallow side with lots of White tips sharks hunting on the reef so it is pure action what we see at night,20 minutes in the feeding frenzy and a big Galápagos shark arrived and was trying to hunt one of the white tips so were just expecting that to happen,that was the best night dive of the trip.


Thanks to all our guests. Looking forward to having you onboard again.