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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 30, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 30 December, 2017 - 6 January, 2018


Air Temp.  75-84+ F

Water Temp. 77-79 F

Visibility 40-100+ft



Captain David Paterson

2nd Captain, David Luxford

Instructor Josh Foster

Instructor Josh Ellis

Chef Calib Dudley

Chef Charles Edden



Stanislav, Maxim, Dmitry, Irina, Olga, Anatoly, Alexander, Marina, Pavel, Marina, Victor, Svetlana.



Sunday – Periwinkle, Blue Hole, Black Tip

Monday – Pillar Wall, Austin Smith, Crab Mountain, Madison Avenue 

Tuesday – Jewfish Wall, Pigs, Danger Reef

Wednesday – Whale Shark, Hammerhead, Crab Reef

Thursday – Dog Rocks, Whale Shark

Friday – Pillar Wall


Saturday December 30

An intrepid group of Russian divers arrived for a fine meal and settled in for the night. 


Sunday December 31

We headed off early in the morning and dropped in on Periwinkle reef for our first dive. With mirror smooth seas and excellent visibility they enjoyed the multitude of Caribbean reef fish. We moved on to the amazing Blue Hole and again were greeted with spectacular visibility. One could see the entire ring of the hole, the surface and the bottom! After crossing the Banks we dipped in to the Black Tip Wall. This dive has marvellous swim throughs, rich Corals and plenty of fish life.


Monday January 1

Starting out with another spectacular wall dive; Pillar Wall. We followed up with our Shark dive on the week of the Austin Smith. Together they make for a diverse and most entertaining dive. Then on to Crab Mountain with its rich Corals and fish life on the top of another lovely wall. Our late afternoon and night dive were on the extent Madison Avenue. The large Coral head and surrounding reefs held Octopus, Lobsters and a Spotted Drum fish.


Tuesday January 2

The morning Wall dive was on Jewfish Wall. There were Sharks a plenty cruising the edge of the drop off. A leisurely cruise down the Exuma Island chain took us to visit with the adorable Pigs of Staniel Cay. A little way out of the way but a fun visit and relaxing cruise. On our way back we did the night dive on Danger Reef.


Wednesday January 3

The morning dive was the amazing Whale Shark wall. The drop off into the Exam sound can be so spectacular. On to the delightful Hammerhead Reef. The large and healthy Coral heads here have a plentitude of Fish, Rays and Turtles. Back out in the Sound we explored Crab Reef. An Octopus was out and about for the night dive as were Lobsters and a Spotted Drumfish.


Thursday January 4

One of the best sites in the Exumas is Dog Rocks. The convoluted wall and it’s swim throughs, Canyons and Buttresses provides endlesss exploration. And we saw a Hammer head! He was deep but he was a big one! Our late after noon dive was back on Whale Shark where spent the night. 


Friday January 5

A sunrise dive on Pillar Wall was a great finish to the weeks adventures before we headed back to Nassau.


Best Fishes, 


Bahamas Aggressor Crew