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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Jan 07, 2018
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter Jan 7 – Jan 14, 2018

Water Temp: 80-85 deg F

Air Temp: 85-90 deg F

Crew: Dan, Shea, Hector, Christian, Joe, Jim, and Herence

This afternoon we welcome 12 guests. They would come here from all over the world to see what Palau has to offer. After getting settled in the rooms and assembling the gear, we would give them a short briefing about the boat and safety. Then they would have their first dinner from Chef Christian. Late at night we welcome another 2 guests and 2 more early in Monday morning.

Monday after a good night’s sleep, 16 guests all wake and had their breakfast and soon after we covered the general briefing on how we operate the diving here in Palau. First dive would be Helmet wreck also known as Depth Charge wreck. The wreck was unidentified and only found late 80’s. a lot of artifacts can found on this wreck. Actually the stern was like a museum because this is the place where you can find gas mask, cooking pots, big gun, sinks, beer bottle, ammunition, and more. It was collected by the divers by the past. Stack of Helmets and Tons of Depth Charge can be seen a reason they named this dive site. Next we would head to another wreck called the IRO. It was a long and big wreck, almost 500 feet or 172 meters to be exact. Here you can see 2 big guns mounted at the bow and stern of the wreck. The beautiful structure of king post and bridge which is good for wide angle shot especially with the visibility that we have. And the big patch of tomato anemone on top of the king post is also remarkable on this dive site. The next dive was Big Drop Off. Beautiful wall, vertical up and down covered with big sea fans and colorful soft coral. The wall was rich also with macro life. The last dive of the day was Barnum’s Wall. Similar to Big Drop Off we start the dive at the wall and work our way wall on the right. The wall turn in sloping coral garden eventually where we see several colorful nudibranch. Schooling of fish and 4 turtles mixed with couple white tip sharks. The current switch and pick up so we turn around and end the dive at the wall. We come back to the big boat and soon after dinner were ready. After dinner we covered the last presentation on how to use Reef Hooks.

Tuesday morning all guests wake up and after being filled up for breakfast we head off to blue corner, one of the top 5 dive sites in the world. Here the divers would be treated to a fantastic wall dive leading up to the corner, after hooking in we would be treated to a friendly and curious napoleon wrasse, lots of sharks parading up and down the wall, a giant school of jacks, and red toothed trigger fish by the thousands (literally). Next after a little relaxation would be German Channel, we started at Peleliu side. We stop at the two cleaning station for a while and got lucky at the second cleaning station. The Manta show up but did not stay too long to clean but some diver get lucky for close encounters. This was a couple of the guest’s first sitting of a manta too. After lunch we head out to Turtle Cove where we start the dive swimming through the small hole on top of the reef. Inside the cavern was disco clam and nudibranch. Outside the cavern was sheer wall rich in macro life, soft coral and sea fan. There is also a small corner where you can see lots of schooling fish. For the final day dive we would take them to New Drop Off, another hook in dive where the guests would be treated to turtles, sharks and peacock flounder fish that sometime swim on top of the reef. The first night dive would be to turtle cove where the guests would slowly drift along the wall seeing huge groupers, lobsters, tons of shrimps, and beautiful yellow cup coral everywhere, a great end to the day,

Early Wednesday in the morning we head down to Peleliu, a beautiful island in southern Palau, also the site of a deadly world war two battle. For the first dive we would go to Peleliu corner. A fast drift and the most advanced dive we have due to a strong current, but that current brings a lot of fun, and some of the larger sharks sometimes. Here we would see a few big reef sharks, eels, and schools of jacks. Next dive guests would go to west wall. A sheer wall that has barracuda and lets of small crabs, nudes, and scorpion fish. There would also be quite a few turtles checking out what the divers were doing. After lunch we would head out for a quick skiff ride to Orange beach. Here the guests would get to see a small landing vessel from the war, bottles, bullets and shells leftover. After that we would go to Barracks point. Here we would be accompanied by lots of turtles, sharks and travally. The big boat move back to German Channel area for safe mooring system while the divers are diving at Barrack’s point. Then that night for the night dive we would see Ngedebus coral garden. A sloping garden that has lots of small shrimp, Crabs and sleeping turtles. A perfect end to a great day.

Thursday morning we head out to Blue holes a site right down from Blue corner that has 4 large holes in the top of the reef leading to a big cavernous room with disco clams,, nudibranchs, and sea fans, then down the wall towards the corner where they would see lots of sharks more schools of travally and barracuda. Second dive was a repeat dive everyone’s favorite dive site, Blue corner. There is light current this time, we started in the middle of the plateau and explore the entire top of the reef. Guests don’t know where to look at much stuff that you can see on this dive site. From macro life to big fish is around the blue corner area. German channel was next after delicious lunch consists of salads and meat. This time we started at Koror side. Hang out at two cleaning station but this time did not get lucky to see Manta but instead a leopard shark resting at the bottom. Fern’s Wall for our fourth dive. This dive site is vertical wall with lots of big sea fans and soft coral. Divers get difficulty of spotting macro along the wall because we have a nice ride with the current. For our night dive we head out to German Coral garden. Like the other night dive, crustaceans and nudibranch can be seen and lots of lion fish hunting out at night.


Early Friday morning Captain Dan motor the Boat to famous Ulong Island, a place where they shoot T.V. series Survivor. After all the guests have eaten breakfast we head out to Siaes Corner. It was a beautiful dive site with small corner and beautiful wall and hard coral on top. We hooked in on this one and the baby eagle ray showed up swimming with schooling of baby sharks at the corner. There are schooling of other fish that being harass with travally and tuna. For our second dive we did Siaes Tunnel, we do a live drop and head down to the entrance of the big tunnel. Inside we saw lots of upside down fish, fish that think the ceiling of the tunnel was the bottom. Couple extremely fish found inside, the decorated dart fish and blue back pygmy angel fish. We exit the tunnel and proceed to the wall; we saw several nudibranch and turtles along the wall. We come back to the boat for lunch and it was pizza day, with spaghetti and greens. After lunch was the famous Ulong Channel. Nice incoming current; 3 part dive we started at the wall then hook in and a nice drift inside the channel like you were in Alice in Wonderland with lot of beautiful soft and hard coral mixed in with lots of tropical fish. For our fourth dive we dive Sandy Paradise. Sloping Coral gardens meet up with sandy bottom. There were schooling of barracuda and scad in the blue and along the coral garden where you can see lots of macro like leaf fish, mantis shrimp and more. When we come back to the boat Chef Christian prepare a feast for us. Roast beef and chicken, potato, cauliflower and vegetables for dinner. After dinner we watched Jim Video of the charter.

On the final morning for the first dive we head over to Chandelier Cave. Here we would check out air chambers over air chambers seeing the stalactites. On the way out the divers turn the lights off to use the ambient light to make their way out. Once outside they would spend the rest of the dive looking for the elusive Mandarin fish. A beautiful multicolored fish that hides in the coral. Second dive we head over Jake Sea Plane. Shallow dive for the last dive of the charter perfect for guests leaving early morning tomorrow. The plane wreck was pretty much intact, perfect for video or photo opportunity. We saw octopus making its house on the reef, colorful cardinals close by the plane wreck and more small fish. After we get back the guests all clean up their gear with our help and then enjoy the afternoon. Some go into town to have a drink and some internet. The rest relax on the boat and packed their bags until the cocktail party that evening. After that they all go off the boat to enjoy their final meal on land. We pick them all up after dinner and 3 guests early morning we drop the guests to shore for their early flight.

It’s been a great week of diving stories and sightings. The guests were a pleasure and the weather wonderful. At 8am Sunday morning we hate to send them off. Bon Voyage and we hope to see them all again.