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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 06, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Jan 6th to 13th 2018

Guests David & Alison, Sue & Mike, Irma, Ted, Conor & Dorothy, Tom, Iain, John, Sean, Keith, Sarah & Andy, Julie & Andy, John.

Crew  Capt Niall, 1st Mate Manny, Engineer Rodel, Master Chef Kingsley, Instructor Justin, Steward Oneil.

Water temp 81f

Air temp     84f

Exposure Protection   3mm wetsuit maybe with hoodies or vest also.

Saturday The weather threatened to send some very strong winds and they certainly kept their promise. The real cold snap in the US played havoc with some flights but by 9pm we had all but 2 of our eager group on board and ready for diving.

Sunday We awoke to dark rolling clouds and winds in 30 to 35 mph range but we were exactly where we should have been…….on the protected side of the Grand Cayman on a very secure mooring with some very good diving right below us. Our chosen spot was the USS Kittiwake and the hefty chain that we can tie in on. The Kittiwake is perfect for such a day as it offers reef, wreck & drop off all from one mooring. We spent the day exploring all three and although the winds were constant and whipping at times we had ourselves a fine day of diving and it was easily a very good way to spend a Sunday.

Monday The winds eased up a little and we headed the short run to Round Rock for a morning of splendid wall diving along with some delightful swim thrus. We had turtles and a very cool eagle ray to entertain us and also a very curious free swimming green moray eel. Kingsley served up a Mexican style feast for lunch as we headed for the wreck of the Oro Verde for a couple of dives and it was very cool to compare with the Kittiwake that is very much intact and the Oro Verde that is now all broken to pieces after umpteen years sitting on the ocean floor. We found spotted drum and numerous lobsters and a friendly turtle. Our night dive was at Paradise Reef and it was our good fortune to find more lobsters, channel crabs, a sleeping turtle and a hunting octopus.

Tuesday We awoke to a break in the weather and the wind eased up considerably but the weather man threatened more wind to come. We did 2 very cool dives on the Doc Poulson shipwreck before heading around northwest point and into the north sound lagoon for a dive at stingray city. It had more turtles at the Doc Poulson aswell as a visit from a very cool nurse shark that swam thru our group at least 3 to 4 times. As always Sting Ray City was hugely popular and a very fun dive. We had several rays play with us repeatedly and pose for photos. Next stop was Bonnies Arch for a single dive and then on to Jax Dax for a nightdive. More Turtles along with a very cool spotted drum were the highlight at Bonnies while Jax Dax offered up yet another hunting Octopus.

Wednesday Neptunes Drop Off was our first stop for the day and we got to see a feeding eagle ray up close along with yet another turtle. Kingsley served up cheese burgers in paradise for lunch as we made the short run to Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor for a 2 for 1 dive site deal. As advertised their an big old anchor that has been carbon dated to the mid 18th century. The sponge live here is pretty amazing and again we had a very cool turtle encounter and a night dive that produced lobster, channel crab, a hunting moray eel that was at least 8ft long and yet again we had an octopus.

Thursday Our day started at Big Tunnels for a super cool dive among the glorious swim thrus that weave in and out of the sheer drop off. Barracuda and turtles were among the sighting along with a very cool green moray. Asian themed lunch was our mid day feast as we cruised along the beach to Governors Reef. Another nurse shark and more friendly turtles were the highlight of the dive before we moved to Anglefish Reef for a twilight/ nightdive and guess what ? we got another hunting Octopus to finish off the day.

Friday We awoke to a splendid Cayman sunrise and headed south to Eagle Ray Rock for the first dive of the day. Large pinnacles and a sheer drop is the defining feature of the Eagle Ray Rock and we always giant stride into the water in the hope of finding the creature the site is named for. Sadly no Eagle Ray was sighted but we did find 2 very juvenile spotted drum instead. On we moved to Devils Grotto for our final dive of the week and as always it was one of the most popular dives of the week, we had the resident tarpon along with a free swimming moray and of course the dynamic swim thrus that make the Grotto so famous.

We enjoyed the Capts cocktail party with the back drop of a truly splendid Cayman sunset. Special mention must go to Conor, Mike & Sue for completed their Nitrox course and Conor even pushed on and completed his Advanced course also.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor IV Crew