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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 06, 2018
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II Captain’s log


January 6th-13th 2018

Air Temp 63-75 Fahrenheit

Water Temp 74 Fahrenheit

Visibility 50-100 Ft



Captain Matt Herwig

2nd Captain Tim

Instructors/DMs: Tristan Beasley, Josh Rinker, R.J Johnson

Chef Eric Fresquez



Frederick Myers

Rhonda Myers

Joshua Vasconcellos

Erica Vasconcellos

Robert Thompson

Rick Thompson

Rod Ehman

Pam Bitner

William McCauley

Johnny Choi

Fredrik Magnell

Paul Calverase


Dive Sites

Sunday- Amphitheatre, Manta Ville

Monday- Hammer Head, Paradise Pinnacle, Au Au Crater

Tuesday-Never Never Land, Land of Oz, Manuka BAy

Wednesday- Wall’s Wall, Black Coral Forest, Rainbow Reef

Thursday- Pohue Bay, Catacombs, Pele’s Playground, Rob’s Reef, Pelagic Magic.

Friday- Turtle Pinnacle


Saturday January 6, 2018

Aloha from the Kona Aggressor 2. This evening we welcomed our 12 guests on board for what will be a fantastic week of diving. After all guests got settled in we headed out to our mooring in Kailua Kona Bay. After experiencing their first beautiful Hawaiian sunset Captain Matt led us in introductions of all members of the boat followed by a detailed safety briefing. Chef Eric prepared us a wonderful meal consisting of Blue Marlin and other fine foods with a lime pie with coconut meringue for dessert. Guests went to sleep shortly after to prepare for their first big day of diving.



Sunday January 7th ,2018

Our voyage begins with a short trip south to Amphitheatre. After 2 dives and a fantastic Lunch served by chef Eric we found ourselves at Manta ville. Despite low visibility and high surge our divers were able to spot an undulating moray as well as a crown of thorns. Many divers found Snorkels left behind by snorkelers who had done the manta experience in the past. The divers did not have any luck on the Manta dive and returned to the boat after a 30 minute dive with no manta rays.


Monday January 8th, 2018

Early risers saw a wonderful surprise this morning as a 7 foot manta fed off of plankton brought to the surface by our port side lights. After a brief show from the Manta we set off for our first site, Hammerhead. Pam spotted a day octopus along the coral rubble and all the divers gathered around excitedly to see this quirky cephalopod. Divers were treated to a long nose hawk fish as well as two day octopus at our second site, Paradise pinnacle. Moving on to Au Au crater for our stay over night. Guests were able to see Peacock razor wrasse among the unique Hawaiian black sand. With Cornish game Hen for dinner, our divers go to sleep with full stomachs and high expectations as we continue to journey south.


Tuesday January 9th, 2018

As we continue south we make our first stop at Never Never Land. Guests were lucky enough to see 3 hammerhead sharks as well as some triangle butterfly fish. After a beautiful second dive at Land of Oz it’s time for taco Tuesday prepared be chef Eric. Mooring up for the night at Manuka bay. After three more dives and a fantastic dinner our divers sleep soundly. Rocked by the steady motion of the boat in the protected bay of Manuka.


Wednesday January 10th, 2018

Another great morning of diving at our first site Wall’s Wall, divers saw a small eagle ray at the beginning of the dive, and also saw it circle back to say goodbye at their 3 minute safety stop. Our second site Black Coral Forest was lead by veteran Instructor Tim and showed just how unique Hawaiian diving really is. After another wonderful lunch prepared by Chef Eric we head to the spot where we will spend the night. Rainbow Reef. The best part of a live aboard in Hawaii is the ability to come so far south where day boats simply can’t reach. Rainbow Reef is one of the most healthy reefs on the island and shows very little signs of the coral bleaching found on most of the Island. After a Night dive lead by Instructor Tristan. Our divers are ready to go to sleep and excited for their second to last day of diving tomorrow.


Thursday January 11th, 2018

This morning we head north. Making 4 different stops on our way up to the mooring outside of Kailua-Kona. During our first dive of the day at Pohue Bay we were lucky enough to see a pod of 20 spinner dolphins jumping out of the water and playing around the dive boat. On our journey north we stopped at Pele’s Playground as well as Robs’s Reef. After the last dinner onboard prepared by Chef Eric. The divers hopped in for the signature Pelagic Dive.

Friday January 12th, 2018

On our last day of diving we visited turtle pinnacle for 2 dives. During the first dive the poor visibility and high surge cause by the large swells did not make for a very interesting dive. However on the second one, divers were treated to a Manta ray in the first few minutes of the dive as well as a turtle scratching the barnacles off her back later on in the dive.