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Roatan Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 13, 2018
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor Captains log January 13-20th, 2018


*Air Temp. 79-82F

*Water Temp. 81-83 F

* Visibility 30-80ft

* Wetsuit req. 3-5 mm full, shortie or skin


Captain Eddy

Director Alan

Chef Dorian

Instructor Willie

Stewardess Jana

Engineer: Johnny


We are happy to welcome 14 guests from around the United States , Everyone arrived by the 3:30 boarding time. We had some cold beverages for all the guests while they checked out the yacht and set up their dive gear. We then had a delicious BBQ cook out prepared by Chef Dorian, on the sun deck



A short journey along the south side towards Parrot Tree point to dive the clear waters at pirate point . Everyone jumped in and checked out their gear. Always a great location for our first morning of diving. Groupers, angels, schooling horse eye jacks and the ever present over zealous giant green moray came out to say hello. The wreck of Mr Bud was our afternoon site always one of the south side favorites, Here we get the chance the wreck located on the edge of a beautiful drop off, Willies a magician when it comes to finding the Mantis shrimp, and the many decorator crabs located here. Our first night dive produces, giant channel crabs, lobsters and the beautiful color changing octopus. Wow what a great first day of diving.

The highlight of the dive was a black sea horse, which was attached to a sea fan near the mooring line. A wonderful night dive gave way to crabs, lobster and our black sea horse. Back on the yacht Jana had some hot chocolate for the guests when they returned. Then it was time for a New Years Eve dinner and some celebrating. Great day & night of diving.



We cruised several miles along the south side as we were feeling the winds of the cold front covering the Caribbean. Kelvins Krack at Jonestown was up first, An amazing crack in the edge of the reef leading down to the wall makes for a exciting

Morning of diving. Here we saw the resident Black durgeons, spotted eel, porcupine fish and our first golden sea horse of the week. 5 miles further east we stopped at Virginians Wall for the afternoon and dusk dive. A shallow reef to the drop off produces plenty of opportunities for critter sightings, and another 2 sea horses. Schooling Atlantic Spade fish. The dusk dive was amazing, more crabs, more lobsters’ and more octopus more more more


Tuesday As the seas were a little bumpy we headed to Cara Cara Our first site of the day was the shark dive at Cara Cara. Today we were entertained by our resident 6-8 grey reef sharks showing off their amazing agility and grace. The black grouper not wanting to be outclassed came in and showed them who really are the bosses of the reef. A easy drift dive down the wall at Fire Point for our second dive provided a nice relaxed dive after the excitement of Cara Cara. 2 turtles and a stingray were spotted.. The weather was doing us no favors and we opted to stay close by a safe port and dive on the reef next to Barefoot Keye for the afternoon. A shallow shelf provided a great located for two afternoon dives with plenty of critters, puffer fish, groupers, shrimp’s, large eye toad fish, Peacock flounder and a tiny anemone crab.



This morning we headed east as the winds were blowing again, A lovely easy drift dive along the wall at Fire point started our day off in style, more of the usuall reef critters and the amazing formations of the Southside wall.

2 more drift dives were enjoyed at Paul’s Wall as the current was running so we simply jumped in on the edge of the drop off and drifted for 45 min down the wall to be picked up by the mother ship. This is as easy as diving gets and seeing the beauty of the wall and all its critters as we glide by.

Another dive on Virginia’s Wall provided plenty of critters as well as the school of Spade fish getting cleaned at the Pillar Coral cleaning station. A short cruise into Port Royal put us into the beautiful safe anchorage lagoon for a safe calm night.



The morning site was the world famous Mary’s Place. We made a2 dives here in great calm conditions. Underwater was fantastic! Everyone enjoyed the swim thru’s. crevices and schooling groupers and jacks, another toadfish and the golden seahorse were spotted too. The afternoon we went to Parrot Tree Michael had a close encounter with our resident green eel that he wont forget, spotted drum, spotted eel, stingray, neck crab, octopus out in the daytime, burr fish, peacock flounder and 3 rainbow squid. A few brave souls ventured out for the night dive and rewarded they were, more crabs, squid, sleeping parrotfish and 3 yes 3 out and about octopus topped off another great day of diving.



As always Fridays come too soon 2 dives left this morning at 40ft wall with sunshine and great vis. Plenty of critters and smiley faces were before we have to head back to our dock in French Harbor, Its time to wash down our gear, pack our bags and enjoy a drink or two at the captains farewell party and a 5 star dinner a Romeo’s restaurant on our dock Congrats to Todd and Lois on their Ironman diver awards and Happy Birthday to Buddy & Pat. It was great to dive with familiar faces and a BIG thank you to you all for making this a safe week of diving in somewhat challenging conditions with great fun and pleasant memories.


Until next time, Crew of the Roatan Aggressor……