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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 13, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew



Cayman Aggressor IV

Jan 13th to 20th 2018


Guests   Lisa & Brian, Andrew, Steven, Diane & Rick, Tod, Rich, Daniel & Minda, Brent, Chris, Jos & marie,

Crew Capt Niall, 1st mate Manny, Chef Kingsley, Instructors Aubri & Justin, Steward Oneil.

Air temp 80f

Water temp 79f

Exposure protection 3mm wetsuit

Saturday Our day started with bright sunshine but the weather gods again had a plan to send us harsh winds and whipping seas. By 10.30pm we had all of our group on board and ready for a great week of diving.

Sunday We got under way as the sun tried to rise in the sky but the low lying cloud did its best to obscure the view. Our first stop was a very cool dive site known as Bullwinkle. The depths range from 15 feet to 60 feet and has some very cool gullies and swim thrus along with a school of resident tarpon to entertain us. Kingsley fixed a yummy subway Sunday lunch as we made the Japanese Gardens for the afternoon dives and a night a dive. More dynamic swim thrus and gullies were the order of the afternoon along with lots of lobsters and channel crab.

Monday An early start saw us head out to the east end of Grand Cayman for a couple of dives at Tunnel of Love. As advertised the site has a very cool, long winding tunnel that drops out into the blue at about the 80ft mark. The current can run at times at Tunnel of Love but this morning it was our good fortune to have a very diver friendly gentle current, cool sighting was 2 very juvenile spotted drums right at the base of the mooring line. A Mexican themed lunch was the mid day offerings from Kingsley’s galley as we made the short run to Kelly’s Caverns for the afternoon and the night dive. Turtles, jawfish and sail fin blenny were the order of the afternoon and a night dive that produced more lobster and crabs and a very cool octopus.

Tuesday An early start saw us get underway for Lighthouse Wall as Kinglsey served up the yummy choice of eggs Benedict or Florentine. A sheer wall and cool swim thrus were the treats at Lighthouse all to the background of schools of blue chromis. Next stop was Pedros Castle for a dive before and after lunch. Super clear water greeted us at pedros as cruised the atmospheric swim thrus and gullies. Pedros is a very cool mix of reef and wall and ghostly pinnacles. The seas started to turn some what so we made our way around to Governors reef for a late afternoon and nightdive

Wednesday The USS Kittiwake was our first stop for a couple of morning dives on a glorious cold war era submarine rescue vessel. The Kittiwake sits so close to the reef and drop that is gives a wonderful choice of reef, wreck and wall. We even got to spend 15 minutes with an eagle ray that was happily feeding in the sand just off the wreck. Cheese burgers in paradise was Kingsley’s treat for us at lunch time as we made the short run to another wreck called the Oro Verde. The OV as it is affectionately known is the polar opposite to the Kittiwake. The Kittiwake is intact and sunk only as recently as 2011 whereas the OV was suk back in the late 80’s and is now far more wreckage than wreck but it is home to all kinds of very cool critters, we had lobster and spotted drum, channel crab and a large green moray eel.

Thursday After some respite in the wind on Wednesday the weather gods were in blowing fashion again today with more 30 to 35mph winds. It didn’t really bother us though as we enjoyed 5 cool dives. First up was Round Rock & Trinity Caves and even though the wind was howling above it was all calm and serene below. We had another eagle ray and more turtles along with a very curious green moray eel. An Asian themed lunch was the mid day spread from Kinglsey’s galley. On we moved to the wreck of the Doc Poulson for 2 afternoon dives before heading on to Lost Treasure for a twilight/night dive. Kingsley served up the customary thanksgiving feast for dinner as everyone enjoyed the movie of the week and photo slide show.

Friday Our final day of dive was spent at Neptunes Drop Off and although again the gods were sending us harsh winds and sporadic rains all was peacefully down below. Another turtle and schooling jacks were the order of the morning and the sun even came out for awhile to remind us we were in the Caribbean.

Special mention goes to Joce and Dianne whom enjoyed birthdays on board with us this week. All in all we had a great week of Cayman diving done in Aggressor style.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew