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Roatan Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 20, 2018
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor Captains Log January 20th-27th, 2018


*Air Temp. 78-81F

*Water Temp. 77-79 F

* Visibility 70-100+ft

* Wetsuit req. 3-5 mm full, shortie or skin




Captain - Eddy

Cruise Director - Alan

Chef - Dorian

Instructor - G

Instructor - Gabi

Stewardess- Candy

Deck Hand - German




Sunday – Pirate Point & Mr Bud

Monday Tabiana & Half Moon Bay Wall

Tuesday – Cayos Sea Mounts, Toon Town

Wednesday – Cara A Cara, 40 Degree Point & Virginia s Wall

Thursday – Calvin s Crack & Mary s Place

Friday – Little French Cay




We are happy to welcome a small intimate group of 11 aboard our yacht at 3.30pm, after introductions were made, cool drinks past around, our guests were treated to a bbq under the stars from our resident chef, Dorian, after a long day of travelling the majority of guests were off to their cosy cabins for some well deserved rest.



Calm seas & bright, warm sunshine made for a short trip to our first dive site at Pirate Point, good visibility greeted our keen guests on their check out dive, within moments we saw several Nudibranchs, Scorpion fish, Spotted Lobster & a huge Channel Clinging Crab, amongst Corkscrew Anemone s Peterson Cleaning Shrimp were busy at work as Snapping Shrimp continued to hide. On the way back we came across an Intermediate Drum Fish.

We were very pleased with the arrival of our 12th guest just as the lunch horn blew, after airline issues he was extremely pleased to finally be with us.

The fine weather continued & to Mr Bud we went, along the wall & to the mooring where we were tied to the remains of an old tug boat, a large green moray greeted us, weaving in between the hull, Jawfish played in the sandy areas while hermit crabs clung to sea fans as we made our way back, dinner was served, the night dive briefed & 8 divers delved into the night waters to watch the squid play and the clams dance, back onboard guests were greeted by Candy serving hot chocolate with a dash of rum.



Travelling a few miles ……. we tie up at our first site of the day, Tabiana, splashing at 8am & again at 10.30, we had great pleasure in watching busy cleaning stations, the photographers amongst us were wowed by Trunk Fish, Juvenile Nassau and huge Black Grouper s enjoying their spa sessions. going about their symbiotic daily routine as Hawkbill Turtle, Spotted Eel & Southern Ray pass by with a Spanish Mackerel biding us farewell as we ascended for Lunch.

Onto Half Moon Bay Wall, Vanessa found not 1 but 6! Juvenile Drum. We also spotted a large Porcupine Fish, Mating Lobster, Mantis Shrimp and a Fire-worm, Captain Eddy found us a wonderful surprise, a Red Lipped Bat Fish, a very exciting find & an excellent day of diving.



Departing Roatan in the early hours we arrived at Cayos Cochinos for a splash before breakfast, delving into the stunning Pelagic rich waters, surrounded by Atlantic Spade Fish, Ocean Triggers, Shoals of Bar Jack, both Sennet and Chevron Barracuda is a very splendid site to see, known as the seamounts they rise from the deep, two large profile coral heads sitting at 35ft.

After a fine Eggs Benedict breakfast we revisited the site again to see Cow & Trumpet fish bombarded by shoals of Creole Wrasse.

Onto Cayo Cochinos and Toon Town which was unfortunately suffering from the remnants of last weeks weather, the continued run off caused visibility to be low so a decision was made to return to Roatan for the night dive where we played with Octopus, Brittle Stars, Slipper and Spotted Lobster prior to our evening meal and a film.





A pre breakfast dive at Cara A Cara with 14 Grey Reef Sharks & a rather large Nassau and Black Grouper was our first entertainment encounter. The remainder of the day was spent at 40 Degree Point and Virginias Wall in addition to the usual suspects we spotted Decorator Crabs, Yellow & Red Seahorses, Large Eyed Toad Fish and a splendid Leopard Flatworm, however the star of the day was the immense Eagle Ray who cruised by.




After breakfast we had our 1st & 2nd dives at Calvins Krack, an excellent swim thru with sightings of King Crab, Green Moray, Pipefish and a beautiful Bearded Toad Fish, then onto the fabulous Mary s Wall, also well known for its swim thru s, cracks & crevices, surrounded by a swirl of Sergeant Majors, Chubs, Creole Wrasse & Midnight Parrot Fish, a plethora of life & vibrance.



Sadly Friday came too soon, 2 dives at Little French Cay, a 5ft Wahoo swam past without a care in the world, what a wonderful way to end the week. heading back to our dock in French Harbour its time to wash down our gear, pack our bags and enjoy a drink or two at the captains farewell party followed by a 5 star dinner a Romeo s restaurant at our home dock.



Once again it s time to say our goodbyes.

Special congrats to our Iron divers: Kevin; Clint; Ray & Vanessa. Congrats to our Milestone divers, Vanessa for reaching 300 dives & BJ for a 100, with a special congratulations to our latest Advanced Open Water diver Bec.


Until next time, Crew of the Roatan Aggressor……