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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 20, 2018
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

January 20, 2018 – January 27, 2018


Sea State: light

Avg. Air Temp: 80oF

Avg. Water Temp: 78oF

Avg. Visibility: 80ft+



Captain - Jerome

Chef – Yanis

Steward- Randy

Engineer- Fermin

Dive Instructor- Daniel

Deck Assistant - Job


Saturday January 20, 2018

3:00PM – Guests Board

5:30 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:45 PM – Food time!




Sunday January 21, 2018

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope & Amber Head North

We departed Radisson dock early morning hoping for a great week of diving. For our first day of diving we went directly to the western side of Turneffe Atoll, where we did our check out dive at Sandy Slope. Known for its open sandy bottom, this site is perfect to do buoyancy checks before heading to the sloping wall. The drop off had a busy section of reef buzzing with large schools of creole wrasse that made us feel as if we were inside an aquarium. The moment got even more amazing as a spotted eagle ray glided just over us.

After two beautiful easy dives at Sandy Slope, we stopped at one of Captain Jerome’s favourite sites, Amber Head North. After and exciting and passionate briefing about the variety of sponges and colours of the site, we descended to the colourful sceneries, perfect for the photography enthusiasts. A white spotted toad fish, lobsters, a couple of eels and channel clinging crabs were all part of the prelude to more excitement to come at Lighthouse Reef Atoll.


Monday January 22, 201

Dive Sites: Half Moon Caye Wall & Painted Wall

With light winds ahead, there was no better place to dive in than at Half Moon Caye Wall. We got pretty busy from the initial descent when we were delighted to see southern stingrays swimming around and below us. Getting closer to the bottom, we noticed many garden eels and razor fish. We stopped for a moment to absorb the view, and while the eyes adjusted to watching these creatures we were suddenly captivated by the astonishing number of flapping dingbats all over the sand bed. It is enough to say that we hovered over them for a while, dumbfounded by the sight.

Off the wall, it seemed as luck was on our side when a reef shark quickly appeared to say hello and just like that it said goodbye. The dive ended beautifully with a spotted eagle ray on sight.

Painted Wall in the afternoon was really a hit, as we had tons of Bermuda chubs, surgeon major, tarpons and yellow tail snappers just waiting to greet us. The clarity at the top of the wall made it a perfect spot to be since we had clear views of both the top and the drop off. A friendly little hawksbill soon found us, passing through the group and disappearing in the distance.

The night dive brought us a couple of octopus, lobsters and big channel clinging crabs.


Tuesday January 23, 2017

Dive Site: Bluehole & Long Caye Wall

Tuesday was the Bluehole day and we were ready!! A 45 minutes scenic boat ride from our night mooring took us to what is believed to be a submarine sinkhole. Our Engineer Fermin prepared the guests and gave a detail briefing before jumping in the cool water.

Descending down to a sandy ledge at forty feet and then into the deep blue water that looks like it has no bottom, we started swimming through an individual stalactite that opens up into an even larger formation. This was a great opportunity to take photos, as well as a time for us to be amazed by the wonders of nature.

The afternoon dives were on Long Caye Wall, where we enjoyed the section of reef that is known for boasting of its variety of magnificent coral formations. We took advantage of the awesome macro shots to get astonishing photos. We found several neck crabs hanging on gorgonians, flamingo tongue, Peterson shrimps, banded coral shrimps and lobsters.

Night divers were convinced to join the party at the hot tub. A great way to end a day as they all shared dive and personal stories over a glass of wine or beer while the sun set.


Wednesday January 24, 2017

Dive Site: Lighthouse Wall & Silver Caves

Lighthouse Wall is synonymous of the miniature world of Neptune, and we wasted no time swimming over to the grass bed in pursuit of the hidden creatures that are often left unseen. We struck gold finding many little shrimps amongst a world on conchs and stingrays. It was a nice dive to explore and just be on the lookout for the smallest things we could find. For the second dip of the day, we ventured over to the wall, where the always friendly Nassau groupers trailed behind us and took the lead every now and then. At some point through the dive, we spotted a turtle overhead and decided to wait for it to descend. Unfortunately, it must have been scared of us because it never did, and we eventually continued our exploration.

Silver Caves graciously showed us a beautiful display of schooling trunkfish, while a roaming nurse shark was an unusual sight for the afternoon dive. A couple of very small juvenile spotted drums, a green moray eel, and a couple of dolphins were our last visuals as we did our safety stop, needless to say, it was an adrenalin rush just before going back to the surface.

The night dive “show” was set by three octopus, channel clinging crabs, a long horn nudibranch, a Spanish lobster, and a spiny lobster, and we couldn’t have been happier.


Thursday January 25, 2017

Dive Site: Chain wall, The Notch & Black Beauty

Coming to close to the end of our week, we did Chain Wall, The Notch and Black Beauty and they were all spectacular in their own terms. To bid farewell to Lighthouse Reef Atoll, we saw sharks one last time and the amiable groupers again. And to start off at Turneffe Atoll again, we were overjoyed to spot a couple of nurse sharks enjoying a tranquil nap on the sea floor. It was quite a peaceful scene. We also saw some free swimming green eels, as well as a hawksbill.

For the night dive at Black Beauty, octopuses, an array of different sized lettuce slug, white spotted toad fish were all part of the last night dive of the week. We were very happy to see a lot of night activity going on, as if it were all part of the farewell committee.  


Friday January 26, 2017

Dive Sites: Triple Anchor & Amber Head South

The last two dives were peaceful and relaxing; from the morning dive at Triple Anchor, where we saw the reef come to life again with fish coming back from its slumber, and watching the angelfish and creole wrasse slowly start to assemble in school.

And then to the beautiful sponge formations of Amber Head South, where the seal of approval and success was put on by a magnificent spotted eagle ray as we ascended into a freshwater shower from the sky. It couldn’t have been better if we had planned it.


The captain and crew of the Belize Aggressor III are grateful that you chose to dive in Belize and we welcome you to do it bigger and better in the future, once again aboard our vessel. We sincerely hope you enjoyed your stay.