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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 20, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew



Cayman Aggressor IV

Jan 20th to 27th 2018

Guests  Kim & Sysser, Steven, Jesse, John, Abigail & Chris Jr, Chris Sr & Eileen, Roy, Heather, Kat, Suzi & Scott, Norma & Mel, Pat & Amanda.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st Mate Alan, Chef Kingsley, Instructors Aubri & Justin, Steward Oneil.

Air Temp 82f

Water Temp 78f

Exposure Protection   3mm wetsuit at least.

Saturday By the time Kingsley was serving up his famous and truly delicious BBQ dinner we had all of our new group of fun loving adventurous on board and getting in the mood for a great week of diving to come.

Sunday Our day started at the Doc Poulson for 2 dives on this glorious little wreck that sits right by the drop off. Cool sightings were some camera friendly turtles and a large eagle ray. We moved during lunch to the wreck of the Oro Verde for a couple of dives before moving onto Jax Dax for a night dive. We had camera friendly turtles and free swimming moray eels along with yellow headed jaw fish that seemed to tease the photographers. All agreed it was a great way to spend any Sunday.

Monday Our day started with a couple of dives at a 2 for 1 dive site deal as we tied to Round Rock which is close enough for us to enjoy Trinity caves aswell. We had more turtles and yet another free swimming moray eel as we cruised thru the labyrinth of gullies and tunnels that hang close to the drop off. We also had the cool sighting of two very juvenile spotted drum. A Mexican lunch await us when we returned from the 2nd dive and all agreed that it was just about the best Mexican food they had taste inside or outside Mexico. On we moved again for another 2 for 1 dive site bargain at Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor. The anchor is supposedly Spanish and has been lodged in the reef for over 300 yrs according to the carbon dating process that was practiced on it some years ago. We had more turtles and a very cool eagle ray along with a sleeping turtle on the night dive and a very cute squid.

Tuesday We cranked the engines very early and made our way around to the north side of Grand Cayman to see if the weather man was telling the truth about the wind & wave and sure enough he was so we headed back around to Big Tunnels for a couple of very cool dives among atmospheric swim thrus and a sheer drop off. We had some turtles and schooling jacks along with a cloud of blue chromis. Chef Kingsley served up a wonderful Italian lunch as we braced the seas again, this time with success and made our way into Sting Ray City for a brilliant dive with the world famous rays of sting ray city. On we moved again out to Babylon on the east end for a late afternoon and night dive. Hammerhead Hammerhead Hammerhead !!!!!! it is a rare sighting when a hammerhead shark is seen here in the Cayman Islands but we saw not only one but two hammerhead sharks cruising the wall top together and for an added bonus a sizeable sail fish was also sighted. Babylon is arguably the best wall site in Grand Cayman and today it definitely delivered. The divers that braved the 79f water temp for a night were rewarded with channel crab and lobster along with moray eels and a hunting octopus.

Wednesday The seas were by now coming north but we lived with the chop and bump to get 2 more dives in at Babylon. The wall there is truly splendid in the early morning light and although the hammerheads were not sighted again we enjoyed 2 glorious dives on that coral adorned drop off. Cheese burgers in paradise was Kingsley’s lunch time spread as we made our way to Bonnies Arch for a fantastic dive at this old Cayman favorite. We had at least 2 spotted drum and a very camera friendly turtle that seemed to move from diver to diver to get a photo with everyone. On again we moved to Devils Grotto for yet another Cayman favorite among the super cool swim thrus that make the Grottp so famous and as always we had an up close encounter with the resident tarpon. After a wonderful dinner of pan crusted mahi mahi with a 4 cheese cauliflower bake we splashed for a night dive that rewarded us with spiny lobster & slipper lobster and with no less than 5 octopus.

Thursday An early start saw us claim the USS Kittiwake for ourselves, a quick briefing after Kingsley eggs to order with bacon and hash brown saw us splash in on this Ex US navy submarine rescue vessel. We spent 3 whole dives on the Kittiwake which allow us to explore her from stem to stern. The visibility was at least 100ft and the background a bright blue. A large school of horse eye jacks seemed to be patrolling the wreck, spiraling this way then the other as photographers chased that elusive shot. The nearby reef and drop off is worth at least one dive all to itself so even after 3 dives it felt like it wasn’t enough. We moved on for a mid-afternoon and twilight dive at Governors reef and had our selves an eye feast of turtles and lobster.

Friday Our day started at Neptunes Drop Off but not before Chef Kingsley served up eggs to order with smoked sausage and waffles. Off we went to explore Neptunes. We had good visibility and although the wind was in the 30kt range it was calm and tranquil below. We had turtles and schooling jacks to end our week of diving and even tho the weather again gods were not so kind to us we had a fantastic week of diving.

Special mention must go to Steven whom enjoyed a birthday on board with us, to Amanda & Pat for completed their nitrox course, John went one further in completed both his nitrox and advanced open water course. We had some diving milestones also and again John was in the mix in logging his 50th dive and to Jesse for logging the grand number of 150 dives.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor IV Crew