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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 13, 2018
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II Captain’s log


January 13th-20th

Air temp 72-90 Fahrenheit

Water Temp 76 Fahrenheit

Visibility 25-75 Ft



Captain Matt Herwig

2nd Captain Eric Fresquez

Instructors/DMs: Tristan Beasley, R.J Johnson, Josh Rinker

Chef Kevin Bennet



James Symanski

Catherine Marbach

Gregory Niehaus

Michael Mathais

Katherine Carpenter

Gerald Otte

Jennifer Otte

Manuel Sam

John Ambrose

Barbara Draves

Elizabeth Meyers


Dive Sites

Sunday- Shark Fin, Aquarium, Garden Eel Cove

Monday-Kalokos, Meadows, Au Au Crater

Tuesday-Never Never Land, Land of Oz, Manuka bay

Wednesday- Pohue Bay, Stoney Mesas, Manuka

Thursday- Catacombs, Pele’s Playground, Paradise Pinnacle, The dome.

Friday- Turtle Pinnacle


Saturday January 13th

Aloha from the Kona Agrgessor 2. After welcoming our 12 new guests we set out to our mooring ball off the coast of Kailua-Kona. With introductions Lead by captain Matt the guests and Crew became more familiar with one another. Following the detailed safety briefing we had a fantastic Dinner of Coconut Rice, Asparagus and Seared Swordfish. Our guests get to bed early for their first day of diving tomorrow.


Sunday January 14th

A beautiful morning this morning as we start up north to avoid the heavy swell projected for this week. Our check out dive this morning at Shark Fin Rock was a little surge with not very good visibility, but the second dive at Aquarium more than made up for it with the diverse sea life and endemic species only found in Hawaii. The site we are spending the night at tonight is Garden Eel Cove. Known for being the home of the famous manta ray night dive, this unique site is also home to the endemic Hawaiian garden eels. Which are like those found in the Caribbean, just much longer. All 12 divers attended the night dive tonight despite high surge and low visibility and were rewarded for their diligence. For the first time all month the mantas made an appearance. Even following us back to the boat to wish us a good night.


Monday January 15th

The mantas departed shortly before sunrise this morning. Our first site today is Kalokos. Known for its beautiful set of triple arches and unique butterfly fish. A short trip over to Meadows for our second dive of the day. The surge was quite strong and because of that the visibility was a little murky. Some divers were able to see 2 Eagle rays on that dive. After a 2 hour trip south we found ourselves at the site we would hookup up to for the night. During our three dives at this site divers saw peacock razor wrasse and yellow tang. Chef Kevin prepared a delicious dinner of green beans, mashed potatoes and flank steak with chimichuri. With apple crumble for desert.


Tuesday January 16th

After a lovely breakfast of Ham Eggs and French toast, divers hop in for the first dive at Never Never Land to see 2 Hammerheads and a green sea turtle. The second dive at Land Of Oz showed improvement over the conditions faced in the sites further to the north. At our third site Manuka Bay, guests were treated to fantastic conditions, especially considering the high swell and surge they had experienced earlier in the week. After A delicious dinner of Salmon, Jasmine Rice and a waldorf salad. 6 divers hop in for the night dive whule the rest go to sleep early in preparation for another big day tomorrow.


Wednesday January 17th

A beautiful morning as we hop in for our first dive at Pohue Bay. Divers were treated to all sorts of interesting crustaceans as they explored the lush antler Coral found at this site. a fantastic second dive at Pohue Bay. Our second site was Stoney Mesas. Featuring healthy coral and beautiful canyons, this site was a real treat. To hookup for the night we head back to Manuka Bay. A wonderful dinner on the sundeck of Hawaiian sweet potatoes, Cornish game hen and sautéed vegetables with a brownie sundae for desert, followed by an action packed night dive as the urchins began to spawn.


Thursday January 18th

Our last full day of diving starts not far from where we spent the night. Catacombs is one of our personal favorite sights because of it’s beautiful topography and intricate swimthroughs. Our second site is Pele’s Playground. Named after the Hawaiian deity of fire, this sight features large coral formations and steep drop offs. Our third site on our sprint north is Paradise pinnacle. Known for it’s unique sea life On the back of the “tongue” divers were lucky enough to see a longnose hawkfish in their home head of black coral. At the dome divers entered a large dome like structure under water lead by our experienced DM R.J. After a lovely dinner of Beef Tenderloin, Garlic mashed potatoes and a Caprese salad. Followed by chef Kevin’s famous White chocolate coconut crème brulee. Our final dive of the day is the pelagic dive where guests are fortunate enough to witness the largest migration on planet earth with their own two eyes.


Friday, January 19th

Our last day of diving. We head to the dock to drop off chef Kevin so he can shop for the groceries for next week’s charter. Our dive site for today is Turtle pinnacle, known originally for its larger than average population of turtles, this site is now home to tiger sharks as well as dolphins. Guests were able to swim with the dolphins during their very first dive! Cheeseburgers in paradise are prepared for lunch by our grill master Josh. Guests are free to roam the island until the cocktail party at 5 where we honor this week’s iron divers. Congrats to Beth Jenny Ian and Greg!