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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 27, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew



Cayman Aggressor IV

Jan 27th to Feb 3rd 2018

Guests   Michael, Treven, Mike, Ludo, John, Rick, Kevin & Lori, Matt, Kurt & Janet, Regina.

Crew   Capt Niall, Chef Kingsley, Instructors Justin & Aubri, Steward Latoya.

Water Temp   78 to 80 f   Air Temp 81 to 84 f

Exposure Protection   3mm at least.

Saturday All guests were on board by 4.30pm so we pushed off the dock and made for the Doc Poulson shipwreck in prep for the first dive the next day. All safety briefings were done and introductions complete so all settle down for a good nights rest and hurry along the dive bell and splash time.

Sunday We awoke to bright mornings sunrise with a fresh wind blowing and after Kingsley served up a hearty breakfast it was time to dive. The Doc Poulson provided a fine first couple of dives and with cool sightings of turtles and moray eels and an eagle ray that just hung under the boat for 30 minutes it was a great way to start. Off we went to another old Cayman favorite for two dives on the Oro Verde, more moray eels and eagle rays were the order of the afternoon along with a very cool find of a yellow headed jawfish with a mouthful of eggs.

Monday Our day started with 2 very cool dives at Round Rock and Trinity Caves. The visibility was in the 90ft range at least and we were joined by a friendly turtles and a curious eagle ray. The labyrinth of swim thrus at Trinity is always a big hit and today was no different, we weaved our way in and out of ancient cracks and gullies and cruised out over the blue. Kingsley served up a truly authentic Mexican lunch as we made our way around to Sting Ray City for a dive at that world famous place. On we moved after Sting Ray City to Babylon for a late afternoon and a nightdive. Babylon was very popular with our eager gang of happy divers. We had turtles and schooling jacks and a night dive that produced lobster and channel crabs along with squid and a feeding octopus.

Tuesday We awoke to much stronger winds from the north but we were in the right place to deal with that. Neptunes Drop Off was the our chosen spot and it was a good choice, we has a total of 4 eagle rays and a large curious nurse shark. Italian lunch was the mid-day feast served up by Kingsley as we made the short run to Governors Reef for a single dive with some more camera friendly turtles before we cruised around to the south side of Grand Cayman as the winds went from 25knts to 35knts and the sea built up with impressive white caps. Once around the south west corner the seas were much more diver friendly. We did a late afternoon dive at Bullwinkle and then a night dive at Pedros. We enjoyed the company of the resident tarpon at Bullwinkle and then had a very productive night at Pedros with lobsters, channel crabs and squid.

Wednesday We spent the first 3 dives of the day at Pedros enjoying the cool system of swim thrus and gullies along with the ghostly atmospheric pinnacles at the nearby drop off. We found lots of small stuff also, namely sail fin blenny and yellowed jawfish. Cheese Burgers in Paradise was Kingsley’s lunch time feast and it was a big hit. The weather gods had decided to bend the wind a little and we cruised around southwest point and did a late afternoon and night dive at Lost Treasure. We had lots of lobster and yet another large channel crab along with a large moray eel and a giant sized puffer fish.

Thursday Our day began at Kittiwake for 3 whole dives on this majestic ship wreck, we had time explore from stem to stern and the beyond. The Kittiwake sits on a sand bed of 50ft and looks down a sand slope out over the blue. There is also a very cool labyrinth of swim thrus on the reef either side of the sand chute. We had sighting of the week at the Kittiwake with 2 eagle rays seemingly courting with elaborate curls and spins in almost balletic style.

Friday Before we knew it our last day of diving was upon us but we still had 2 fantastic dives to do and more of Kingsley’s delicious food to enjoy. Big Tunnels was our first stop and it was a big hit, a sheer drop off and a very cool system of swim thrus made for a very impressive dive. Off we moved to Devils Grotto and it was our culinary delight to flavor red velvet brownies and a mid-morning snack. Devils Grotto proved its worth again as all agreed it was a great dive to end the week on.

Special mention this week must go to John for spending his 30 Aggressor trip with us and also to Bob for logging his 1600th dive.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew