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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 17, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Feb 17th to 24th 2018


Guests Moke, John, Jeanne & Mary, Jamie & Chad, Kimberly & Glenn, Julie & lee, Bob, Kelly & Carl, Tim, Ken, Carol & Stephen.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st Mate Manny, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Deckhand Oneil, Steward Latoya.

Air Temp 82f Water Temp 79f Wind NE 20 to 30.

Saturday  We had all guests on board by 5pm so we pushed off the dock and took up a mooring at Doc Poulson in readiness for our first dives just one sleep away. All intros and safety briefs were done and gear set up so we all hit the hay in anticipation of a great week of diving to come.

Sunday We awoke to a brisk breeze and a glorious sunrise and after Kingsley served up a hearty eggs, sausage & homestyle potatoes we splashed for the very first dive of the week. The wreck of the Doc Poulson is a perfect way to start, the old Japanese tug boat sits in just 50ft of water and is only a few fin kicks away from the drop off. A free swimming moray eel, an eagle ray and the cutest juvenile spotted drum were among the cool sightings. On we moved to world famous Sting Ray City for a very cool encounter with the friendly rays, we pretty much had the place to ourselves as boats turned up just as we pulled up the hook and moved on to Babylon for a late afternoon dive. The seas were tumbling and would only get worse so we really wanted to get a dive at Babylon. The wall at Babylon is among the best Grand Cayman has to offer and all agreed it was a great way to end a day of diving and a fantastic way to spend a Sunday.

Monday Round Rock and Trinity Caves was how we started our day and crystal blue water greeted us as we descended down on the wall and into the very cool labyrinth of swim thrus and caverns that twist and turn along the wall edge. Eagle Rays and turtles along with a very impressive goliath Grouper were among the sightings. Mexican lunch was served up by Chef Kingsley and it was truly enjoyed by all. On we moved to the Oro Verde for the afternoon dives on this old Cayman classic and yet another eagle ray, yet another turtle and for the 3rd week running we found a yellow headed jawfish with a mouthful of eggs. As we passed back over the wreck after a gentle swim out to the wall we found 4 lobster huddled together under a part of twist hull and just a few feet away a green moray was curled among the wreckage. We took the short run to Jax Dax for a very active night dive on which we found lobster and channel crab, 4 sleeping turtles, a free swimming moray eel and not one but two hunting octopus.

Tuesday The USS Kittiwake was our first site of call and we did a whole 3 dives on this very cool spot. The Kittiwake was purposely sunk in the sand only a few fin kicks from a very healthy reef and sheer drop off with some very atmospheric swim thrus. A large school of jacks patrolled the wreck from stem to stern and an eagle ray was also among the sightings. A home cooked Italian lunch was Kingsley’s lunch time fare as we moved the short run to a 2 for 1 dive site at Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor, both these sites sit in swim distance and it makes for a very relaxing dive to cruise from one to the other in a slow square. A large green moray was out hunting and the buried anchor is always worth pointing your camera at.

Wednesday The wind was up in the 30kt range and the white caps out in the bay whisked along. We were in the right spot to deal with those winds and headed for Neptunes Drop Off for a couple of morning dives. The wall is coral adorned at Neptunes and we were rewarded with eagle ray and turtle sightings. Kingsley served up lunch of the week with his signature Cheeseburgers in Paradise and as everyone chowed down on the culinary delight we headed across the bay to The Governors Reef for the afternoon and night dives. Another free swimming large green moray eel was out and about along with yet another friendly turtle and a night dive that produced lobster and moray eels and another octopus.

Thursday Our day start at Big Tunnels for 2 morning dives before we headed off to Bonnies Arch for 2 afternoon dives and finally ending the day at Angelfish Reef for a twilight/nightdive. The swim thrus at Big Tunnels always entertain and the sheer drop off is a delight cruise, its about as close to flying as you can get. Bonnies Arch mostly has some current which is part of the reason the site has such healthy coral life and today the current was in just the right mode to let us enjoy the site. Turtles and drum fish were among the cool sightings before we moved onto Angelfish Reef for our final dive of the day. More turtles along with the sites namesake were the sightings of note and all agreed it was a great way to finish a splendid day of diving.

Friday Eagle Ray Rock was the chosen spot to start our last day of diving and it was a big hit. Large pinnacles and deep sand chutes make for a very cool dive site topography with a nice swim thru that cuts one of the pinnacles thru the middle. Kingsley had hot double chocolate brownies waiting us when we got back on deck as we made the short run to Devils Grotto for our final dive of the week. More swim thrus and schooling tarpon is the signature features of Devils Grotto and is alays a very cool way to end the week.

Special mention this week must go to Jamie and Stephen whom completed their 200 and 300 logged dives, also to Kimberley, Jeanne and Carl for completing their nitrox certification. Thanks also to Bob from Scuba North for bringing us a fun group of divers.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew