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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 17, 2018
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log 17-24 Feb 2018



*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 28c

* Visibility 25m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Bom

Deck hand: Rong

Deck Hand: Bank

Chef: Phorn

Chef: Saharaj

Instructor: Jai

Instructor: Liane

Instructor: Glenn

Steward: Jinny

Videographer: Kai


GUESTS: Ken, Barb, Bob, Sonia, Kimberly, Randy, Jim, Cheryl, Danica, David, Scott, Todd,Jeff



Sunday – Zodiac, Anitas reef,Boulder city, shark fin reef, Anitas Reef

Monday- Elephant Head Rock, Deep Six, West of Eden, Princess Bay x 2.

Tuesday- Three Trees, Christmas point, Koh Bon x 3

Wednesday– Koh Tachai Reef, Koh Tachai pinnacle, koh tachai pinnacle/reef,

Thursday : Richelieu rock x4  

Friday – Koh Tachai.


Guests arrive to Thaplamu Pier and board the Thailand Aggressor via dinghy by 5:00pm. With the crews help, our divers set up their gear and head to the main lounge for the weekly overview followed by a 5 course family style Thai dinner.


After a very smooth crossing out last nite we awoke at island four to a great sunrise, we had our dive safety briefing then our dive site briefing, then off we went. Our first dive was at Zodiac a very sheltered dive site that is the perfect place for our check dive, our guests descended and got any buoyancy issues sorted and off we went we saw blue spotted stingray and also a very large moray eel and one group was luck and saw a eagle ray, we stayed at island 6 for our second dive at Anitas reef we saw again blue spotted stingray and also a flounder in the sand, after a good thai buffet style lunch we headed to the south of the park to Boulder city and Sharkfin reef, it was a good diving and we saw many unicorn fish and a huge school of red fanged trigger fish, for the night dive we headed back to Anitas reef and saw a free swimming moray out hunting and also many cocooned parrot fish, after the dive we sat around chatting about the days diving and then off to bed for a good nights sleep before tomorrow’s adventures ……


We had a comfortable nights sleep at a sheltered bay on island four and rallied our divers for the first of our five dives today, we opted to spend the day around island seven and did our first dive at Deep six. This boulder formation is awesome and has formed some nice swimthrus in the shallows, we had a good dive with one group seeing a white tip reef shark, the trevally were still hunting fro last night and the action hotted up on the safety stop, for our second dive we headed to west of eden and encountered a turtle and we also found an ornate ghost pipefish that really pleased our photographers. We decided on Elephant head rock for our next dive the swimthrus here are the biggest and longest that we have in these nine island and our guests really enjoyed them with many large snapper and also a ribbon eel being found. Stonehenge would be our fourth and fifth dives for today we had a nice bit of current for this drift dive along the sloping coral reef we saw 4 lobsters under a rock and also a turtle swimming with the current that shot by us, on the night dive we encountered many large coral crabs and also a free swimming giant moray. After the dive our guests all headed up to the sundeck for a beer and to stair at the stars on this very clear night.


We slept the night at the very south tip of island number 8 this is the largest island in the national park and forms the base for the rangers, we motored up the west side and headed for the east side of island 9 to do a drift dive at Three trees, the current was not to strong so we had to fin a bit but we saw some great marine life including stingray and our photographers enjoyed taking pictures of the huge barrel sponge that is about halfway down the reef for our second dive we dropped in at Christmas point so named after the masses of Christmas tree worms that cover the rocks here. The divesite is a pinnacle and we descended on the east side and headed north there was a huge school of yellow fusiliers at the surface and we encountered a free swimming giant moray also. After a Thai buffet style lunch we motored east to the limestone island of Koh Bon, this dive site offers different topography to the granite of the south similans and we tend to find more macro life here. We did 3 dives including the night dive here and saw a wide variety of marine life including the maldevian sponge snail and many different types of shrimp and nudibranch, on the night dive our guests saw 2 octopus mating and also a giant moray and lobsters, We had a fine fish dinner and a nice chat on the sunroof under the stars of this very clear night…….


We started early this morning and cast off the mooring at 5;30 for our passage to Koh Tachai, we dived the long sloping reef here and it turned into a fine drift dive with a turtle and many stingrays to be found, for our second dip into the Andaman sea we headed out to the 2 pinnacles that lay around 600 yards off the main island, we descended the mooring, the current was very mild and we were able to explore both pinnacles we saw 3 schools of barracuda in the mid water and the trevally were darting around the whole divesite we also saw a couple of morays and an octopus out free swimming. The third dive we headed back out to the pinnacle, this dive the barracuda had moved on the top of the pinnacle and also a very large giant trevally was being cleaned we also found a dwarf scorpion fish these are quite rare in these waters. Our late afternoon dive would start on the west reef of the island, this would also be a drift and we found a pair of porcelain crabs in an anemone, towards the end of the dive a turtle cruised on by our groups, what a nice end to this days diving. After dinner we would head north to the Surin islands to sleep as this is the closest point for tomorrow’s planned day at Richelieu Rock.

Thursday –

We headed out from Surin at 7;00am for the one hour journey to Richelieu rock we had our briefing for this site during the passage out and were all ready to jump in the water on arrival, the seas were calm at this exposed pinnacle and we all entered the tenders and headed for the mooring line that is on the south tip of this world class dive site. In fact Richelieu rock is supposed to be one of the top 10 dive sites for marine diversity in the world. We had decided to dive the south part of these 7 pinnacles first and upon entry we were greeted with 100ft visibility, it was amazing and we could see out very far into the blue. Our guests encountered large schools of Trevally and also a large scholl of yellowtail Barracuda, we also found a new sea horse this was a tigertailed seahorse and yellow in color, we all headed up for the safety stop and the smiles continued on the rib ride back to the Thailand Aggressor, for our second dive we headed to the north and dropped in just where the rock breaks the surface, Wow almost straight away a juvenile Whale shark passed us by and then began to circle, it was just a juvenile but was around 16 ft in length we got some good video and some guests got some great shots as it passed us by. On our third and fourth dives we kept a eye out in the blue but sadly it did not return but the diving is awesome here anyway we saw another species of seahorse this time a tiger tailed one also in yellow, also spotted were octopus and on the sunset dive the action hotted up with a school of trevally hunting in the ever dimming light. After the dive we had a beautiful sunset cruise back to koh tachai and of course all the chat about the size of the whale shark. We had a dinner of filet mignon and a nice view of the stars…

Friday – Just one dive today as our guests had flights to catch early Saturday we dived the pinnacle at Koh Tachai, we delayed the dive as we had no time pressures on getting back to port, this granite boulder pinnacle is a haven for marine life and our guests saw giant moray and many hunting trevally’s as well as a huge school of fusilier’s, after the dive we enjoyed a nice sunny cruise back to our home port and our signature BBQ and after trip drinks on the sun roof, what a great bunch of divers we had this week all such good fun and we had a good bit of luck with marine life also…


We wake up at 7am and guests are served their usual made to order hot breakfast as crew loads up the luggage. By 8:00am we head to the pier by dinghy where our transfers are waiting to take everyone to their next destination. A huge thank you to our Aggressor divers for another amazing week on board. ‘Khop Khun Krap’ and See you next time!