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Maldives Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Feb 18, 2018
Entry By: Maldives Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log: Maldives Aggressor II , Februay 18th to February 25th


*Air Temp. 95F , 35C

*Water Temp. 84F, 29C

* Visibility 25-30 Meter/82–99 Feet



Cruise Director: Marc

Captain: Hussein

2nd Captain: Waheed

Chef: Mr. Anil Ranjit Sous chef: Isuru

Instructors: Marilen, Iris, Ayya and Ripon

Steward: Megan, Jenah, Romesh and Sultan

Dive dhoni (tender): Demha , Alamin , Shojib



Ron & Sheila, Andrea & Jasmin, Diana & Ali, Barbara & Bastien, Steven, David, Fiona, Daniel, Nicolas, Rafael, Francisco, Jorge, Gabriel




Monday –          Koodhoo Beru, Vilingili Kandu, Vilingili Wall in Gaaf Alif Atoll

Tuesday –        Kuredhoo Kandu, Nilandhoo Kandu, Koodhoo Factory in Gaaf Alif


Wednesday –  Gemanafushi Beru, Maareha Kandu, Maareha Kandu Wall

                             Gadhoo Thila (Night Dive) in Gaaf Alif Atoll

Thursday –     Foahmulah South, Foahmulah Wall & Tiger Zoo

                             at Foahmulah Island

Friday –           Mudakan, Mudakan Kandu, Wreck Dive British Loyalty

                             Gan Ethere (Night Dive) in Addu Atoll

Saturday –        Vilingili Beru and Gan Beru in Addu Atoll


Sunday February 18th

The guest’s arrival is Kaadhoo Ariport, Laamu Atoll, and was pretty quick done. The weather was perfect, warm and with light wind. After a grate welcome and a cold drink, the check-in papers were filled fast and the cabins ready. Time to relax for our customers. During our dinner the boat start to sail in the direction of Gaafu Alifu Atoll which will take us around eight hours. The dive equipment was prepared already and the welcome briefing was done before dinner. After a long arrival day our guests are tired and went for sleep early. The briefing for the next day was easy and on point.


Monday February 19th

Wakeup call 6:30 am for the guest and welcome to Gaafu Alifu Atoll which is one of the three “Far South” Atolls. The guests are awake and ready for their check dive. At Koodhoo Beru (Wall) we have had perfect conditions for the first dive of this week. The water temperature was 29C/84F and the visibility with 30 meters/100 feet was amazing. We saw directly turtles, big Napoleon and white tip reef sharks and grey sharks. Moray eels, eagle rays and schools of fusiliers, snappers and sweetlip fishes. The same conditions we found in the channel of Vilingili and at the Wall of Vilingili. A big school of grey sharks with some black tip sharks in between where waiting our divers at the entrance of the cannel. Eagle rays fly from the top of the reef and passing through the current. A wonderful first day of diving in Gaaf Alif Atoll. The customers enjoyed a great dinner together and Marc gave an interesting presentation of sharks and rays but we got soon interrupted. A whale shark visits us and came back several time. So we don’t want to miss the chance to snorkel a little bit with our unexpected visitor. Good night and sweet dreams!


Tuesday February 20th

Our morning dives start like our dives ended yesterday. Sharks, Sharks and a lot of eagle rays. We are happy after a great dive in Kuredhoo Kandu and the neighbor channel called Nilandhoo. The water temperature was again 29C/84F and the visibility with 25M/82Ft. perfect. On the surface we have had sunshine and temperatures around 35C/95F.

After lunch a special dive was waiting for our divers. At Koodhoo we have had the possibility to dive around a Fish Processing Factory which attract a special kind of sharks to this place. So we where waiting until the Fish Factory clean their boats and unbelievable, they really showed up!! High oceanic black tip sharks!!

It was amazing how strong and elegant this big sharks moved around and in between snappers, jack fishes and batfishes trying to catch some fish rests from the Factory. The visibility was not so nice with just 10M/32Ft. but when we left and dove through the cannel the visibility became brighter.

The late afternoon our guests spend with sharing pictures and videos and still during dinner everybody shared his experience of the day!


Wednesday February 21th

We are still in Gaafu Alifu Atoll and dive in the northern area through the channels. Early in the morning we went out to Gemanafushi Beru for hammerhead sharks but what we meet instead was awesome. Silky Sharks, a big school of silky sharks appeared from the depth and we where flashed by their presence. Incredible how fast they where moving and the smooth texture of their skin was good visible in the dark blue water. Very sad is that since 2007 silky sharks are listed as “near threatened” by IUCN. What a gift so see them here in the far southern Maldives. After a great breakfast we moved forward to dive in Maareha Kandu. It was a very nice drift dive and at the oceanic entrance of the channel we meet grey sharks and white tip reef sharks. In the channel we where crossing sandy streets between the reef blocks and explore a lot of turtles and eagle rays. The coral life was so nice that we also did our afternoon dive there. The water temperature was 29C/84F and the visibility with 25M/82Ft. really great. On the surface the weather is amazing, up to 35C/95F and a light blue sky.

The night dive we did on Gadhoo Thila which is a great grown by hard corals and gorgonian Fans. Perfect conditions allowed us to dive slow and search around. We found a nearly white leaf fish, scorpion fishes, lionfishes, different kind of shrimps and crabs, Moray Eels and Lobster’s where hiding in small caves.


Tonight we are going to sail to the Foahmulah island and we will pass the equator! For some customers it will be the first time that they will overcome the equator by sea. Captain Jack invite them to join him but it will be pretty late in the night.

The divers are also very exiting about the program tomorrow because Marilen and Marc organize something very special! Let’s go to bed and sleep because there are waiting an other wonderful day in paradise.


Thursday February 22th

Good morning southern hemisphere!!

Very early in the morning we arrived at the area of Foahmulah island and we start our diving day in the south, near the harbor of Foahmulah. We have had an amazing dive at a vertical wall where we saw schools of great giant barracudas, grey sharks, white tip reef sharks, eagle rays, feathertail and black-blotched stingrays, jack fishes and trevallies where hunting at the wall. We finished our dive on a plateau which is grown by hard corals and we spot some really big napoleon fishes. This day we have had our breakfast on the Dhoni and a little break to visit the Fishmarket on the Island. The second dive we did on Foahmulah Wall and we where lucky with tresher sharks. This gives us a little foretaste of what was waiting us this afternoon. The water temperature was 29C/84F and the visibility with 30 meters/100 feet let us see until the bottom.

The afternoon dive we did at Tiger Shark Zoo! Yes, Tiger Sharks!!

The story to this young program is quite easy. Fishermen throw the fish rests in front of the harbor in the ocean and totally unconscious they attracted Tiger Sharks, Tresher Sharks and also some other members of the shark family. Last year they stopped and suddenly Tiger Sharks where entering the harbor area to search for the fish trash and so the dive professionals gained the knowledge of the shark population in front of their island.

After a full safety and very interesting briefing our divers, equipped with shark sticks, followed the dive guides into the shallow water and wait for the Tiger Sharks to occur. They don’t need to wait long until the first Tiger showed up to them and another one and another on …. Also a tresher sharks and silver tip sharks was seen by our divers. What an amazing thrilled experience for all of us!!

After this incredible day of diving and emotional moments we need a little break or how our Spanish divers say, Siesta.

Still at dinner time our guests where talking about their impressions and where sharing videos and pictures.

We wish all our costumers a good night and sweet dreams! Tomorrow we will welcome you to Addu Atoll.


Friday February 23th

Addu Atoll is quite different under water because of the tidal flow of oceanic water. Excellent conditions for coral lovers and big fish addicts. Also on the surface we are still lucky with the wonderful weather conditions of Maldives. Air temperature around 35C/95F and light blue sky with cozy looking clouds plus weak wind. The boat is mooring close to Gan Island and our diving day was starting early at 6 am.

At Mudakan we where slowly drifting along a very wide reef with different hard corals and big formation of tablecorals which attracts a large amount of different reef fishes like Sweetlips, Snapper, Anthias and colorful Wrasses. On the reeftop we found Scorpiofishes, Pipefihes, Moray Eels and busy Damselfishes. At our second dive we drift with the outgoing current in the cannel of Mudakan and where super lucky with a curios Manta Ray. He enjoyed the attention of the divers and pleasing us with some back rolls. Fantastic pictures and videos where taken of this gentle giant.

Of course we not missed the dive at the famous wreck “British Loyalty”. The 140m/460ft long wreck is lying on her starboard at 34m/100ft depth since she was scuttled by the British in 1946. A good coral life is growing from the shallow part to the dipper area of the wreck. We found a lot of fish life around the 5583 tons oil tanker which was build 1928. The visibility was ok with 15m/50ft.

Gan Ethere was the spot for our night dive and we found a huge amount of parrot fishes, green turtles sleeping in the reef and batfishes escorted our divers during their dive.

Unbelievable the trip is nearly ended but we still have tomorrow!

Saturday February 24th

Vilingili Beru was our fist dive site this morning and we were slowly drifting with the current along a wonderful reef full of living corals. We spotted a great barracuda and a nurse shark. Also some different kinds of nudibranchs we were able to find between the corals. The temperature of the water was 29C/84F and the visibility clear with more then 25M/82Ft.

The last dive of our trip was at Gan Beru and a big surprise was waiting our divers. Seven big manta rays were crossing straight our direction and stopped for a while. It was awesome to explore these gentle titans so close. Also turtles and other rays passing our way and we forwarded our dive over this colorful coral reef.

The afternoon our guests rested at the boat before we visited Gan Island.

Our last dinner was special and the video Marc did for our guest brought back the emotions of this incredible week of diving.

A big toast to our new friends and to our team! Proud of our Irion Divers!

It was late when our guests went to their cabins and fallen asleep happily.



Sunday February 25th

It’s a small breakfast table this morning. Some of our costumers were leaving earlier then the others. Some of our guests will stay for few more days in Addu Atoll and got unexpected early picked up from their resorts.

The organization is already running and the crew is a ready to prepare for the next trip.

Now we will sail from the far southern Maldives up to the central!


Maldives Aggressor Crew