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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 24, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew



Cayman Aggressor IV

Feb 24th to Mar 3rd

Guests Rebecca & Jack, Nancy & Jerry, Dona & Grant, Frank, Terry, Suzanne & RichChantal & Dom, Johanna & Bill, Vanessa, Martin.

Crew Capt Niall, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Instructor Aubri, Deckhand Oneil, Steward Latoya.

Water Temp     79f Air Temp   Exposure protection 3mm wetsuit.

Saturday All aboard and bound for Little Cayman, a weather window was open for the 100mile run from George Town Grand Cayman to Bloody Bay, Little Cayman. We have been very unlucky with the weather for the past several weeks and it seemed like the north east winds would never drop out and although the crossing was bumpy Bloody Bay was the rich reward.

Sunday   We awoke at 3 fathom wall on Bloody Bay. The crossing was a little bumpy but nothing our eager gang couldn’t take in their stride. 3 fathom wall is a truly beautiful spot and as the name suggests it is only 18ft on the wall top. The visibility was in the 100ft range and off we went on a glorious dive. Nurse sharks and turtles along with the famous friendly grouper of Bloody were some cool sightings and the long winding swim thru that starts back up in the sand and burst out into the deep rich blue was as spectacular as it always is. We moved onto Lea Leas Lookout for a 2pm dive and were reward with very cool swim thrus , turtles and even a 30 strong school of squid. For the late afternoon and night dive we moved onto Bus Stop. Sharks, turtles and friendly Grouper were the order of the afternoon and a night dive that produced huge lobster, a small octopus and some more squid.

Monday Randys Gazebo was our first stop on this fine Monday morning for 2 fantastic dives. The grouper were out in force and definitely camera friendly. We had turtles on the reef and swimming in the blue along with a grey reef shark that did a slow drive. The visibility was in the 100ft mark and the golden garden on the wall top just teeming with life. A Mexican themed lunch was the fine fare served up by Kingsley as we made the short run to Meadows for the afternoon and night dive. We again had turtles and grouper and visibility as far as your eye could see. Just as we were ending the late afternoon dive and most of our happy gang were spending some time in the coral ends under the boat we had a very VERY cool visitor…………a 7 to 8ft Hammerhead shark came by and then spent the next 40 minutes just doing circles in the same area. We all got photo and video and feasted our eyes on this majestic creature for what felt as long as we liked. Jack had gotten out of the water before the hammerhead was sighted and the Captain jumped back in with him in the hope that Jack would also get a glimpse, not only did Jack get to see the Hammerhead but the shark made the closet pass of all and the Captain got a photo of Jack with the Hammerhead. The 4 divers that braved the 81f water for the night dive were rewarded with 20 minutes watching an octopus hunt.

Tuesday The weather gods sent us some stronger winds and Bloody Bay looked like a different place to the day before. We chose Nancy’s Cuppa Tea because it is a spectacular dive site and it also was somewhat sheltered from the wind and sea. The wall at Nancy’s is sheer and coral adorned and there are some very cool swim thrus to explore. Kingsley served up a tasty Italian lunch as we moved the short hop back to Meadows for much the same reason as we chose Nancy’s, it was protected from the white caps that were building up and it was the best dive site we had enjoyed so far. We had more shark action back at Meadows, this time a grey reef shark buzzed close several times and we again had several turtles and friendly grouper to keep us company. The weather man said the gods would send more north east winds in the 20kt range so after the 4th dive of the day we plotted a course for Grand Cayman and left Little Cayman with dolphins on the bow wave making a perfect way to say goodbye to that special place.

Wednesday The USS Kittiwake for 2 dives was how we started our day for 2 very cool dives on this former US Navy submarine rescue vessel. Today would be a wreck of a day as we visited 3 wrecks for 4 dives. The visibility on the Kittiwake was in the 100ft range and we got to explore her from stem to stern. Cheese Burgers in Paradise was the lunch time fest served up by chef Kingsley as we made the short hop to the Doc Poulson wreck for the 1st afternoon dive. The Poulson was sunk back in the late 80’s and has the coral adornments to prove it. On we moved again to the wreck of the Oro Verde for a late afternoon dive and we had ourselves some very cool sightings, several lobster were scattered around the wreck but 6 were huddled together under a lip of torn wreckage and offered some very cool photo aspects. We moved the short bounce to Governors reef for the night dive and were rewarded with a hunting Octopus.

Thursday Round Rock/Trinity caves was how we started our day at a bargain 2 for 1 dive site. We got breakfast a little earlier and it paid off as we got to explore the labyrinth of swim thrus and caves all to ourselves. We had moray eel and turtle sightings along with some hunting of dog snapper. Asian themed lunch was served up by Kingsley as we made our way around north west point and into the north sound for a fun dive at world famous Sting Ray City. Several rays turned up to play with us and it was only as we left did we see sight of another other boats. Bonnies Arch was the chosen spot for our final 2 dives of the day and it was a great choice. We had at least 10 turtle encounters, 2 juvenile spotted drum along with a free swimming moray eel that cruise right thru the group and just as we were at the end of our dive a large eagle ray gave a slow and very nice drive by.

Friday Our final day started at Neptunes Drop Off for a single dive but not before Kingsley served up eggs to order with waffles and smoked sausage. Although the current was moving we had some very cool encounters with an eagle ray and a free swimming moray eel. We moved on to Devils Grotto for the last dive of a great week in which we had some very cool encounters, countless turtles, several free swimming moral eels, eagle rays, nurse sharks, reef sharks and a glorious encounter with a sizeable hammerhead.

The Capts cocktail party had the scenic back drop of a dynamic sunset and all talk turned to which Aggressor destination was next on the list, Galapagos or Cocos, Raja Ampat or Oman and while we so very much hope all of this happy gang go on to see all the Aggressor yachts we most hope that they will come back to see us here in Cayman.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew