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Log Date: Saturday, Feb 03, 2018
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew



Captains log – February 3rd to Feb 10th 2018


Water temp – 82/84

Recommended suit – 3mm/5mm

Weather – Easterly wind 10/15 knots of wind

Visibility – 70/90ft



Captain – Arthur Williams

Chief Engineer – Vince Moore

Dive Master – Richard Olsen

Chef – Peni

Steward – Eddie

C/D – Rhys Underhill


Guest – Scott, Suzanne, Christi, Jay, Troy, Shelby, Holly, Larry, Cynthia



Sunday – Namara bay, Dravuni west passage. Jennies, Alacrity

Monday - Wreck, Bombshell, Bombshell, Shelby’s place

Tuesday – Tiffany, The ledge

Wednesday – Mickey Mouse, Naiqoro passage, Naiqoro point

Thursday – Naiqoro passage, Naiqoro passage, some place, Troy’s treasure

Friday –Murray’s pt, solo north

Saturday – Suva port



Saturday – 4th February 2018 Kadavu Island

On behalf of the Fiji aggressor crew, we would like to welcome our guest with a big BULA vinaka to our entire American guest. They all arrived little after 1100am in the morning at the same time the crew assisted each guest to their designated cabin, while they settle with their cabin our chef Peni prepared a lunch while we started our official crew introduction and safety briefing. At 1330hrs we departed jetty for Kadavu Island where we commence our check out dive













Sunday – 5th February 2018 - kadavu Island

To start of the day we made our checkout dive at Namara Island bay, start off with some colorful nudibranch and reef fish. After this dive we headed to Dravuni west passage for our 2nd dive. During the dive we came across various types of groupers, jacks, lionfish, and many other reef fish. 3rd dive at Jennies rock again the main attraction here is the purple soft coral which covered the entire wall. The hard coral growth is spectacular and of course the colorful soft coral as well black coral and lots of colorful reef fish. After the dive we heaved anchor and headed to alacrity for our 4th dive our guest saw fusilier fish, unicorn fish and many reef fish.


Monday – 6th February 2018 - Kadavu Island

While we waiting for the bad weather to settle down we choose to do a wreck dive on our first dive, this is one of the biggest wreck in Fiji, the stern end of the boat it lies on 115ft but the bow at 70ft, for critters lovers this wreck is also a permanent resident for varieties of pipe fish and different types of nudibranch inside the cargo hold black spotted, diagonal and oriental sweetlips were also a permanent resident for each hold of the ship, and not only that giant morays eels and different types of groupers were part of the attraction for this wreck. After this dive we heaved anchor and move to Bombshell for our 2nd/3rd dive during this dive we saw lots of reef fish, moray eel, angle fish and lots of cardinal fish and fusilier fish. 4th dive at Shelby’s place we saw white tip, grey reef sharks, humpback wrasse and many reef fish  


Tuesday – 7th February 2018 – kadavu Island

Little windy and swell this morning and we choose to do Tiffany and the ledge which is more protected from the westerly wind and both dives produce the same results

Lots of fish life, soft coral, Black coral and lots of small critters


Wednesday – 8th February 2018 – Kadavu Island

Westerly wind 20/25knts of wind, our first dive this morning at Mickey mouse wall little boat ride to the dropping point, little bit of current but it helped us to drift towards the big boat. Descended to 80feet and greeted by a yellow tail barracudas, grey reef and white tip sharks, as we continued to explore huge eagle ray came from the deep hunting and surprisingly turned as he saw us, school of banner fish, fusilier fish and lots of groupers were spotted on this dive. Headed down to Naiqoro passage for our 2nd/3rd dive, beautiful colors and fish life, black coral, soft coral and critters are everywhere grey reef shark, moray eels, turtle, jacks, barracudas, tuna, Spanish mackerel, hump head wress and lots of fusilier and anthias fish.











Thursday – 9th February 2018 – Kadavu Island

We made our first two dives at Naiqoro passage, a beautiful passage with a significant hard coral growth and lots of fish life many moray eels, scorpion fish, grey reef, white tip sharks were discovered throughout the duration of the dive. Hard coral growth is spectacular and of cause many sea fans, colorful soft coral, black coral and lots of colorful reef fish as we headed back to the boat one of our guest saw a golden mantis shrimp, banded pipe fish plus porcupine fish. On the second dive there were lots of grey reef, white tip schooling of barracudas and schooling of jacks, midnight snapper and lots of groupers. After this dive we heaved anchor and headed to Troy’s treasure for the two dives which produce the same results







Friday – 10th September 2017 Kadavu Island

First dive this morning at Murray pt we saw Leopard and grey reef, white tip sharks, Octopus, moray eel. Hawksbill turtle, sting rays and much more. Second dive at solo wall we saw grey reef sharks, sting rays saw two octopus what a way to end the dive. As we headed back to Suva the crew rinses all their dive gears and dried them before we arrives port. Congratulation to all our Iron divers


Saturday – 11th September 2017 Kadavu Island

Continental breakfast was prepared for our guest prior to disembarking the vessel

The watermen of the Fiji aggressor bids farewell to the guest and hope that they have a safe journey back home to their loved ones and hoped we would meet again someday