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Roatan Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 24, 2018
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor Captains Log February 24th-March 3rd 2018


*Air Temp. 79-82F

*Water Temp. 79-80 F

* Visibility 60-110+ft

* Wetsuit req. 3-5 mm full, shortie or skin




Captain - Alan

Chief Engineer - John B

Chef - Dorian

Instructor - Willie

Stewardess- Candy

Deck Hand - German




Sunday – Tavianna & Half Moon Bay Wall

Monday -El Aguila Wreck & Eel Garden

Tuesday – Cara A Cara, Mary’s Place & Mr Bud

Wednesday – Cayos Seamouts & Toon Town, Cayos Marine Park

Thursday –Utilia, The Pinnacles & Duppy Water (Ghost Water)

Friday –Pirate Point & Mr Bud


Saturday 24th February

We welcome onboard this week some old familiar faces & some new arriving from America, Belgium & Germany, a total of 17. Jon & Willie man the BBQ while Chef Dorian prepares the sides, Miss Candy sets the sun deck ready for a feast and puts the final touches to the Pineapple Upside Down Cake for desert. As the sun sets & the bellies are filled, chatter & laughter can be heard. After dinner some guests head off to bed as others put together their cameras ready for the following days action. Our salon is getting a make over, the gorgeous blue batik wall paper is being pasted & ceiling tiles are being addressed subtlety whilst the guests are at rest.


Sunday 25th February

Those East winds are blowing again this week so we head West arriving at the beautiful site of Tavianna. With the protection of the island the waters are calm, warm & with excellent visibility, we splash for a 8am dive. After a couple of dives there we have encountered several Hawksbill Turtles, a free swimming Green Moray, the usual frantic Creole Wrasse vibrant purple dashing around with seeming purpose, on the macro side we spot a Caribbean Slender Sea Spider, Dive master Willies eagle eyes find a Filament Blenny along with a Heart Urchin Pea Crab & on our ascent a Spotted Moray can be seen poking his head out of the reef. Its Sunday so its ice-cream Sundaes with all the topping which followed our traditional Turkey Rolls with its standard sides.

Over to Half Moon Bay Wall for the remainder of the day, splashing in the afternoon we are greeted by 2 Hawksbill Turtles flirting with each other, Slender File, Smooth Trunk & the elegant Ocean TriggerFish. Some were lucky to see the beautiful Eagle Ray soaring through the blue, on ascent in addition to a Sharp tail Eel, what a day for Eels & Turtles. What a wonderful night dive, splashing at 7.30pm with 8 divers we descend immediately surrounded by squid inking like crazy, making our way to the top reef & surrounding sandy areas we come across Spiny & Spotted Lobster, a rather large Honeycomb Cowfish, Cryptic Teardrop Crab, a large precocious Caribbean Reef Octopus, teems of Brittle & Basking Stars. There are red eyes glinting everywhere we look & find Red Knight & Banded Coral Shrimp it was all together a really awesome dive. The night divers had been wise & were now enjoying their desert of Key Lime Pie along with their Hot Chocolate & Rum.


Monday 26th February

Bright & early our guests splash for a pre breakfast dive at the El Aguila, Spanish for ‘The Eagle’ the resident Cubra Snapper wasn’t back from his night hunting but a huge Green Moray was scoping the area. Willie found a Scaly Tailed Mantis tucked away in a tight spot on the stern.   After a hearty breakfast there was a nice long rest before splashing at 10am. Several Amberjacks, Bar Jacks & Yellow Tail Snappers were cruising around, with the light on the top of the mast it was beautiful, encrusted with Christmas Tree Worms, Arrow Crabs & Slender Caribbean Sea Spiders. Time for lunch, Tortillas with all the trimmings. Traveling over to West Point we pick up the mooring at Eel Garden ready for a busy afternoons’ diving. Several times we see Sharp Tail Eels hunting, really exciting, a very large Rainbow Parrotfish who is most unconcerned by our presence, huge Channel Clinging Crabs with claws the size of hands & umpteen Lobsters.


Tuesday 27th February

Finally a break in wind speed, we head over to Cara A Cara, which literally translates to Face to Face, its our weekly visit to see the sharks, a pre breakfast dive gets the adrenaline pumping, only a slight surface swell, the dive itself amazing, 15 sharks, beautiful light gave over to clarity of colours, perfect for video & cameras. Nice long rest after a hearty breakfast & over to Marys Place, fabulous dive, buzzing with life, the Sergeant Majors, Schoolmaster Snappers,Horse Eye Jacks & Blue Tangs look like they are on school outings, Scrolled Cowfish, a very large           Yellowfin Grouper, Neck Crabs, French, Grey & Queen Angels, Rough-head & Spiny Blenny’s, a Midnight Parrot, Clown & Rainbow Wrasse & a Pudding Wife, the largest Fire-worms we have ever seen are in multiple numbers on this dive, the tiniest Blenny, a Roughead, brown with a speckled head. Lunch & a splash at 1.30pm. After a couple of dives we head over to Mr Bud for the afternoon, evening & see the daddy of all daddies, a massive Channel Clinging Crab!


Wednesday 28th February

An early start for the crew of The Roatan Aggressor, engines start at 4.30am, heading East to Cayos Seamounts, we depart with the huge moon setting like the sun & arriving at the Seamounts the most amazing sunrise without a cloud in the sky. A splash at 7am, with shoals of Rainbow Runners, Atlantic Spade, a Nurse Shark, umpteen Giant Barracuda, visibility is wonderful, the temperature great, the wind in single digits & fresh Lion-fish is caught for additional breakfast, life doesn’t get better than this!

The afternoon is spent over in Toon Town, abundance of Bluebell Tunicates, following the sound of the toadfish we find a Large Eye being cleaned by a Banded Coral Shrimp, a gang of Blue Tangs rummaging from one place to the other causing havoc wherever they went, ridiculously small yellow Spiny-head Blenny. A Pedersen Shrimp what looked like it had babies, it was     awesome. Later on the night dive a Bearded Toadfish was found with a Drum! Wonderful.


Thursday March 1st

The engines crank up at 3.00am & Captain Alan heads over to Utila, almost 30 miles away & a pretty rocky ride, we arrive for a 7am splash at The Pinnacles dive site. Two huge high profile Coral Heads delving into the deep with the top of the pinnacles touching 20ft below the surface. The topography of the area is a little different from Roatan but with many of the same usual   suspects. During lunch Captain Alan did some Whale Shark hunting & once lunch was over the guests joined in the spotting, we came across birds, Tuna jumping out of the water but sadly no Whale-shark popped his head up though John swears he saw a fin & other boats in the area had recorded previous sightings of juveniles.

Mooring up at Duppy Waters also know as Ghost Waters we splash for a dive continued by Whale Shark spotting as we make a slow turn towards Roatan, once our final turn is made away from the protection of Utila its a 3 hour bumpy journey back, our guests with stomachs of steel indulge in our speciality Thursday night Surf & Turf, followed by White Chocolate Creme Brûlée & our movie of the week. The winds & seas are picking up & Captain Alan heads to Eel Garden where we safely moor for the night & get some well deserved sleep.


Friday March 2nd

Alas Friday has come too soon, no longer protected from the wind & with rising seas Captain Alan journeys over to Pirates Point where we are able to do a drift dive, though the surface is choppy the visibility is excellent. The dive completed Triple Chocolate Brownies are dished out with refreshments & over to Mr Bud we splash for the last time this charter.

On ascent from the water the crew assist guests with rinsing and hanging gear to dry, juicy chicken & sides are served for lunch as we head to our home dock.

With bags packed the afternoon is free for guests to relax on the yacht or take the 5 minute walk to Buccaneers, known as Roatan’s newest swim club, it is also home to a lovely small museum that features the history of the Bay Islands of Honduras. Last but not least, you can enjoy some of the best coffee in Roatan at the Walala Café or indulge in the largest collection of cold beers at the beer bar hang out on the hammocks and swing-chairs whilst enjoying the sunshine.

6pm & its cocktail party time, with an array of nibbles, rum punch & lots of rrrrr’rs from our pirating guests & crew followed by several Awards, our Iron Divers of the week are Sylwia & Rene from Belgium. Its onto Romeo’s 5 star restaurant for dinner located at our home dock in French Harbour.


Saturday March 3rd

Its time to bid farewell & safe travels to our new friends & our old friends. Our guests have been wonderful, the diving has been fabulous with the fantastic weather being in our favour the ability to access a wider diversity of our dive sites has been awesome & the list of critters extensive. We congratulate our Aggressor Addicts, Don & Joanne Lightner who have just completed their 29th Aggressor trip! Don came armed with photos from years past of them with some of the present day crew members, fresh, youthful faces & the attire of the day was a pleasure to view.

Until the next time, Crew of the The Roatan Aggressor……………………….